Best GTA V Cheat Codes

Best GTA V Cheat Codes

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The Grand Theft Auto series is well-known for a lot of things, but what is the most memorable aspect of the GTA series that we all love? The cars? Sure, they’re great, but lots of games have cool cars. What else? The weapons? There are other games with weirder and more unique guns (Yes Saints Row, I’m talking about you), so weapons are not the most notorious aspect of Grand Theft Auto V.

Well, the answer is in the title already; it’s the cheat codes!

I swear, at one point in my life, I used to believe that you couldn’t complete GTA: San Andreas WITHOUT cheats. From LEAVEMEALONE to ROCKETMAN, we all grew up. There are two types of GTA gamers in the world:

  1. Those who use cheat codes
  2. Liars

Grand Theft Auto cheat codes not just help in making the game easier, but it makes the game even more fun than it is. That’s why, due to the huge success of cheat codes in GTA Vice City, Rockstar made sure to include even funkier cheat codes in GTA San Andreas. Many gamers believe that there are no cheat codes in GTA 5. Well, they’re wrong, you can input cheats in GTA 5 like any other game of the series, or you can use a trainer as well.

Cheat codes come with restrictions as well (such as disabled Autosave), so read on and find out all there is to know in this Best GTA V Cheat Codes guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

GTA V Police Chase
Image from Wiki Fandom

A game in the Grand Theft Auto series would be incomplete without cheat codes to make the mission easier or mess with the police.

You can use lots of cheat codes in GTA V to bend the rules of the game to your will. Using cheat codes in GTA V disables the Autosave feature, and with some cheat codes, a 5-minute timer starts for the duration of the cheat code is active.

You can reset the timer by re-entering the cheat code again. While cheat codes have become obsolete since the rise of trainers and mod scripts, GTA V included cheat codes to keep the tradition alive.

You have the option to use mods and trainers in GTA V, which provide more game manipulations than cheat codes. In this guide, I’ll provide you with all the information you need about GTA V cheat codes, trainers, and mods!

One important thing to note is that you can’t use cheat codes, trainers, or mods in GTA Online, and using them forcefully will lead to a direct ban, so be careful.

GTA V Cheat Codes

GTA V Franklin Riding Motorbike
Image from Wiki Fandom

There are many cheat codes in GTA V, added by the dev in the main game. You can simply launch your game, start the single-player campaign, and type in the cheat codes. You will hear a *ding* and the cheat code will be enabled. You can also see a notification on the top left indicating that the cheat code is active.

Some cheat codes (like the invincibility one) are time-bound, and a timer starts as soon as you enter the cheat, which will count down from 5 minutes, indicating that the cheat code will be disabled after the timer ends.

You can reset the timer by re-entering the cheat code. Here is a list of cheat codes for GTA V, as released by Rockstar.


Cheat Codes


1. PAINKILLER Become indestructible. (Invincibility cheat code; only valid for 5 minutes)
2. TOOLUP Acquire all the weapons in the game in your weapon wheel.
3. TURTLE Refill your health and armor to the max.
4. POWERUP Fill your special ability meter to the max.
5. CATCHME Increased running speed.
6. GOTGILLS Increased swimming speed.
7. HOPTOIT Increased height of jumps.
8. FUGITIVE Increase one-star wanted level.
9. LAWYERUP Reduce one-star from the wanted level
10. DEADEYE Increases aim accuracy as you keep typing it (max use 4 times, entering for the 5th time disables it)
11. HOTHANDS Explosive punches.
12. HIGHEX Exploding bullets
13. INCENDIARY Shoot flaming bullets.
14. LIQUOR Enable a constant drunk state.
15. SKYDIVE Acquire a parachute in your weapon wheel
16. SKYFALL Directly spawn in the sky in a freefall.
17. MAKEITRAIN Cycle through different weather settings in the game.
18. SNOWDAY Slippery cars leading to chaos on the roads.
19. FLOATER Enable low gravity when you enter a vehicle.
20. SLOWMO Enable slow motion.
21. JRTALENT Play as any NPC in the game.
22. TRASHED Spawn a garbage truck in front of you.
23. VINEWOOD Spawn a limousine in front of you.
24. BUZZOFF Spawn an armed helicopter in front of you.
25. FLYSPRAY Spawn a crop duster plane in front of you.
26. ROCKET Spawn a motorcycle in front of you.
27. OFFROAD Spawn a dirt bike in front of you.
28. BARNSTORM Spawn a stunt plane in front of you.
29. BANDIT Spawn a BMX bicycle in front of you.
30. HOLEIN1 Spawn a golf cart in front of you.
31. COMET Spawn a sports car in front of you.
32. RAPIDGT Spawn a different sports car in front of you.

