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Leonora Johnson Guide

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Grand Theft Auto V carries on Rockstar Game’s trend of having mysteries for players to solve, whether they are canon or fan-made theories. One of the more popular mysteries in GTA V is the murder of Leonora Johnson, a tragic event that still hasn’t been solved.

However, with new clues coming to light, can justice finally be brought to the killer in question?

Who Was Leonora Johnson?

Leonora Johnson Guide

Leonora Johnson was a film star who started her rise to fame during the early 70s. She was born on August 29, 1952, to father Harold and mother Ellen. In her late teens, Leonora left school and moved to Los Santos. Like most with the stars in their eyes, she dreamed of hitting the big time and starring in movies.

In 1973, she got her very first film credit in “Rum Runner”. Her performance was described by the Los Santos Shephard as “a pretty face to watch without perhaps much spark in the eyes”. She was next in contention to be the female lead in “The Many Wives of Alfredo Smith”. However, tragedy struck.

What Happened to Leonora?

On January 17, 1975, Leonora’s dismembered body was found at the Land Act Dam after an anonymous tip-off to the Los Santos Police Department. The way Leonora was murdered draws comparisons to the real-life murder of Elizabeth Short, who was posthumously dubbed the Black Dahlia.

Due to the lack of evidence, the murderer was not found and the case was closed shortly afterward. In-game, an anonymous person made a website called WhokilledLeonoraJohnson.com, detailing her life, the vents of her gruesome death, and who they believe the main culprit is.

On the website, the writer explains that now, all these years later, there’s been a big breakthrough in the case. In an interview, Ira Richards explains that his grandfather, David Richards, a now-deceased film producer, drunkenly told him that he was given a confession by the culprit. To destroy the evidence, he ripped it up into 50 pieces and dotted them all around Los Santos and Blaine County.

who killed leonora johnson

Letter Scraps Locations

Finding the scraps means solving the case of Leonora’s murder once and for all. Here are the location of the 50 scraps found all over the GTA V map.

