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Amanda de Santa Guide

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Amanda De Santa is the headstrong woman that has stolen Michael’s heart but the years have not been the easiest for the central couple of Grand Theft Auto V. Crime eventually caught up to them and Michael de Santa had to make a choice that would change Amanda’s life for good but was it for the best?

Amanda’s life hasn’t been a smooth one so let’s take a look at her life and the drama that unfolds. Let’s kick off our Amanda de Santa guide by looking at who exactly she is.

Who Is Amanda De Santa?

Michael and Amanda

Amanda De Santa is the wife of Michael De Santa and the mother of Jimmy De Santa and Tracey De Santa. She lives in Rockford Hills and has really thrown herself into the lavish life of being a housewife. However, Amanda’s journey hasn’t always been plain sailing and she’s landed on these riches through Michael, not through building an empire of her own.

This lady of leisure doesn’t like the work lifestyle and gets to spend her days playing tennis, doing yoga, and even the occasional shoplifting. A bit weird for someone who has it all, hey? She may not be one of the best-loved characters in GTA V but she sure knows how to put up a fight, especially with her own family.

Before GTA V

Amanda was born on September 15, 1970, to an unnamed mother and father. It is unknown exactly where she was brought up in the USA but it is believed it was somewhere in the midwest. She first met Michael when she was working as a stripper at a club owned by her family. Michael, who originally went by Michael Townley, and Amanda end up falling in love, getting married, and having two beautiful children.

So, what could go wrong and pop the marital bliss these pair are in? Well, a heist threw into the chaos of course! During GTA V’s first mission called ‘Prologue”, set in 2004, we see Michael killed in a bank robbery gone wrong. He, Trevor and Brad headed to Ludendorff, North Yankton, to steal from a Bobcat Security Depot.

The FIB ruin their plans, with Brad and Michael shot by Dave Norton. Michael tells Trevor to go on without them, which after some persuading, he does and escapes the FIB’s grasp. A funeral is held for Michael, with Amanda present as the heartbroken widow. However, the camera pans away and you see Michael alive

He struck a deal with the FIB to fake his death, be put in a Witness Protection Program, and let the world believe Dave killed him. Amanda was part of this plan, good crocodile tears at the wedding girl!!  Michael struck up this deal to make sure his family was safe, and they moved to Los Santos to start a new, fresh life under the name of the De Santa’s.

Journey in GTA V

sunny Rockford Hills
Image From GTA Fandom

Jump forward to 2013, Amanda and Michael are still together, living it out in sunny Rockford Hills. However, their relationship has dwindled over the years. Since living life under witness protection, Michael has started heavily drinking, not helping out around the house or with the kids, and has just turned into a miserable husband, much to Amanda’s chagrin.

We first see Amanda during the mission ‘ Complications’. While Franklin Clinton is sneaky around the De Santa house to ‘repossess’ Jimmy’s car, Amanda is in the kitchen, thanking her tennis coach for their ‘lesson’. We all know what those pairs were really up to.

A few days pass and Michael comes home to find Amanda and Tracey arguing. Tracey wants a guy to stay over but mother dearest is not having any of it. To avoid it all, Michael heads outside to chill by the pool. Now, here’s where everything starts to go sideways. Michael comes home one day and shouts about the house for his family.

Having no response, he goes outside and finds two tennis rackets outside the front door. Putting two and two together, Michael marches upstairs to find Amanda outside their bedroom, just dressed in a towel.

Amanda cheatting

He barges into the room and to no surprise at all, he finds Amanda’s tennis instructor, Kyle Chavis, who explains he was told that Michael and Amanda ‘had an arrangement’. Amanda’s a sneaky one! Kyle makes a break for it out of the window while Michael and Amanda continue to argue. In a rage, Michael chases down Kyle, with Franklin in tow. As part of an optional mission, Amanda will call Michael, asking for help due to a ‘misunderstanding’ at a Didier Sach branch.

Michael shows up and sees Amanda in the back of a police car and I’m sure he’s getting ready to just laugh in her face. He steals the car and shakes the police off their tail. Yet again, Amanda and Michael get into another mini barney, this time about each other’s criminal activity. I wonder if they’ll ever stop arguing over the past ten years? Michael drops Amanda off and she begrudgingly thanks him for his help.

Amanda makes a short and sweet appearance at the beginning of ‘Mr. Philips’, if you start the mission as Michael. Amanda expresses that they haven’t seen each other for a while before leaving for Yoga. At the beginning of ‘Fame or Shame’, Michael finds a brick of weed in the fridge. Amanda walks in and assumes it’s his before stating that it’s Jimmy’s.

