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Best Tuner Cars in GTA 5 – Park your Attitude Outside, it’s Good Vibes Only!

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GTA 5 has an awesome collection of tuner vehicles that many car enthusiasts dream about. And the Los Santos Tuners Update made them a reality. These cars are fast, good-looking, and have insane driving capabilities. Moreover, they are highly customizable. There are many tuner cars, and it can be tricky to decide which one to pick. In this piece, we will put the best ones in the spotlight. 

These cars are ranked according to:

  • Performance
  • Customization options
  • Price tag 

So without further ado, here are the top 15 Best Tuner Cars in GTA 5.

15 – Annis Remus

annis remus gta 5

  • Manufacturer: Annis.
  • Acquisition: Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
  • Top Speed: 115.50 mph.
  • Price: 1,370,000 $ /Trade Price: 1,027,500 $.

The Annis Remus is a two-door sports coupé that joined the GTA Online Grid with the Tuners update. It is heavily influenced by the 1988-1994 Nissan Silvia S13 with a few spare parts from the 1990 Corolla E90, Nissan Skyline R32, and 1990s Acura Integra. The Remus’ performance level is not what you call top tier, but it is acceptable. 

The acceleration is fine and has a considerable amount of grip. The handling is incredible, sharp, and reactive. Thus, the car barely experiences any over or understeer, even at high speeds. In addition, the Remus is one of the best cars used for drifting. However, it is slow and hardly average compared to the other cars in its class. At least it is very customizable (235+ mods).

14 – RT3000

RT3000 gta 5

  • Manufacturer: Dinka.
  • Acquisition: Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
  • Top Speed: 119.25 mph.
  • Price: 1,715,000 $/ Trade Price: 1,286,250 $.

The RT3000 is a soft-top convertible in the tuners class. Rockstar used the 2003-2009 Honda S2000 as a base to build the vehicle. The customization options list goes up to 200, so you have a lot of room to experiment and create a special build.

The RT3000 has a respectable top speed. It is enough to catch up with most sports cars. The acceleration is on par but not as good as the contenders.

The car suffers from severe loss of traction, especially from a standstill point. As a result, the initial traction is nowhere to be found. When it comes to cornering, the RT3000 loves to go sideways, making it bad for racing and perfect for drifting. The handling is swift and accurate to help you direct the drift. Plus, the brakes are strong enough to help you correct the drift.

13 – ZR350

ZR350 gta 5

  • Manufacturer: Annis.
  • Acquisition: Legendary Motorsports.
  • Top Speed: 117.50 mph.
  • Price: 1,615,000 $/ Trade Price: 1,211,250 $.

The ZR350 is one of the highly requested vehicles, added to the Online jungle gym with the Tuners update. It is an animated replica of the infamous FD Mazda RX-7, with a couple of hints of a Miata here and there. It has a reasonable top speed like the Sultan RS Classic.

However, the acceleration is mediocre and barely noticeable on the initial launch due to the lack of traction. In addition, it is very twitchy and easy to lose control of. Plus, it has a high tendency to snap out whenever you hit a bump or a curb.

Nonetheless, it is a great tuner car with a lot of mods (220+) to add to it. Moreover, the loose rear end makes it perfect for drifting.

12 – Karin Previon

karin previon gta 5

  • Manufacturer: Karin.
  • Acquisition: Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
  • Top Speed: 115.50 mph.
  • Price: 1,490,000 $/ Trade Price: 1,117,500 $.

The Previon is a two-door coupé introduced to GTA Online. The idea for this car came from the 1991 Toyota Soarer/ Lexus SC.  The Previon is commonly overlooked and overshadowed by many of its competitors. Despite having 220+ custom options. The car is very stable at all speeds and handles the corners neatly. 

In addition, the suspension can take on road imperfection and curb bumps adequately. As a result, the car doesn’t get thrown around the street. A little understeer may occur every once in a while, but nothing out of the extraordinary. Top speed, Acceleration, and grip are good enough to keep up with most tuners. Not to mention, it’s great at drifting.  

11 – Futo GTX

futo gtx gta 5

  • Manufacturer: Karin.
  • Acquisition: Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
  • Top Speed: 119.75 mph.
  • Price: 1,590,000 $/ Trade Price: 1,192,500 $.

The Futo GTX is a three-door compact sports car based on the illustrious 80s Toyota AE86. If I could describe the Futo GTX performance in one word, it would be ridiculous. It spins the wheels and starts turning sideways the moment you hit the gas pedal. The initial traction is non-existent, but it hooks up after a while.