While typing cheat codes is fun and nostalgic, it isn’t quite as efficient as mods and trainers. While you can input cheat codes if you want to re-live the memories of old GTA games, but if you’re really looking to have some fun, read on to find out how you can use trainers and mods.

What Is a GTA V Trainer?

GTA V Trainer
Image from 5mods

Nowadays, you can download specific trainers for various games to manipulate in-game files to your advantage. With the press of a button, you can activate or deactivate a cheat code in any game.

Modders create these trainers and upload them on different websites for users to download and take advantage of.

GTA V is one of the most popular games of all time and is loved by the majority of gamers around the world. This is why GTA V is one of the few games which has many trainers created by different users.

Menyootrainer, Nativetrainer, and WeMod are some of the most popular trainers out there for GTA V.

These trainers provide lots of amazing features to the game, from changing the player avatar to random animals to spawning vehicles and changing the channels on FM radio.

You can download these trainers and use shortcut keys to navigate the trainer menu inside the game to enable and disable different fun mods.

Since the game’s release, trainers have found Grand Theft Auto V to be an ideal platform due to the game’s popularity and the fact that this installment of Grand Theft Auto is more focused on realism than its predecessor, so there were fewer cartoonish funny instances.

The greatest part about trainers is that all cheats are built right in, so you can start using them right away. There is no need to remember any codes or print them on an A4 paper to keep it with you while you play the game (excuse me while I wipe my nostalgic tears of the good ol’ PS2 San Andreas days). Everything is at your fingertips! Simply install the trainer, press the shortcut key, and make the changes you wish by navigating through the menu on your screen. It’s that simple!

A trainer is necessary even if you want to use mods in GTA V, and every OG Grand Theft Auto gamer knows that mods are necessary to make the game more fun than it already is!

A trainer is essentially an additional MENU in the game that gives you access to any and all MODS you may have loaded. In addition, the Menyoo trainer has several unique features already programmed into it, such as the ability to spawn any of the amazing sports vehicles in the game, infinite ammunition, fire-blasting bullets, changing the wanted level to your will, and much more! The Menyoo trainer is a crucial component of the Grand Theft Auto V PC modding experience.

Read on to find out how you can install the Menyoo trainer in your GTA V PC.

How To Install Menyoo Trainer In GTA V?

To install a trainer for GTA V, you need to install Scripthook V as well. Scripthook is a list of commands and codes for the GTA V launcher to register a trainer.

To summarize, you need Scripthook to run a trainer in GTA V, and you need to install a trainer to gain access to GTA V mods, simple, right?

While there are numerous trainers you can download for GTA V, the method of installation is the same for any GTA V trainer; in this guide, I will be using the Menyoo trainer as an example.

Menyoo Trainer
Menyoo Trainer in GTA. Photo by Ali Mustafa.

The process is extremely straightforward and won’t take you more than five minutes before you can start using easy cheats in GTA V.

Step 1

Download these three files:

Step 2

After the download is completed, extract each file into a separate folder.

Step 3

From the Menyoo folder, copy the ‘Menyoostuff’ folder and Menyoo file to the root game directory.

Step 4

From the Scripthook V folder, navigate to ‘bin’ and copy all of the files except Nativetrainer from the folder and paste them into the GTA V root directory.

Step 5

Lastly, navigate to the ‘ScriptHookvDotNet’ folder. Select the following three files:

  • ScriptHookVDotNet,
  • ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll and,
  • ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll files

And paste them into the GTA V folder. It should look something like this:

Files to Copy
Files to copy. Photo by Ali Mustafa.

Step 6

Start the game, press F8 twice in single-player mode, and the Menyoo trainer menu will open!

You can use the trainer for a plethora of cheats and in-game manipulations that will double your GTA V single-player fun! You can use the trainer while in the campaign or if you create a private server. Avoid using the trainer while playing GTA: Online; otherwise, you risk getting banned and losing all of your online assets.

Using trainers and mods in GTA Online is considered unfair for other players and getting an advantage over other players, which is why Rockstar has strict rules about modding the game while you are in the same server as other players.

Installing a trainer in the game is a crucial step for applying mods to GTA V, so if you want to mod the game for cheating, then you need to follow all of the steps mentioned above and continue on with the following.

How To Mod GTA V?

