Best GTA Online Roleplay Servers

Best GTA Online Roleplay Servers

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GTA V and GTA Online were first released in 2013, so it has been an incredibly long time, and fans are desperate for GTA 6 to release, so they have fresh content to play. Unfortunately, there is still a while to go before GTA 6 is finally released, so players must find new ways to keep GTA Online interesting, enter GTA RP.

GTA RP (Grand Theft Auto Role Playing) is a fan-made extension of GTA Online. Teams have created their own custom servers where players take on the lives of citizens in Los Santos, with some jobs including police officers and taxi drivers.

When I say “take on the lives of citizens,” that is exactly what I mean. You will live your life day to day by going to work, interacting with other players, and obeying the laws to avoid going to jail.

Although it isn’t an official mode created by Rockstar Games, thousands of players play GTA Roleplay every day. This guide to the best GTA online roleplay servers will give you all of the information you need to join them in becoming the next citizen of Los Santos.

Bottom Line Up Front

In GTA RP, there are hundreds of servers to choose from; each will its own rules and expectations. It can be incredibly daunting to try and figure out the right server for you. This guide aims to eliminate the guesswork and present you with multiple options for you to choose from depending on your needs.

For new players, you should look at servers such as LucidCity, Mafia City, or GTA World. Each of these servers is newcomer friendly and has great communities that can help you get your bearings and begin your journey as a role player.

Advanced players should look at the iconic NoPixel, DOJ, or The Family. DOJ and The Family are more criminal and law enforcement based, whereas NoPixel is more of a standard server but very strict and perfect for those fully invested in roleplaying.

Tips for the Reader

gta online rp

Playing GTA RP for the first time can be incredibly daunting, and it isn’t for everyone. If you’re still determining whether you’d enjoy it or already know this is the game of your dreams, here are some tips to help you get started with GTA RP.

Get Comfortable on the Microphone

Speaking to people, especially strangers can be very anxiety-inducing and stressful for some people. Unfortunately, you must use a microphone for most GTA RP servers to engage with other players. Some servers allow for text chat, which you can check out below in this guide.

When it comes to talking to people, there is no need to be nervous; treat it like any other interaction you have in your day-to-day life. Since everyone in the server is roleplaying, talk to them like you’d talk to someone in that job or role in real life.

You don’t need to be a voice actor to play, so don’t worry about your voice not sounding good; most people are conscious of their own voices. But make sure the server is in a language you can understand; joining a Spanish server would only make sense if you can speak or read the language.

Explore Many Different Servers

Unless you find a server straight away, that sounds perfect for you; there is a chance you will have to explore different servers to find the right one. Some GTA Roleplay servers are incredibly strict, and you must follow every rule to the tee with no room for error.

Some servers are much more relaxed and might not take it seriously enough for you. The good thing is that most servers are in the middle, making a more enjoyable experience for newer players. But always follow the rules set out by the admin team running the server; otherwise, you risk being banned.

Playing with Friends

Playing games online with friends can be incredibly fun, and roleplay is no exception. If you have friends playing GTA Online, jumping into GTA RP for the first time together could be a good idea.

Or, if you have friends that already play, they can show you the ropes to ensure you get off on the right foot. Jumping into GTA RP for the first time together could be a good idea.

Download the FiveM Mod

gta online download the fivem mod

To play GTA RP, you need to first download the FiveM Mod, as this will allow you to launch the game into custom dedicated servers that are the basis for GTA RP.

You can also use FiveM to create your own GTA RP server if you are a developer. Servers with a maximum capacity of 32 are currently free, with options to go all the way to a 2048-capacity server for 50 Euros per month.

Some servers use other similar programs, such as Rage, so check each server’s requirements and download the relevant software if you still need to install it. 

How to Join Grand Theft Auto RP Servers

Most GTA RP servers use either their own website or a dedicated Discord Server to manage players, events, activities, leaderboards, and recruitment of new players. Because of this, you must create your own Discord account if you want to play GTA RP.