The acceleration is mediocre at best because the car is very lightweight and has rear-wheel drive. As a result, it is very hard to control. In addition, it comes with over 200 modification options. It is overpriced for what it offers, but it is the best drifting car you can have in the game.

10 – Tailgater S

tailgater s gta 5

  • Manufacturer: Obey.
  • Acquisition: Legendary Motorsports.
  • Top Speed: 115.75 mph.
  • Price: 1,495,000 $/ Trade Price: 1,121,250 $.

The Obey Tailgater S is another four-door sporty sedan. It is almost an identical twin to the fourth-gen Audi RS3 sedan. Although the headlights remind me a lot of the third-generation Volvo S60. Unlike its real-life counterpart, the Tailgater S has RWD instead of AWD. Despite that, it has fantastic grip and acceleration.

The biggest problem with the Tailgater S is the sheer weight. The latter affects the acceleration and hinders the turning abilities. Consequently, the car can encounter understeer in tight corners. Overall, the Tailgater S is a neat cruiser and has up to 260 options to personalize it. 

9 – Cypher

Cypher gta 5

  • Manufacturer: Übermacht.
  • Acquisition: Legendary Motorsports.
  • Top Speed: 113.50 mph.
  • Price: 1,550,000 $/ Trade Price: 1,162,500 $.

The Cypher is a two-door sports car. The design is stolen from the 2015 BMW M2. But, there are a few changes to avoid any legal claims like stealing taillights from the BMW M5 F90. The Cypher has splendid acceleration and a lot of grip to go up against the likes of the Calico. The handling is on point and fascinating for races, but the top speed is too low for a car with such stunning looks. 

Another weak point is the suspension. The Cypher does not handle bumps well and gets out of control. Nonetheless, you can build your ideal Cypher with the long options list at the custom shop.

8 – Euros

Euros gta 5

  • Manufacturer: Annis.
  • Acquisition: Legendary Motorsports.
  • Top Speed: 116.50 mph.
  • Price: 1,800,000 $/ Trade Price: 1,350,000 $.

The Annis Euros is a two-door sports car that was featured originally in GTA San Andreas. Now, it is back to the Grand Theft Auto Online playfield via the Tuners Update. It is largely inspired by the 2016 Nissan 370Z. But, there are other cars fused into the design copied from the Subaru BRZ/ Toyota GR86. The car is on the heavy side of the scale and performs surprisingly well off-road.

The acceleration is sluggish compared to the other cars in its class. Nonetheless, it is well-balanced in the corners, but it is prone to oversteering. It may not be a great racer, but it is a great drifter and has a long list of mods. 

7 – Growler

Growler gta 5

  • Manufacturer: Pfister.
  • Acquisition: Legendary Motorsports.
  • Top Speed: 121.50 mph.
  • Price: 1,627,000 $/ Trade Price: 1,220,050 $.

The Growler is heavily inspired by the Porsche 718 Cayman, with other design cues from the Porsche Gemballa Mirage GT and the 2017 Alpine A110. In general, Growler’s design is clean and fluid and has more than 220 mod options to fiddle around with. It encounters some wheel spin on hard launch, but it grips back again.

The acceleration and top speed are great. It is a bit slower than the S2 but feels insane fast while driving. The brakes are decent, and the handling is slick. However, it is very tail happy and has a big tendency to spin out at any time. 

6 – Vectre

vectre gta 5

  • Manufacturer: Emperor.
  • Acquisition: Legendary Motorsports.
  • Top Speed: 115.25 mph.
  • Price: 1,785,000 $/ Trade Price: 1,338,750 $.

Who knew the Emperor could make a gorgeous two-door sports car like the Vecter. The latter is based on the 2015-2019 Lexus RCF. The Vecter has marvelous acceleration and insane grip, with very little wheel spin at the launch. However, the momentum soon dies out, limiting the Vecter to an average top speed. Still, it compensated for that with lots of mods (250+) and incredible handling. 

It handles better than the ZR350 and the RR, in my opinion. Though, there is a downside. The Vecter is very heavy, which can cause understeer in sharp corners. 

5 – Comet S2

comet S gta5

  • Manufacturer: Pfister.
  • Acquisition: Legendary Motorsports.
  • Top Speed: 123 mph.
  • Price: 1,878,000 $/Trade Price: 1,408,500 $.

The Comet S2 is a two-door sports car that joined the GTA family via the Tuners Update. It is based on the latest Porsche 911 Carrera 4s. The Comet S2 has steady traction, solid acceleration, and ample top speed. In addition, the handling is on point, making the car stable through fast corners. As a result, the Comet S2 can compete with cars from the superclass. As long as they are stock. 

