The Contract DLC Guide

The Contract DLC Guide: Featuring Dr. Dre

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15 December 2021 marked the arrival of one of my favorite DLC add-ons to GTA V Online. Yes, I’m talking about the Contract DLC featuring Dr. Dre himself. It also features the return of both Franklin and Lamar (and even Chop!!) from the main storyline as the management for F. Clinton & Partner, an agency for high-profile clients. The DLC introduces a respectable amount of new missions, vehicles, weapons, and even new music.

The DLC itself is free for all online players, so you do not have to worry about paying for it or finding it in some store; just download the required updates. The DLC featured in this The Contract DLC guide is an excellent blend of the Online and single-player story modes and provides a unique experience.

Getting Started

Buying the Agency

Hawick GTA

Once you log into the game, you will get a call from Lamar, who will tell you about his new business proposition. From here, you can open your phone and head to the Dynasty8 Executive website from where you can buy one of 4 properties as your Agency building. 

The agency buildings, unfortunately, are fairly expensive, and their prices are as follows:

Name Price
Hawick $2,830,000
Rockford Hills $2.415,000
Vespucci Canals $2,145,000
Little Seoul $2,010,000

The cheapest and recommended option is Little Seoul, as the other locations’ increased prices are for aesthetic purposes only. But, if you have the money to spare, go for anything you like. All these agencies have further top-up options in order to make them look nicer by paying money for design and renovation upgrades. These, however, are completely optional.

What’s not optional (speaking from personal experience) is adding the Armory, Accommodation, or Vehicle Workshop facilities to your Agency building. This is especially true if you plan on spending a lot of time on the Contract DLC. You can defer the purchase of these to a later time but do make sure to eventually get them. These will cost you an additional $1,795,000.

The Armory

The armory is located above your office in the Agency and costs $720,000. The armory functions as an AmmuNation and is also where you will be buying the new DLC weapons (I’ll talk about these later). You can also purchase equipment such as heist gear, night vision goggles, rebreathers, and even MK II upgrades. A gun locker is also provided for weapon customizations.


The accommodation quarters are located opposite the armory and cost $275,000. The main benefit it provides is serving as a spawn location and providing a cabinet to customize your clothing. This is useful as the DLC has marked the addition of :

  • Over 380 clothing items.
  • 28 Tattoos
  • A male hairstyle, a female hairstyle, and nine new Face Paints.

The interactive shower is also interesting as it lets you sing into your microphone to gain a bit of RP. There is also a radio and a Wizard’s Ruin arcade cabinet present.

Vehicle Workshop

The Vehicle Workshop is accessed by using the lifts or entering directly from outside. It costs $800,000 and provides you with storage space for 20 more vehicles. This DLC introduces a huge array of new vehicles, and this purchase comes with the new Enus Jubilee SUV.

The main benefit of this purchase is the new Imani Tech which allows access to the new DLC upgrades for Remote Control Units and Missile Lock on Jammers. These are particularly useful in dealing with griefers, and I’ll be talking about them shortly.

As usual, you can modify your vehicles from inside the garage and apply your preferred customizations.

General Agency Perks

You get a bunch of other smaller perks from owning an Agency. These include:

  • Free snacks from the kitchen
  • SUV services
  • Helicopter services
  • Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad Arcade
  • Order supply stashes ($5000)

The Story

Once you’ve purchased your Agency, head over to it, here, you will see a lengthy cutscene re-introducing you to Franklin and providing you with the necessary preamble to get you accustomed to the Agency and its workings.

You will then have to go to your office computer and pick a security contract to clear before you can progress with the story. You must register as VIP, CEO, or MC President in order to start accepting these missions. It is recommended that solo players go for the CEO position.

