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GTA II Overview

GTA II Overview

Grand Theft Auto II is the second installment of the fabled Grand Theft Auto games. It still retains the aesthetic and gameplay of the first game; however, Rockstar implemented a few improvements such as story-telling, gameplay, graphics, and a few QoL (Quality of life) improvements. Our GTA II overview will take a deeper look at …

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GTA I Overview

GTA I Overview

I consider Grand Theft Auto to be “The Father of Open-World Sandbox Games.” But before Grand Theft Auto became known for its immense amount of details and gorgeous worlds, the game started as a top-down view game with pixelated graphics. With that said, in this GTA I Overview, we’re going to look at the very …

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games like Gta IV

Games Like GTA IV

Since its release in 2008, GTA IV has sold over 25 million copies, making it one of the best-selling games of all time. Although these figures would be dwarfed by GTA V in later years, it can’t be understated how big GTA IV was at the time of its release. It set the stage for the eventual …

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