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Devin Weston Guide

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Devin Weston the name speaks for itself if you’ve played through the entirety of the GTA V Singleplayer storyline. Devin Weston is a GTA V Character that is one of the antagonists of the game, and it all comes down to the choices and actions you make that decide his fate or if he decides your fate. Spooky! Devin Weston is a really powerful character in the GTA V Universe, but what makes him so powerful? He has a ton of money, assets, shares, and even holdings in a private militia.

Moreover, he has connections with the FIB and people across the state of San Andreas and beyond; but that’s all just the tip of the iceberg. What and who exactly is Devin Weston, and what role does he play in the Grand Theft Auto V? You can find out all about it in today’s Devin Weston Guide.

Devin Weston Overview

Devin Weston is your typical Caucasian guy, except that he’s a billionaire who grew up being a yuppie. You’ll notice that in the story, he goes by many names such as Devo, Slick, DW, and The Weekend Interrogator. He was born in 1962 and died in 2013 at the age of 51 according to the Canon ending.


Devin Weston
Image From GTA Fandom

Being American in nationality, Devin Weston is a giant, standing at around 6 feet and 2 inches. With brown eyes and a clean-shaven face, the man’s age becomes quite evident from his hair – once black but now slowly greying.

He likes to wear your average yuppie clothes, namely a polo shirt with some formal pants and loafers, although he can occasionally be seen wearing some bright gym wear or activewear. 


It’s not often you see a man who is a billionaire, a venture capitalist, and an investor that holds a bit of ownership in a wide range of companies. While Rockstar hasn’t shed much light on his background, one can only guess that his life was set from the get-go. 

Devin Weston most likely had a rich upbringing with a snobbish lifestyle. He got into an Ivy League school with his parent’s cushy money and probably made connections to get where he is today.


Banner Hotel and Spa
Image From GTA Fandom

Devin owns a few hotel franchises, such as the Banner Hotel and Spa, and has investments in Patriot Beer and Nogo Vodka. Yet, the thing that trumps all of those investments is his major shares in the private security firm Merryweather Security. The security firm acts to provide muscle, aid, and protection to corporations and individuals with criminal interests. But it just doesn’t end there.

The tycoon also has connections with law enforcement agencies such as the FIB agent Steve Haines. Another interesting event that went unnoticed is that he could arrange for a few police officers to attend to his lawyer, Molly Schultz. Maybe he paid a few officers off.


Egotistical and Arrogant

Arrogant Devin

It’s pretty apparent that Weston is egotistical and pompous. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s a straight-up narcissist that uses money and power to get whatever he wants or whoever he wants dead. He tries to act pompous and charismatic but to be honest, I never saw any charm in him, and I’m sure you didn’t either.

 Devin has quite a temperament, probably because his bank account has inflated his ego to the point where he says whatever comes to his head without hesitation. He does try to act a bit over the top, and I won’t deny that he is indeed a prominent character with some depth to himself. 

Sexual Deviance

Devin is obnoxious like a little child who goes far to make sure everyone understands that he is far wealthier than they ever could be. One could say that such behavior hints toward some sort of insecurities that he wants to cover up with his wealth. The man himself admits in one of his dialogues that his money allows him to do whatever he wants in the world.

What’s more, is that the man’s so wealthy that he doesn’t feel shackled by the metaphysical concept of dignity. With that said, it’s not exactly surprising to see that he’s somewhat of a sexual deviant who likes to brag about his adventures and sex life on his website. You can check it out for yourself by heading over to his Life Invader page. 

Snobbish and Mean

The man oozes of sadism, which, coupled with his cynical sense of nature encapsulates his outlook on life. In other words, he enjoys making jokes at the expense of other people’s insecurities or misfortune. As such, you’d hardly find someone who likes him – his associates and acquaintances despise him too, let’s not forget.

You know he’s not a rather likable person when he pops up on your screen, and you go, “Not this Douchebag again!” Throughout the entirety of the GTA V Singleplayer, all three of the protagonists have agreed at one point or another that Devin Weston is indeed a douchebag, and we couldn’t have put it any better. 

Devin is quite overbearing, partially because he has the propensity to show off all the time. It’s somewhat irritating, but it gets worse when starts pretending to be friends with the protagonists even though he resents them and tries to undermine them in their presence.



According to what Trevor has to say, Devin Weston fancies himself a liberal and pursues liberal women. He tries to practice many of the upper-class liberal activities such as going out to do lots of yoga, going on jogs, wearing activewear all the time, and drinking obnoxiously overpriced lattes.

You might think that Devin is, in reality, like this, but it’s made clear during the game that it’s a ruse. He uses these activities to create a fake and positive public image of himself.

Healthy Lifestyle

It seems like Devin Weston is mostly going through a phase during the Storyline of GTA V because, despite all his problematic tendencies, he leads a fairly healthy lifestyle. How does one reconcile the two extremes? Well, I believe the man is most likely going through a midlife crisis – he’s 51 years old, after all.