Types of Security Contracts

Contract Type Description
Asset Protection Go to the target location and defend assets under threat from enemies for 10 minutes.
Gang Termination Eliminate enemy gangs that threaten your client.
Rescue Operation Find and protect your client from hitmen targeting them.
Liquidize Assets Tail a mob vehicle and destroy the required assets after locating them.
Recover Vehicle Go to a location and defeat enemies to escape with the stolen vehicle.
Recover Valuables Similar to Vehicle Recovery and you may need to find a safe code.

These have fairly decent payouts of $40,000 per contract at professional difficulty.

VIP Contracts

These are the main story missions featuring Dr. Dre and will be unlocked once you successfully complete at least two security contracts. Another option is to fail two missions successively in order to skip the 5-minute cooldown.

These missions also involve a lot of combat scenarios, some of them featuring extremely deadly AI with accuracy that feels like cheating – be sure to stock up on snacks and armor! Many of these missions also involve a lot of sneaking, so a silenced weapon would be beneficial.

Mission: On Course

Meeting Dr. Dre

dr. dre GTA
Image from GTA Fandom

After completing a security contract, you will receive a call from Franklin talking about Dr. Dre as your potential new A-list client. Head over to his location marked on the map with an F in order to progress the story.

Dr. Dre will task you with tailing and intimidating two pesky golfers who mess with him. Tail them in golf carts and give them a beating to complete the mission and receive $50,000, some RP, and Dr. Dre’s gratitude (the most valuable of them all, in my opinion). 

Data Recovery

Franklin will call you back to the Agency, where you will be given a task by Imani (One of the new DLC characters), the agency hacker, to infiltrate the FIB building and steal some data. You may sneak in or go in guns blazing, but you must patiently defend a download terminal. With that in mind, make sure you don’t lack preparation!

The Leaks

Once you complete Data Recovery, you will find out about the leaks from your office computer. Dr. Dre’s phone has been stolen, and his music is being leaked – now, it’s your job to go around Los Santos and help him recover it.

The leak missions are the setup for the grand finale, and you will have to go through 3 sets of them.

  • Nightlife Leaks
  • High Society Leaks
  • South Central Leaks

Each of these will feature two preliminary investigations before the final mission, where you’re able to recover the required music samples.

This adds up to a grand total of nine missions before making the story progress.

Note: You will have a limited respawn count of 2 times to complete each mission successfully.

Mission: Nightlife Leaks

The Nightclub GTA
Image from GTA Fandom

The Nightclub

The first nightlife leak mission will have you attempt to enter a club and steal the tapes from the first floor. You will have the option of infiltrating using a janitor’s outfit or using the tried and true method of brute force. It’s your choice really.

The Marina

The second mission will have you grabbing a speedboat from the docks and speeding over to a yacht out in the ocean. You have to sneak aboard the yacht and take photos of the required evidence, which will be located on a round glass table in the upper cabin, a desk in the lower cabin, and the master bedroom.

You can use the helicopter on the deck to make a swift escape.

The Nightlife Leak

The culmination of the Nightlife series is in a casino where you have to chase down a promoter. Keep in mind this mission has a hard two respawn limit, so make sure to stock up on armor and lots of ammunition for the bodyguards.

In order to initiate the showdown, head over to the casino and mess with the promoter’s equipment, upon which he will run away, and a full-blown firefight will start out. Deal with the enemies and follow the promoter – once you locate him, steal his backpack and exit the building back to the Agency.

Mission: High Society Leak

The Country Club GTA
Image from GTA Fandom

The Country Club

Head over to the Pacific Bluffs Country Club under low profile and avoid getting spotted. Once you reach the marker, solve the hacking security panel minigame and enter the building. Once inside, approach the terminal and begin another hacking minigame – this time, you have to time your click to a rotating set of characters and get the right password.

Once done, you will be able to track a limousine heading towards a billionaire’s mansion. With this information acquired, make a swift escape.

Guest List

Head over to vinewood and enter a specific house. This house belongs to a lawyer who is your intended target. Avoid guards on your way around the place and keep weapons on the ready in case of the very likely firefight that is about to occur.