Discord is a popular communication method among gamers. Players can create or join servers and communicate by voice, video, and text with members of the servers.

Each GTA RP server mentioned in this guide will have a link to their official method of joining to help ensure you’re in the right place and don’t end up on the wrong servers. 

Selection Criteria

When it came to choosing the servers to recommend in this guide, I followed a few different criteria to give you the best options to choose from. With hundreds of servers to choose from, finding the right one for you can take time and effort.

While none of the servers met every requirement, my criteria wasn’t designed to find a server that ticked every box to determine the perfect server for you.

I chose servers that met at least one of the following criteria.

  • The server is beginner friendly.
  • The server is suited to more advanced players.
  • The server allows for text-based communications.
  • The server is more relaxed, and players can have fun and mess about if they desire.
  • The server is incredibly strict and must follow strict roleplaying rules.
  • The server has a focus on law enforcement and criminal organizations.
  • Players can work a regular job rather than be focused on criminal activities.

Many of these contradict each other, but that was designed to appeal to the widest range of players who may be looking to get into GTA RP or be on the lookout for a new server to try.

The Best GTA Online Role Playing Servers

When it comes to the best GTA Online Role Playing servers, it is incredibly difficult to determine because each great server offers something unique. Whether this is the map, which is often updated with new locations and some even overhauled with a custom map such as Vice City.

Other factors include the level of immersion and how deep the role playing may or may not be. Some are more relaxed and can let players participate as much as they’d like, while some are incredibly strict. You must always be in character and take it just as seriously as in real life.

With all that in mind, here are ten of the best servers you can join and check out if you want to get into GTA Online Role Playing.


gta online nopixel server

  • Number Of Players: 32
  • Unique Features: It features some of the most well-known Twitch streamers.
  • Difficulty To Join: 10/10

If you have watched popular streamers on Twitch or YouTube play GTA RP, then there is a good chance that you saw them play on the NoPixel server. It is home to some of the largest creators online and is currently the most popular server.

NoPixel is one of the strictest servers online, both in terms of roleplaying and also gaining access, as it is typically only available for the most elite GTA players. This is due to it only allowing 32 players to be online at a time, so the admins will only let people on it that can follow the rules.

Servers such as NoPixel can be long-term goals for you to join, but the servers below should be better options if you’re starting.

Visit the NoPixel website here.

Eclipse RP

gta online eclipse rp server

  • Number Of Players: 200
  • Unique Features: Realistic fear role-playing features
  • Difficulty To Join: 3/10

Eclipse RP is one of the most popular servers for GTA RP players. With a 200-player capacity, it has one of the largest capacities of any server.

While most servers have strict rules where players must live normal everyday lives, Eclipse RP strongly focuses on crime.

Eclipse RP sees players join numerous gangs, including The Irish Mob and The Clowns, and fight other players to become the top gang in Los Santos. Regular jobs are available, but you will likely moonlight as a gangster when off the clock.

One of the unique features of any server is a mechanic they call Fear RP. This mechanic means that a player must respond with an appropriate amount of fear to a situation.

For example, if your character is a taxi driver and a criminal points a gun at your head, you can’t just become super human and beat them up because this wouldn’t be realistic.

Visit the Eclipse RP website here and the official Discord server here.

Mafia City RP

gta online mafia city rp server

  • Number Of Players: 185
  • Unique Features: Custom map with no NPCs, a complex money system, and realistic vehicles, including engine failure, tires bursting, and working seatbelts and airbags.
  • Difficulty To Join: 4/10

Mafia City is one of the best servers for new GTA RP players. It features a friendly community that is willing to help people get into the experience. Mafia City is a great server for those that want a relaxed roleplaying experience.

With weapons and gangs being heavily involved, it will still feel familiar to those who have only played GTA Online.

The server features some of the most unique features found in GTA RP, including a complex money system and realistic vehicles, to give the most true-to-life experience.