Amanda and Michael then get into yet another argument about the state of their family, with Amanda threatening to divorce him if she could. So much for one big and happy family. At that point, Amanda’s yoga instructor, Fabien, walks in and Amanda immediately calms. Jimmy shows up to collect his drugs but is confronted by Michael. The pair argue, which Amanda disrupts saying is ‘ruining her yoga’.

The infamous Trevor shows up, stunning everyone. After a short conversation with Michael, Trevor greets Amanda by complimenting her body in a degrading way. Even after all these years, Trevor just hasn’t changed. After learning that Tracey is auditioning for Fame or Shame, Trevor and Michael leave, leaving Fabien and Amanda to get on with their yoga. During the events of ‘Did Somebody Say Yoga?’, Amanda catches Michael smoking in the house and starts berating him for his behavior, which Amanda thinks has gotten worse since Trevor has re-appeared.

Fabien shows up and asks Michael to join their yoga session, much to Amanda’s annoyance. The trio goes through various yoga poses before Fabien demonstrates a pose on Amanda that Michael thinks is a bit too sexual. He sees red and goes to hit Fabien, but misses and falls into the pool. Amanda gets annoyed at Michael, what a surprise, and storms off, not before calling Michael a psychopath. Michael goes to find Jimmy and they get out for a drink. However, Jimmy has an ulterior motive and spikes, Michael, sending him on one bizarre trip.

The Break-Up

 Amanda’s Heartbreaking Letter to Michael

Once Michael sobers up, he returns home to find a letter from Amanda saying the family has moved out due to his behavior, leaving Michael all alone. After the mission ‘Minor Turbulence’, Amanda will call Franklin to make sure Michael is ok. Franklin tells her to call Michael but she refuses, saying she just wanted to make sure he isn’t dead.

Towards the end of the game, things start to improve for the De Santa family. During the mission ‘Reuniting the Family’, Jimmy visits Michael at the family home. He explains that Amanda has grown tired of being with Fabien, she has an apparent pattern of sports instructor lovers and wants the family to reunite.

The pair head to a local Bean Machine where Amanda and Fabien hang out. Fabien insults the trio for their unhealthy lifestyle. Amanda asks Michael to just hit him, which he does extremely. He grabs a laptop from a screenwriter sitting behind them and hits Fabien around the face with it.

Michael attempts to apologize to Amanda for everything. He can’t quite get the right words out so Jimmy gives it a go saying that Michaels is now a mess and needs Amanda. Amanda suggests they all go to therapy at Dr. Friedlander’s office but as a whole family.


With Tracey the only family member missing, Michael and Jimmy go off to grab her while Amanda takes Fabien away. They all meet up at Dr. Friedlander’s office. Despite trying to all sort out their differences, Michael and Amanda mostly just spend the time shouting at each other. However, outside of Dr. Friedlander’s, the pair rekindle with Amanda agreeing to come home with the kids. Finally, the family has reunited.

The last time we see Amanda during a mission is in ‘Meltdown’. Michael, now successful in the world of film, attends the premiere of a picture he’s been working on with Jimmy. Devin Weston implies that Amanda and Tracey are in danger for Michael’s involvement in making sure the movie wasn’t canceled and the death of Devin’s lawyer, Molly. Michael and Jimmy rush home and fend off swarms of Merryweather agents that are after the girls. Michael puts Jimmy, Tracey, and Amanda in the bathroom and tells them to stay put.


Depending on which of the three endings you choose depends on if you can see Amanda again. If Franklin chooses the option to kill Michael, Amanda will disappear, with her only interaction being a text to Franklin, knowing that he had some involvement in Michael’s demise.

If the Deathwish or Kill Trevor options are chosen, Amanda will be seen in the De Santa household after the events of the game. Michael and Amanda can go on friend activities with each other and are finally, what seems to be a happy couple.

Personality and Appearance


Amanda is a very headstrong woman that doesn’t take and stick from anyone, including her family. She is quite fiery and easily gets into arguments. It doesn’t make her the easiest to be around. I don’t think she says a nice word to Tracey or Jimmy throughout the whole game. What a ‘loving’ mother.

She can be calm-natured but that is typical while she is doing her yoga. After the ending of GTA V, she is much calmer and nicer to those around her. Amanda has many different appearances during the game. Her most common some for of sportswear, whether it’s for tennis or yoga.