Devin tries to present himself as a person who lives a healthy and active lifestyle, the sort that goes on daily jogs, meditate to clear their mind, and frequently practices yoga. If you head on over to his Life Invader page, you’ll get to see him in his Namaste Yoga Pose. Although, if you look closely at this picture, it becomes obvious that he’s passively-aggressively making them pose and looking down upon the viewer of the page. 


The only person that genuinely likes Devin Weston is Molly, but he can’t do good for her because of his apathetic nature. He brushes her off and treats her with absolute disdain. He even puts labels on her and calls her highly strung.

Fast forward to when Molly dies, Devin initially appears to be angered by her death, but it’s not about Molly at all. Devin Weston didn’t give a single damn about Molly’s life. He only cared about the fact that the situation made him look like a fool because of Michael.

Contradictory Ideals

Image From GTA Fandom

Lester went on to discover that this pseudo-liberal Devin Weston owned 11 percent of Merryweather stock and stated that this would look pretty good in the eyes of the media for his public image. Lester scoffs at the fact that a rich pseudo-liberal pansy trying to make himself look good is actually the owner of a cut-throat private mercenary group.

More on his Life Invade Page, we get to see that Devin Weston states that he bears the ideas of a Libertarian. He says, “Vote Conservative, Live Liberal.” He goes on to claim that he’s a Darwinist which is a direct contradiction to his peace-loving, liberal image. I seriously don’t know how this guy made it this far, but from the looks of it, everyone can make it in life if Devin Weston can.

Nick-Naming Tendency

Devin has a pretty weird habit of giving the protagonists nicknames. He mostly calls them slick, which although seems friendly at first, is sometimes used to belittle them. Yet, of course, It all depends entirely upon the scenario or the context of the conversation. 

GTA V Singleplayer Events

Dirty Work

Steve Haines, the agent over at the FIB, wants Trevor and Michael to do some dirty work for him, and they reluctantly have to follow orders to get off the hook. Steve Haines allows Michael and Trevor to meet up with, you guessed it, Devin Weston in the Mission By the Book.

The purpose of the task is to brutally torture Ferdinand Kerimov, a home theatre technician that gets caught in the midst of a power war between the IAA and the FIB. However, since this is only the protagonists’ first time meeting Devin, they aren’t formally introduced to each other yet.

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Meeting Devin Weston

Meeting Devin
Image From GTA Fandom

After the mission, Devin Weston recognizes their capabilities and offers Michael, Trevor, and Franklin several new business opportunities to further their success. For instance, Devin offers Michael something he always wanted: the opportunity to make a movie with a Vinewood celebrity, a movie producer by the name of Solomon Richards.

Franklin and Trevor, on the other hand, are handed out some dirty work, such as stealing Five Luxury cars that he can sell to the officials over at the Chinese Government. This GTA V Mission seems similar to the one in GTA IV, where Luis has to steal three supercars with Brucie and Mori.

The Trio is Scammed

Franklin and Trevor need an extra pair of hands, and who is better at stealing cars than Franklin’s old friend, Lamar Davis. Together with Lamar, the trio manages to successfully acquire the five cars and drop them off at Weston’s garages. However, when the time comes for Devin to deliver on his end of the bargain, his douchebag side begins to show.

In short, he backs out of the payment and tells the trio that he’s going to hold onto the money for them by investing it in his own company so they can acquire shares. This is the first time the trio gets scammed, as Devin is soon to cause more trouble!

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Putting an End to Meltdown

Sometime later, Devin pulls another asshole move by trying to put an end to the development of the movie that Michael and Solomon Richards are working on. He wanted to rip off Michael and Solomon by trying to cash out on an insurance claim on the studio since it had reached its peak value at the time.

He didn’t have anything against the movie – it’s just that the insurance policy required the movie to not be complete. That makes no sense but alright? Molly Schultz, his lawyer, takes the movie script and stashes it until Devin decides to destroy it. Of course, Michael is not one bit okay with this.

Molly Dies

Molly Dies
Image From GTA Fandom

Michael is extremely discontent and bolts his way toward the airport to catch up to Molly. Molly is no fighter and is scared out of her wits when she sees Michael coming after her. She tries to run away but ends up getting sucked up in an airplane engine. She’s ground up to nothing – a rather disturbing way to go for a person who was just following their boss’s orders.

Devin Wants Revenge

Devin seems enraged with Molly’s death but turns out that he was mad because Micheal made a fool of him in that situation. As such, he doesn’t pull any punches on Michael and sends a squad of Merryweather soldiers to kill not only Michael but his wife and daughter too. Micheal, on the other hand, is quite oblivious to the approaching squad.

Instead, at the time, he’s on his way to the premiere of his movie, Meltdown, with his son, Jimmy. Upon his arrival and meeting Devin on the red carpet of the premiere, the villain informs Michael of his plans, adding that while he can’t kill Micheal at the premiere, Micheal’s family is not so fortunate. Realizing that his family’s in danger, Michael rushes back home and arrives right on time to save Amanda and his daughter Tracey.