Changing or modifying a video game’s data, known as “modding,” might cause the game to behave in unexpected ways. In Grand Theft Auto, for instance, you may entirely revamp your character’s appearance or use scripts to mess with the game’s dynamics.

Some mods also act as graphic enhancers to create sharper textures for improving the graphics. This guide will cover the fundamentals of modding and show you how to install your very first Grand Theft Auto 5 mod. 

You’ll need certain software if you want to add mods to Grand Theft Auto 5. These include a trainer and Scripthook V, which I have already discussed above.

Most mods only require the two above-mentioned software; however, there are a few mods that need additional software.

Make sure you have the LUA plugin, OpenIV, and the Map Editor installed so that you may use whatever mod you choose. Depending on what kind of mods you want to download, i.e., character mods, car mods, graphics mods, etc., you will need the mentioned software.

Here’s how you can download mods for GTA V:

  1. OpenIV is important software to download and enable mods; basically, it’s a mod editor and archive manager for Rockstar games. It’s available for download right here on their official site.
  2. Select your language once you’ve downloaded and launched the file. After that, you can install OpenIV and launch it straight from your desktop.
  3. Next, you’ll need to choose the game you want to mod (GTA V, in our case) and select the platform.
  4. Now, you will need to navigate to the game’s directory and allow OpenIV to make the changes by granting administrator access and selecting the GTA V folder.
  5. If you downloaded GTA V on steam, navigate to the steam directory > steamapps and select GTAV.
  6. If you installed Grand Theft Auto V using Epic Games or the Rockstar Launcher, the game’s data is located in the library folder on the disk you specified during launcher setup; this folder is often named Epic Games or Rockstar Games.
  7. Once you’ve done so, click the Continue button, and OpenIV will begin looking for the encryption key before loading its own mini-explorer page and analyzing your Grand Theft Auto V folder structure.
  8. Install the ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI by clicking the ASI Manager icon under “Favorites.” During this procedure, you will likely be prompted if you want to create a separate folder for your mods; I recommend that you click ‘Yes.’
  9. Next is the LUA plugin, which requires the “scripts” folder and the “LUA SDK.asi” file to be copied into the same location as Script Hook’s installation files.
  10. You can download the LUA plugin here and extract the files in the game’s root directory.
  11. After you’ve finished these steps, you can download GTA V mods from one of the many sites available on the internet.

I usually download my mods from, which is a great website with a vast number of crazy mods available to download for free!

You can choose from a plethora of GTA V mods and follow instructions specific to the mod you are installing directly in the description.

Any OpenIV-based mod will overwrite the original game file, so make sure that you create a backup of the game files in case some problems arise with the main files.

While downloading GTA V mods may seem complicated, once you get the hang of it, it’s really simple and incredibly fun. Once you enter the world of mods, the vanilla version of the game seems too bland.


Question: Does Rockstar Permit Using Cheat Codes In GTA V?

Answer: Yes! Who else do you think encoded cheats in the game? Rockstar understands how much the GTA audience loves cheat codes in the game. GTA gained notoriety during the early Vice City and San Andreas days due to the fun cheat codes available on every platform of the game.
This is why Rockstar has kept the tradition alive and added cheat codes in GTA V for players to rejoice in the nostalgic fun with wicked cheat codes.

Question: Can You Mod GTA V On Console?

Answer: No, you cannot mod GTA V on next-gen consoles because Microsoft and Sony don’t allow users to manipulate system and game files (as a security measure in preventing piracy).
You can, however, use trainers and menus in last-gen consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3 for GTA V.

Question: Are You Allowed To Mod GTA V?

Answer: Yes! Rockstar doesn’t mind users using mods in the single-player campaign mode; however, using mods for the online multiplayer is strictly prohibited since Rockstar considers it gives some players an unfair advantage over others which disrupts the GTA gameplay. You can read more about it here.


Grand Theft Auto is well-known for the crazy cheat codes devs include in the game as easter eggs. These cheats give the players a sense of power and multiply the fun in an already amazing game by a thousand!

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most successful installment of the GTA series, and it would be a shame had Rockstar not included the cheat code feature in their masterpiece.

Fortunately, players can use cheat codes and more in GTA V. Rockstar has also given PC gamers the allowance to mod the single-player game and use trainers to easily cheat in the game and bend the GTA V universe to their will.

You can use cheat codes, trainers, and mods to enhance GTA V’s gameplay as per your wish; I hope you found this post to be beneficial. If you’re a GTA V fanatic like me, make sure to give these articles a read: 

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