Outside of sportswear, she’s usually seen with her hair tied back, wearing trousers, a t-shirt, and a jacket. She likes to accessorize but not with the most fashionable of pieces. What is with that hat in the Prologue?!

Missions Appearances

Image From GTA Fandom

Amanda’s appearances in GTA V are usually cutscenes at the beginning of missions but she does appear later on in a few of the missions. Although she doesn’t appear a huge about in the story, it is possible to see Amanda in the house before she and the kids move out. She’ll also communicate with Michael sporadically through text and emails.

Here are the missions you can catch Amanda in throughout GTA V.

  • Prologue
  • Complications
  • Father/Son
  • Marriage Counseling
  • The Good Husband
  • Fame or Shame
  • Did Somebody Say Yoga?
  • Reuniting the Family
  • Meltdown

Relationships with other GTA V characters


Michael and Amanda
Image FromnGTA Fandom

Being Amanda’s husband, Michael is the person she is closest to throughout GTA V. Despite all their fighting, they eventually come out strong in the end. That time apart with Fabien did Amanda some good and made her realize that toy boys just aren’t it. Instead, it’s the crime-riddled husband she truly loves.

The Kids

Jimmy and Tracey
Image From Hero Fandom

Amanda is a hard-hitting mother when it comes to her children Tracey and Jimmy. Amanda dislikes what they’ve changed into, with Tracey mingling with people she shouldn’t and trying anything, and I mean anything, to get famous.

Jimmy has resulted in drugs and a lifestyle of slobbish, mostly due to the family being pretty wealthy. Even though the kids haven’t turned out the way she wanted, it is still clear that she has an undying motherly love for them.

Too Many Men

Throughout GTA V, it is implied that Amanda has had a lot of affairs. The most notable that we see if Kyle and Fabien. During ‘Reuniting the Family’, Amanda states that no one understands this family and starts reeling off people including ‘the juice guy’ and ‘the dog walker’. Jimmy and Tracey join in mentioning ‘the trash guy’ and ‘Dad’s proctologist’.

Best Amanda Interactions

Trevor while she’s sunbathing

Amanda Sunbathing
Image From GTA Fandom

While playing as Trevor, players can go around the back of the De Santa house and catch Amanda sunbathing. Trevor being Trevor will come out with some quirky lines. He tells Amanda that he loves her for he to ask ‘just don’t kill me, Trevor, that’s all I ask’. At one point he’ll ask ‘How did you two stay married’ for Amanda to reply, ‘Even more surprising is how did you stay single?’ in a sarcastic tone.

Therapy Outburst

During ‘Reuniting the Family’, the De Santa’s all head to a group therapy session. Michael and Amanda, of course, get into an argument. At one point Michael jumps up and says ‘How about you suck my c*ck’ to Amanda. All she can do is watch on, stunned. The woman is finally speechless!!

Michael can kill Amanda?!

Michael Kill Amanda

Getting too fed up with Amanda and wanting to do away with her? Well, you can, kind of. It is possible to run over Amanda as she is walking about the De Santa lot. She’ll lie motionless, making you think she’s truly gone. But of course, there’s no way Rockstar would let you randomly kill a character off of your own back.

Amanda will rise again and send Michael the hospital bill, calling him a few questionable words in the process. No matter how much you want to get rid of this, in my opinion, terrible person, alas, you can’t.


Question: What is Amanda’s job?

Answer: Amanda is a lady of leisure and lives off the money they’ve either earned through past crimes of Michaels or the dodgy deals he is doing in the present. Despite the De Santa’s having quite a bit of cash, Amanda is prone to steal. She used to work at a strip club before the events of the North Yankton robbery.

Question: Who can Amanda go on friend activities with?

Answer: Michael is the only protagonist that Amanda can go on friends’ activities with. She limits down what they can do with the only two choices is heading to a bar or playing tennis. She won’t even go to the cinema with him. How cruel considering that’s his passion!!

Question: Does Amanda appear in GTA Online?

Answer: She doesn’t! Considering Michael hasn’t made an appearance in GTA Online, it would be a bit weird for his wife to show up. Maybe that’s something we can look out for on the horizon?

From Stripper to Housewife

And that my friends, is the life of Amanda De Santa. Life hasn’t been the kindest to her but she can’t complain. She was still able to live a life of luxury, in a big old house in Rockford Hills. I think she’s one of the only characters I know to complain about that lifestyle.

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