To join, you must complete a quiz and get all of the answers correct, but the information can be found in the starter guide, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get approved.

Visit the Mafia City RP website here and the official Discord server here.

GTA World

gta online gta world server

  • Number Of Players: 2000
  • Unique Features: Text-based communication.
  • Difficulty To Join: 3/10

GTA World is another great server for new GTA RP players. One thing that sets it apart from Mafia City is that it is entirely text-based, so if you’re not confident using a microphone or are unable to do so, this could be a great option for you to jump into.

As with Mafia City, you must complete an application in order to be accepted.

Visit the GTA World website here.


gta online doj

  • Number Of Players: 64
  • Unique Features: Public service based roleplay.
  • Difficulty To Join: 7/10 (Applications only open 1st-4th each month)

DOJ is one of the most advanced RP servers, with strict and intense roleplaying. If you are a newer player, this server isn’t for you. The server is based around public services, such as the police and fire departments, with players taking on one of those roles.

For the advanced players, DOJ aims to provide plenty of engaging content, including a ranking system on its website and the ability to apply for various jobs in the game.

Visit the DOJ website here.


gta online lucidcity

  • Number Of Players: 350
  • Unique Features: Custom map with Cayo Perico included.
  • Difficulty To Join: 5/10

LucidCity takes a lot of elements from NoPixel and expands upon them further while making itself welcoming to new GTA RP players. The server is built with a custom map, giving players a unique experience compared to most other GTA RP servers.

LucidCity also includes the Cayo Perico expansion from GTA Online, making it one of the few servers that utilize this map.

One of the best aspects is that it is much more relaxed than other servers; if you want to get your feet wet or have fun with your friends, you can. You are free to be whoever you want on the server, including a police officer, a criminal, or someone with a regular 9-5 job.

Visit the LucidCity forum here and the official Discord server here.

Twitch RP

gta online twitch rp

  • Number Of Players: 220
  • Unique Features: Designed for streamers to play and collaborate with other creators and viewers.
  • Difficulty To Join: 5/10

As the name suggests, Twitch RP is focused on streaming and networking with other creators as well as playing with your community. If you are a streamer on Twitch or YouTube platforms, this could be a great server to check out to collaborate with other roleplayers.

Visit the official Twitch RP website here, and the official Discord server here.


Question: Do I Need to Own GTA V in Order to Play GTA RP?

Answer: Yes, you must own a copy of GTA V to play GTA Role Playing. It doesn’t matter which store you purchase the game on, whether Steam, Rockstar Games, or Epic Games Store.
The game must be launched to join a server as it still uses the game to run; it just runs a modified version of it.

Question: Can I Play GTA RP on a Console?

Answer: GTA RP can only be played on PC. This could change in the future but is unlikely unless Rockstar Games realizes its popularity and adds official support.

Question: Do I Need a Microphone to Play GTA RP?

Answer: For most of the GTA RP servers out there, you must use a microphone to communicate with other players. However, a few servers can be played without a microphone and instead use text chat to communicate.


For new GTA RP players, I recommend starting with LucidCity. This will allow you to jump into role-playing and get used to how it all works without worrying about breaking the rules or not living up to the standards of the admin.

More advanced players should just into Eclipse as it is more strict but still incredibly fun and exciting with a high capacity which means there will be lots of activity around you.

GTA RP isn’t for everyone, especially if you prefer single-player games or aren’t comfortable using a microphone online. But, if this type of experience is for you, GTA RP offers endless content to play, which is great, considering GTA V/Online has been released for nearly a decade.

With GTA 6 still likely a couple of years away, keeping the game fresh is key to help to bridge the gap between games.

Although GTA RP isn’t an official mode, it has taken on a life of its own, and we expect to see servers for the GTA 6 map start as soon as the next game is released.

And with GTA Online likely migrating to the GTA 6 map, an older GTA RP server could become the only way to play in Los Santos with other players.

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