Once you locate your target, immobilize him, preferably with the new stun gun. Pick him up and load him into the trunk of your vehicle to be taken back to the Agency. This will let you steal his outfit and identity in order to infiltrate the upcoming party.

High Society Leak

The final job out of this set of missions is sneaking into the billionaire’s manor. Be prepared because this will be tough, especially with the scale of security..

Once you enter the manor and spot the DJ, you will be told to sabotage the party. You have to do this by going to the parking and ramming into other vehicles, detonating bombs, and causing havoc in general. Do this until you’re able to fill up the intimidation bar. Take your time and play it safe.

Once the bar fills up, the billionaire will get scared and run away in his helicopter. You have to pursue him and chase down the helicopter. It will be set down on a yacht off the shore. You will have to hop onto a jet ski and make your way on board. Fight through his small army of bodyguards and kill the billionaire in order to steal his phone.

The mission isn’t over yet, however. With the phone in your hand, you will be relentlessly pursued by helicopters and vehicles. These enemies will be extremely aggressive in their pursuit so give them the runaround by using alleyways and shortcuts. Do this until you can safely make it back to the agency building to complete the mission.

Mission: South Central Leak

South Central Leak GTA
Image from GTA Fandom


Head to a drug deal location and steal the van with the meth-making equipment. You will have to fight through a large number of drug dealers, so be careful. After acquiring the van, lay low in the alleyways to lose the heat and make your way safely to the drop-off location.

The Ballas

This mission has you participate in one of the biggest shootouts in the DLC as you interfere in the ongoing battle between two rival gangs with your own gang of friendly AI shooters.

Once you’ve dealt with them, walk around with Vernon to the required location and interrogate P for some information. Once this information has been acquired, leave the area however you like to complete it.

South Central Leak

This is the final mission in the leak mission series. This mission has you drive to an apartment complex with Vernon and P into yet another massive gang shootout. Deal with the enemies as necessary.

A yellow vehicle will escape the area with Dr. Dre’s music, and you have to give it chase. If you can’t catch the enemy during the chase, he will settle in an area nearby with additional backup. Take out the enemies here and take the vehicle.

Drive it back to the Agency in order to finish up the missions.

Mission: Studio Time

Studio Time GTA
Image from GTA Fandom

Once back in the Agency, you will be treated to a cutscene of Dr. Dre, Franklin, and Imani where it’s finally revealed that Johnny Guns, a rival musician, has stolen Dr. Dre’s car, along with his phone.

You will be asked to get Dr. Dre’s car back to him. When you exit the building, a firefight will break out with the attackers trying to kill Dr. Dre. Deal with the ones on the outside and then head inside to clean up the rest.

At the end of this mission, you get a really cool cutscene of Dr. Dre recording a track in his studio and chilling with the player character.

Mission: Don’t f**k with Dr. Dre

The final mission has you track down Johnny Guns for Dr. Dre. He’ll be hanging around with his gang, which you have to deal with. By the time you deal with his goons, he will have fled to Los Santos International Airport trying to escape. Chase him down to an aircraft hangar.

You will be facing many enemies on this mission, all equipped with dangerous weaponry. It’s suggested that you approach this fight in a slow and steady manner, as the AI is quite unforgiving.

Once you’ve cleared out the henchmen, shoot Johnny off of his platform. He’ll fall to the ground and be at your mercy. A cutscene will play out where we see Dr. Dre finally getting retribution for the theft and personally dealing with Johnny.

dont f--k with dr dre GTA
Image from GTA Fandom

At the end of it all, you’ll be awarded $1,000,000 from this mission alone for all your efforts, as well as Dr. Dre’s respect. You also get to experience Dre’s latest track as you drive him back to the golf club.

Dre will then leave Los Santos aboard his helicopter after thanking you, and that will be the end of the contract DLC’s story missions. Congratulations!