The S2 will not disappoint in races, but it might struggle. The engine is placed behind the rear axle, and the fast weight shift can cause oversteer and loss of control. Still, the Comet S2 is a serious contender to consider, with 200 custom upgrades to play with. 

4 – Dominator ASP

dominator asp gta 5

  • Manufacturer: Vapid.
  • Acquisition: Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
  • Top Speed: 119 mph.
  • Price: 1,775,000 $/ Trade Price: 1,331,250 $.

The Dominator ASP is a two-door muscle car from Vapid. The design is a carbon copy of the 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra. In terms of performance, the ASP has respectable amounts of grip and little wheel spin, especially at hard launches. As a result, the acceleration is smooth and gets up to speed. 

The handling is incredible through the corners, like most sports cars. What’s also shocking is the 280 customization options that come with it. On the other hand, the brakes on the ASP are not that good. The latter tends to lock up if you brake too hard, causing massive understeer. 

3 – Sultan RS Classic

sultan rs classic gta 5

  • Manufacturer: Karin.
  • Acquisition: Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
  • Top Speed: 117.50 mph.
  • Price: 1,789,000 $ /Trade Price: 1,341,750 $.

The Sultan RS Classic is one of, if not the finest Karin Automobiles’ creations. The Sultan RS Classic is inspired by the magnificent Impreza 22B STI with a wide-body kit.

The five-speed gearbox, all-wheel drive, and twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine combination make the RS Classic a feared opponent in races. The result is stunning acceleration and supreme handling. Forget the Calico GTF, even supercars will struggle to keep up with it in races. However, the gap soon fades due to the low top speed. It also has the least custom options (186). 

2 – Jester RR

Jester RR gta5

  • Manufacturer: Dinka.
  • Acquisition: Legendary Motorsports. 
  • Top Speed: 125 mph.
  • Price: 1,970,000 $/ Trade Price: 1,477,500 $.

The Jester RR is a 3-door sports car that came to GTA with Tuners Update. The Jester RR is based on the 2020 MKV Toyota GR Supra. There are other vehicles fused into the design, including the Jaguar F-Type, 2019 Toyota Corolla XSE, Touring Superleggera AERO 3, and BMW. The Jester RR is the fastest in the Tuners Update, but the acceleration is not as impressive as the Calico or the RS Classic. 

It has high power and torque outputs, but it is rear-wheel drive and suffers from wheel spin, which explains the weak acceleration. The handling is sharp and responsive. Still, it may spin out if you push it in tight corners. It is not as good as the Calico or the RS Classic in races, yet it has well over 240 customization options to play with. 

1 – Calico GTF

Calico GTF gta5

  • Manufacturer: Karin.
  • Acquisition: Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
  • Top Speed: 121.25 mph.
  • Price: 1,995,000 $ /Trade Price: 1,496,250 $.

The Calico GTF is a three-door sports car built on an alloy of autos, including the sixth-gen Toyota Celica T200, T180, and the Rally Championship winner, the GT-Four ST205. The Calico GTF has sensational acceleration and top speed thanks to the AWD system making it one of the fastest cars in its class. As a result, it can keep up with most supercars off the line.

Its impressive traction and handling make it faster around the track than most of its competitors. It is wonderful through the corners, but prone to understeer if you are going too fast. Calico’s performance is consistent in wet weather as well. Moreover, you can personalize the GTF in any way possible because it has more than 270 customization options. 


Question: How do I unlock the trade prices in GTA Online?

Answer: Tuner cars trading prices are randomly unlocked when you start leveling up your reputation. You can earn reputation points by visiting the LS car meet, test drive cars, and completing races and missions. 

Question: Is the X80 Proto better than the RE-7B?

Answer: In terms of top speed, the X80 Proto is faster than the RE-7B. However, on a race track, the RE-7B performs better than the X80 Proto. 

Question: What is the fastest Truffade car?

Answer: There are five Truffade models available in GTA. The Nero Custom is the fastest with a top speed of 127.50 mph. But, the Trufadde Thrax is much faster around a twisty race course. 

Final Words …

The Los Santos Tuners Update could be the most popular and best DLC to ever bless GTA Online. The fact the Rockstar Developer added an impressive collection of tuner vehicles for the car community made the GTA die-hard fans go head over heels.

Despite being slower than supercars, these latest additions are sublime at racing, drifting, and a lot of fun to drive. And do not forget the endless customizations. 

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