  1. Los Santos Airport – Close to the entrance of the arrivals terminal, which is situated on the lower level, a letter scrap is lying on the floor
  2. Los Santos Airport Entrance – Located on a circular building is another letter scrap in Los Santos Airport. You’ll need a helicopter to reach this one as the scrap is on the roof and unfortunately, there is no easier way to get there.
  3. Los Santos Dry Dock – Look for the boat called the Olifantus. Climb aboard and you’ll find the scrap on the floor in front of the control cabin’s front window.
  4. Los Santos Docks Containers – In Los Santos Docks, there are containers aplenty. On Buccaneer Way, there’s a bunch of them stacked on top of each other. Climb a nearby crane and look for a letter scrap on top of a blue container.
  5. Underground Train Platform – Travel along the train tracks underneath Popular Street in Cypress Flats. The scrap in at platform numbered “5748”.
  6. Scrapyard Bus – Head to the scrapyard in El Burro Heights. Located inside the scrapyard is an old bus. The letter is just inside the bus, on the floor.
  7. Grove Street – During the mission “Hood Safari”, Franklin, Trevor and Lamar will visit a house on Grove Street. The scrap at the house next door, around the back of the house.
  8. Davis Mega Mall Trash – The Davis Mega Mall is home to the next scrap. In the front car park is a dumpster, look inside for the scrap.
  9. Vespucci Canal – Palomino Avenue crosses over the top of a canal near Vespucci. Head under the road to find the scrap on a ledge in the center.
  10. Beach Skate Park – Near Vespucci Beach is a skate park. Inside the empty pool is the next scrap.
  11. Pier Restaurant – Head to the Pearls restaurant located at the end of Del Perro Pier. The scrap is located on a balcony. Climb up the stairs of the building next door to get to it.
  12. Top Of The World – Climb the big yellow crane situated at the Construction site at Pillbox Hill. It does take a bit of time to climb this crane but patience does reward you with a scrap that is located on a small platform at the top.
  13. Los Santos Bridge – Head to the bridge on Vespucci Boulevard. The scrap is on the path floor, near an archway that overlooks the Los Santos River.
  14. Los Santos River End – At the end of the Los Santos river, to the north, is a floor dam and the location of the next scrap. Climb the middle of the three sections to locate it.
  15. Race Course Stands – Search the bleachers at the Vinewood race track in northeast Los Santos.
  16. Alta Construction Site – Head to the construction site on Alta Street. Inside will be an area marked out with wooden planks and orange warning poles. Look inside to see the next scrap.
  17. Skate Park – Along Hawick Avenue, you’ll find a skate park. The scrap in the middle of the half-pipe.
  18. Apartment Block BBQ Area – In West Vinewood is a community apartment block with a BBQ area. The scrap is on top of the grill.
  19. Backlot City – The scrap is located on a small area with some electrical units, next to the roof with the globe on it at Backlot City. Climb up the stairs to reach it. Be warned, you will receive a two-star wanted level if you enter Backlot City before Michael’s missions with Solomon.
  20. Los Santos Graveyard – The next scrap is located near a bench at Pacific Bluffs Grave Yard. Walk across the bridge to get to the small island on the lake and head to the bench area.
  21. Off The Coast – To the east of Los Santos is a small island, located just off the coastline. The scrap is in a collection of bushes towards the north of the island.
  22. Do You Like Pina Colada? – Head to the Pacific Bluffs Country Club in Pacific Bluff. The letter scrap is on a bar near the pools around the back.
  23. Kortz Maze – It’s a maze to get this scrap. Head to the Kortz Center in Pacific Bluffs and find the hedged maze. The scrap is inside. Go in from the north and go left, right twice, left, right again, and left three times to reach the scrap.
  24. Outdoor Games Room – At one of the luxurious properties near Lake Vinewood is an outside games room. A scrap is just inside the doorway.
  25. Vinewood Sign – Climb to the top of the “I” in the Vinewood Sign to get another letter scrap.
  26. Vista – The next scrap is located on the trail near the Galileo Observatory. Look for the picnic area visit, where the orange juice stand is. The scrap is next to one of the picnic tables.
  27. Old Fruit Shack – Along Highway 11 is an abandoned fruit stand. Next to it is a roadside tourist information sign. The scrap is sitting just underneath it.
  28. Mine, Mine, Mine – Located on a dirt track just off of Galileo Road is an entrance to an abandoned mine. By the mines closed doors is the letter scrap.
  29. Look Behind Billboard – On a dirt track, near the Grand Senora Desert, is a barn and a house. Located next to them is a billboard, with the scrap nestled just behind it.
  30. Desert Grate – To the south of the Grand Senora Desert is Redwood Lights Track. Inside is a circular concrete area. In the middle is a grate, which the scrap is sitting on top of.
  31. Marshland – To the south of Lago Zancudo is a marshland. On the north side of the river is a scrap, close to the river bed.
  32. Under The Bridge – Along Route 68 is an overpass bridge, crossing a dry part of the river. Under the bridge is a letter scrap.
  33. Desert Graveyard – To the west of the Grand Senora Desert in the Hill Valley Church. The scrap is located behind a grave site with three crosses in a row.
  34. Stoner Cement Works – Inside Stoner Cement Works in the Grand Senora Desert is a factory. A letter scrap can be found on the tallest part of the factory. You can either climb up on a ladder or ride a helicopter to the top.
  35. On The Rocks – At Sandy Shores Airstrip is a rock formation. Located on the top is a scrap. It’s hard to get to so you can ride a helicopter to it or park a vehicle nearby, jump on top of it and jump around to the rocks.
  36. Old Motel Pool – Around the back of the derelict Sandy Shores Motel is a dried-out pool. The scrap is sitting just inside of it.
  37. Off The Coast, Again! – To the east of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station is a small, rocky island. Search along it for a letter scrap.
  38. Small Cove – Along the sea, north of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station, is a small cove. The scrap is sitting along the right side, inside of the cove.
  39. Lighthouse
  40. Raton Canyon Vista – On a vista overlooking Raton Canyon is a letter scrap. It’s located between Raton Pass and Cassidy Trail.
  41. Alamo Seashore – At the Alamo Sea, just north of Calafia Bridge, is a peninsula with a small boat. Situated to the left of the boat is a scrap.
  42. Fishery Dock – On the north side of the Alamo Sea is a small dock with a fishery. The scrap is sitting outside a door to the fishery.
  43. Grapeseed Crops – Located in Grapeseed is a bunch of white tents with crops growing underneath. Search along the second row for this scrap piece.
  44. Altruist Cult Cabin – Inside the Altruist Cult site, located in the Chilliad Mountain State Wilderness, is a radio tower. Luckily, there’s no climbing involved this time, and sitting just next to it is a scrap.
  45. Mount Cable Car – Either travel to the peak of Mount Chilliad by the trail or cable car. Either way, you need to be at the peak to claim this scrap. Head to the cable car platform and the scrap will be there waiting for you.
  46. TIMBER – Just outside of the Paleto Bay Lumber Yard is a whole forest of trees. Look out for three together with some rocks at their feet and you’ll find the scrap nestled between.
  47. Beach Balcony – Along Duluoz Avenue, Paleto Bay, is a beach house. On its balcony, which faces inland, is the scrap.
  48. Old, Old House – Towards the north of Paleto Bay is a derelict house. Around the back is a porch, which the scrap sitting just inside.
  49. Homeless Home – Dignity Camp, located along Route 1, is home to the next scrap, located inside a white tent.
  50. Toilet Scrap – At Procopio Beach is a block of toilets. By the men’s section is the final scrap piece.
map of los santos
Map of Los Santos

Who Was the Culprit?

Once all the letter scraps have been found, it makes a four-page letter and triggers a new Strangers and Freaks mission, “A Starlet in Vinewood”. Despite Michael, Trevor, and Franklin being able to collect the scraps, only Franklin can complete the mission.