Additional Content

Payphone Hits

The DLC also introduces the addition of payphone hits. These are assassination contracts on specific VIP targets you unlock after doing enough security missions. You’re given a recommended manner of assassination and a 15-minute time limit to carry the job out – exciting, isn’t it?

You will receive a bonus on top of the flat contract fee for carrying the deed out in the prescribed manner. However, you may deal with these hits however you find fun. Although, failing the bonus condition will result in a 3-star wanted level.

Successfully carrying out the mission following the bonus guidelines will result in $15,000 plus $70,000 extra.

You can access these contracts through random encounters at payphones or by calling Franklin and requesting them. There is a 20-minute cooldown before each hit.

payphone hits GTA
Image from GTA Fandom

There are eight different payphone hits available.


The Contract DLC introduces three new weapons as follows:

Stun Gun

The stun gun costs you $341,250 and is an exciting but ultimately impractical weapon. It provides you with the long-awaited ability to incapacitate both players and NPC characters around you.

However, the stun duration is fairly short, and I assume the recharge time has been extended for balancing reasons. The range is also quite low, so it’s hard to consistently land hits with.

That being said, you could still use it to mess around with friends. Alternatively, you can gang up with your friends onto a single target for a permanent stun they cannot recover from. The incapacitation can lead to some very funny ragdoll moments in co-op.

EMP launcher

Probably the most disappointing weapon from the update, the EMP launcher costs $397,500 from your Agency armory.

It functions similarly to the grenade launcher with a bounceable projectile that launches itself in an arc and detonates with a delay. However, unlike the grenade launcher, the EMP launcher detonates an EMP that can disable vehicles for 5 seconds.

This time duration is too short to be practical or useful. This is coupled with the fact that these grenades are extremely difficult to land on moving targets at high speeds; you can see how this weapon fails to fulfill the purpose it was made for.

Vom Feur Heavy Rifle

The heavy rifle is probably the only practical weapon out of the new DLC. Coming at a base cost of $409,500, it comes with 30 rounds per clip and an average damage stat.

Its stats are comparable to the advanced rifle, but it opts for slightly greater damage in return for a lower rate of fire. However, the gun can be drastically improved with investment into upgrades, but even then, it won’t be replacing any of the best weapons. It is a perfectly average and serviceable rifle.

Amani Tech

The Amani tech is one of the best additions in this DLC pack and provides us with some new and unique additions to car upgrades.

The three Imani Tech upgrades available are:

Missile Lock-On Jammer

This upgrade costs around $400,000 and blocks other players from being able to lock on to your vehicle with missiles from aircraft or RPGs. Perfect for dealing with griefers who like to troll players with good vehicles.

Remote Control Unit

Coming in at $235,000 is one of the most fun upgrades that allow you to control your vehicle remotely. Pair this with heavy armor and turrets, and you’ll be able to deal with any hostile players from a safe distance.

Out of Sight Service

A simple $12,000 upgrade hides you from other players within a 500m radius. Perfect for losing track of griefers yet again.

These upgrades provide quality of life improvements to the GTA Online driving experience. It’s only a shame that they can only be applied to a select few vehicles.


Question: Do I have to purchase the Contract DLC?

Answer: No, the contract DLC is a free-to-play DLC that will be automatically downloaded as part of an update.

Question: How do I start the Contract DLC?

Answer: Players will first need to purchase a Celebrity Solutions Agency from the Dynasty 8 real-estate company. This should cost you between $2,010,000 – $2,830,000.

Question: How do I unlock Amani Tech?

Answer: Along with your purchase of a Celebrity Solutions Agency, you will have to pay an extra $800,000 to unlock the Agency’s Vehicles Workshop, which unlocks Amani Tech for certain vehicles.


I hope you found this guide useful regarding the primary contents of the Contract DLC from GTA Online.

Whether you deal with it co-op or solo, the Contract DLC is quality content that rockstar released for us and features many brand new content and quality of life changes. It’s great to see the company still committed to putting effort in for the player base like this, and I look forward to playing and covering even more content from them.

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