Multiple Endings

Players get access to three endings, but only one of the endings is Canon. It’s up to the player to decide how the story ends. You could end up killing Trevor or Michael or end up killing Steve Haines and Devin Weston, but the latter is preferable.

Ending B: The Time’s Come

To be fair, this alternate ending is not canon to the storyline of GTA V and GTA Online. Devin Weston puts Franklin in a tough situation by manipulating and pressuring him into killing Michael. 

Franklin wants to talk

 Ending B: The Time's Come

Franklin calls Michael to an oil refinery on the outskirts of Los Santos to talk. Upon arriving, Michael figures out it’s a setup and tries to flee. The situation escalates quickly and Micheal ends up falling from the rails – but before he could fall to his death, Franklin grabs his arm.

Franklin regrets all that he has done and tries to make amends, hoping to pull Micheal up to safety. Unfortunately, before their conversation could reach any desirable results, Micheal slips out of Franklin’s hands and falls to his death.

The Deed is Done

Franklin informs Devin Weston that he’s done the deed and asks him not to come after him for refusing to put down Trevor. Devin informs Franklin of the fact that he’s already talked to heads over at the FIB, and the situation has been handled.

Franklin is out of work and asks him for a job, but he mocks him and tells Franklin that he’s of no further use to him. “Go to business school because clown school ain’t worked out so good.”

Ending A: Something Sensible

Franklin and Michael Kill Trevor

Franklin and Michael Kill Trevor

Again, this ending is NOT CANON. If you listen to Steve Haines, you get to chase down Trevor and kill him with Michael’s assistance. Trevor dies a horrible death with a bullet to the head and is burned alive in gasoline.

Steve Haines tells Franklin that he’s persuaded Devin Weston to get off of Michael’s back, who’s also not so powerful anymore due to the fact that Merryweather lost its license to operate in the United States. Lastly, having nothing more to say, Haines walks away, telling Frankling to never contact him again.

Ending C: The Third Way

Ending C is the true ending to the GTA V storyline, and this is further confirmed in the later Diamond Casino Heist.

The Ambush at the Foundry

Franklin decides to contact Lester to figure out a plan. Lester has no plan and suggests that the only way out of this mess is to put a cap on Trevor and Michael. Keeping this core objective in mind, he swiftly drafts a plan and puts it into action.

He decides to lure all the rogue FIB agents and Devin Weston’s Private Militia to a melting site where the gold they stole is being melted. After doing so, the three protagonists get together and ambush them, ultimately putting an end to the brute power and force that Haines and Devin Weston possessed. 

Taking out the Antagonists

Now, it’s time to put Steve and Devin Weston out of the picture. You first have to kill Steve Haines, who’s giving an interview. Then you put down Wei Cheng, who’s with the Chinese Mafia, and Stretch with the Ballas. After that, all that’s left is Devin Weston.

Devin Weston’s Turn

Devis' turn

Trevor takes out his security guards one by one, to the point that Devin is left defenseless, frightful of his life. Desperate and scared, Devin decides to hide in a small basket but of course, Trevor finds him and knocks him out.

Trevor stuffs Devin into the back of his Tornado, and they have a short little chit-chat along the way. Devin has lost all power and influence, and frankly, Trevor is a psychopath who doesn’t care for power and influence. 

A Befitting End

Trevor finally drives him up to the edge of the sea over at Blaine County, where he reunites with the remaining protagonists. The three are pretty tired, but they seem satisfied that they all came out of the situation alive. The three gloat about their obvious victory as Devin Weston is cowering in fear.

The protagonists push the car off into the sea, and the vehicle smashes into several boulders till it finally hits the shallow waters. The characters look at the beat car for a bit till it explodes into smithereens. A befitting end for Devin Weston. He deserved it all.


Question: Is Devin Weston a good guy?

Answer: Devin Weston is practically horrible. He doesn’t honor his deals and makes sure to weasel out people of their money. In essence, he’s a bratty child in a man’s body who never grew up.

Question: How did Devin Weston Die?

Answer: In the Canon Ending, Devin Weston is abducted by Trevor and pushed off the edge of the sea in Blaine County by the three protagonists. The car crashed into the shallow waters and exploded, a befitting end for Devin Weston.

Question: How rich is Devin Weston?

Answer: Devin Weston’s personal website claims that he has a net worth of over 12 billion dollars, though it might be an exaggeration, much like the size of his penis.


And that’s pretty much it for the Devin Weston guide. An Ozymandias in his own league that crumbles at the hands of Karma. He’s all sorts of evil and nasty and gets exactly what’s coming to him. To make things better, everyone celebrates his death, and he’s not remembered by one character in the GTA V storyline.

We’ve got lots of new guides upcoming for you guys, so make sure to check out Grand Theft Fans because we’re pumping out content like never before. If you liked this Guide, make sure to check out our other guides as well. See you later!

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