The letter reveals that the murderer is Peter Dreyfuss, a film director. In the letter, he admits to the murder, saying is a ‘petit indiscretion’. He goes on to say that he had to kill her slowly and torture her as that would hurt him the most. Dreyfuss also states that he sends momentos from their ‘date’ to her family “just to prove how very much I understand suffering and how I can represent it best as an artist”.

Franklin locates Dreyfuss’ house and finds him meditating out back. At first, Dreyfuss thinks Franklin is there for a sexual encounter but Franklin whips out his phone and shows Dreyfuss a picture of Leonora, asking if he knows her. Dreyfuss is immediately spooked, calling for security as Franklin confronts him over the murder.

Dreyfuss tries to offer Franklin money but he refuses. Now knowing he’s in danger, Dreyfuss flees. You can either chase after him and kill him, or let him get away with his crimes.

peter dreyfuss

Similar Stories

Jolene Cranley-Evans

Born in 1956, Jolene Cranley-Evans was the wife of John “Jock” Evans. The pair lived in Blaine County but Jock wished to move to Los Santos to pursue a career as a stuntman. In 1978, Jolene met her untimely death when she “fell” off the cliffs at the El Gordo Lighthouse.

It is believed Jock pushed her but in a statement from a newspaper clipping of The Senora Beacon, Jock says ” I’m heartbroken. I loved my wife. I would never throw her off a cliff, despite her desire to destroy my dreams of success and happiness.”

After the “accident” Jolene’s ghost can be seen at Mount Gordo, during the hours of 23:00 and 00:00. You can’t get too close though, overwise she vanishes. It’s best to use a rifle with a scope to spot her. Underneath her is a rock, which says “Jock”, written in what looks like blood.

jolene cranley-evans ghost

Murder Mystery

Want to send Michael on a murder mystery? Well, this mission is the one to play! This is a special mission and can only be played by those players that upgraded from PS3 and Xbox 360 to the Enhanced version for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

This mission doesn’t flag up on the map so you do have to hunt to find it. Around Los Santos is four messages, written on different buildings.

Locations are:

  • The Oriental Theatre, the message reads “Ain’t no mystery, they drowned her because of what she knew!”.
  • Galileo Observatory, the message says “David Richards Knows”.
  • City Hall, this one says “Fred makes cartoons for kids, funny thing considering what he hid”.
  • And finally, The Gentry Manor Hotel, with a message reading “Old Fred acts nice, but it ain’t so!”.

After all these clues have been found, the next step is to find the body of who the clues are referring. The main giveaway in the clues is that she was drowned, but where?

Head to the coastline to the west of Fort Zancudo. As you’ll need to reach the seabed, it’s best to travel there by submarine. Along the seabed, you’ll find the body of the woman. She has her hands tied behind her back, a bag over her head, and concrete blocks around her feet.

The next destination is Solomon’s office. While the marker won’t appear on the map, a yellow marker will show outside his office at Backlot City after 21:00.

On Solomon’s desk is a letter to David Richards from a Fred Quincy, founder of the Fred’s Pictures Film Studio. He admits to a further murder of a man named Isaac, an associate of Fred’s who wanted to make a film with a different studio, and details that Isaac is buried in a mine up in the hills.

It is also detailed that the woman out at sea could be someone that tried to blackmail Fred. He says “What choice did I have? To have some strumpet, good for nothing three dollar whore behind a type writer threaten me and my legacy!”.

After this, Michael can now go hunting for the body of Isaac, which can be found in the abandoned mine in Great Chaparral. The entrance is locked so it would need to be destroyed to enter. Explosives come in handy here!

Follow the tracks to find Isaac’s body, solving this mystery. Doing so will also unlock two Vintage Noir filters for Snapmatic.

mystery case


Question: Are there any murder mysteries in other GTA titles?

Answer: GTA V seems to be the title that has tried to sneak in the most murder mysteries. Players can even find Easter eggs of a man dubbed “The Infinity Killer”, based on the real-life serial killer “The Zodiac Killer”. Fan theories believe a character named “Mr. Trenchcoat” in GTA: San Andreas, could be a serial killer but Rockstar has never proven this.

Question: Can you find Bigfoot in GTA V?

Answer: Bigfoot, or the Sasquatch to some players, is a popular myth across all GTA titles, and Rockstar has even carried on the myths to their Red Dead Series. In GTA V, once players have reached 100% completion, they’ll get a special mission called “The Last One”, which can be completed by Franklin.
Franklin comes across a hunter in Raton Canyon, who believes they’ve found Bigfoot. Franklin hunts it down, but it ends up being just a man dressed up as one. I wonder if they’ll put real Bigfoots in a future entry?

Question: What happens if you let Peter Dreyfuss live?

Answer: It is believed that it is canon for the player to choose to kill Dreyfuss. No matter what option you chose, there is a Weasel News radio segment saying that Dreyfuss has died. Maybe someone else decided to pick up the vigilant role?

Leonora Johnson Guide: That’s a Wrap

And there we have it, you’ve now figured out who the culprit was and brought them to justice. It may be a long-winded mission to complete but it’s always nice to see some storylines reach the full circle.

Check out all the other collectibles in GTA V with our collectibles guide.

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