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As is the case with every title, Rockstar introduced a roster of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V. Players enjoyed access to a huge catalog of cars ranging from sedans, SUVs, trucks, and even exotic cars, including those that are exclusive to the GTA V Universe. But let’s be honest – content, including in-game cosmetics, items, and cars, get stale over time if not refreshed with a new update.

That’s exactly why Rockstar unlocked a new world of possibilities with GTA Online, a platform that caters to roughly 100,000 active players daily. GTA Online receives regular content updates that add awesome vehicles, events, and DLC content to keep you guys hooked to your TV screens. One such car that really stood out at the time of its release was the Dinka Sugoi.

So what’s the Sugoi all about, and what does it achieve that leaves other cars in the dust. Let’s head right into today’s Dinka Sugoi Guide and find out!

Dinka Sugoi Overview

Release of the Sugoi

Dinka Sugoi Overview

The Dinka Sugoi is a five-door hatchback. Although it has the looks of a sedan from the front – take a peek at the rear and see for yourself! Anyhow, it was initially launched in GTA Online as downloadable bonus content for the Diamond Casino Heist update and was later made fully accessible in February of 2020 during the Valentine’s Day Event.

The Dinka Sugoi was supposed to be incorporated as a mission-only vehicle that players could take advantage of in the Casino Heist. More specifically, the car was intended to be used as the main getaway vehicle that the players would use to bolt out of a successful heist. But, of course, this meant that players couldn’t access the car otherwise, which was a major upset at the time.

Fans asked for the Sugoi even though they didn’t need the vehicle, let’s be frank. However, Rockstar eventually gave in to their fans’ incessant requests and made the car fully accessible during the Valentine’s Day Event.


The Dinka Sugoi looks pretty familiar, doesn’t it? It seems like a JDM car, and if you thought so too, you’re dead on the mark. The Dinka Sugoi has been based on the critically acclaimed Honda Civic Type R FK8. Some of you love the car, while others hate it because of the ricers blowing up their neighborhoods with their modded Civics. Let us get a good night’s rest for once!

Regardless, Rockstar added some more spice to the car by adding some inspiration from the 4th Generation Subaru WRX STI and the 2nd Generation Chevrolet Volt. The design similarity of the Subaru can be seen from the front bumper, the bonnet, and the side angle of the vehicle, while the tail lights seem to be the only thing taken from the Chevrolet.


The Sugoi stands out for its aggressive look and sporty design in a number of ways. First, the car features a splitter towards the bottom, bearing small fins towards the vehicle’s outer edges. Furthermore, we also see a mesh intake above, while the intakes towards the outer side have horizontal separations between them.

As far as branding goes, the manufacturers have gone out of their way to show you that this is, in fact, a Dinka sportscar. On top of the Dinka Emblem, which rests in the center of the mesh plating, the headlamps of the car, as well as the grilles, bear a striking similarity to another car. The sportscar, made by Dinka in the HD Universe, goes by the name Jester – but that’s for another guide.

Exterior View

Moving to the sides of the car, they feature concavities that run into the lower sides of a pair of black skirts. These skirts have some color grading across the length of the component and mini fins towards the rearmost portions of the vehicle. This detailing continues to the vertical exit vents that rest next to the front doors.

On the other hand, the arches of the wheels are pretty wide, with a bit of flatness around the wheel. Particularly, the rear arches seem to protrude out a bit more from the rest of the vehicle. Besides that, the cabin of the vehicle comes with black trim on the windows.

The pillars on the inside and the colored mirror wings are fixed towards the A-pillars, which have some distinct dark details on them. The roof of the vehicle accommodates what appears to be a vortex generator and another two lines that separate the roof from the rest of the vehicle.

Interior View

The car’s interior is taken from the Jugular, derived from another vehicle, and used in cars like the Nero, The Revolter, and the XA-21. The car’s rear seats are pretty identical to other vehicles like the Schafter, the Super Diamond, and the Tailgater.

It bears the same robust dashboard as the Jugular. The dials on the Dinka Sugoi are honed from the Jugular as well. Likewise, the air vents and the center console are pretty similar as well with the exception of the emblem on the steering wheel


The body of the car and the interior stitching are painted in accordance with the primary color. For the secondary color, you get to paint the vehicle’s side skirts. Other than that, if you want to take things up a notch, you can also get an optional trim color for the interior that is exclusively available for the dashboard of the vehicle, the parts of the doors, the seats, and the horn.

Rims and Wheels

The rims are pretty snazzy as they use some awesome ten-spoke rims featuring some circular details in the middle of the wheel. The car is wrapped in some sleek, low-profile tires, which, to be honest, gives it a decent overall look. You can also paint these rims a dedicated color of their own, albeit ones you obtain from Content Creator or Lucky Wheel can only be found with black rims for some reason.


Although the Sugoi has a decent top speed and some top-notch acceleration, It’s basically outmatched by other vehicles in terms of handling and tackling those nasty corners. For starters, the wheels spin a fair amount before it launches, and even when the car is up and running, it tends to fishtail while making high-velocity turns, affecting overall handling.

As such, I’d recommend relying on the brakes or the handbrake to pull those turns off instead of gambling on its FWD system. Besides that, the car has a top speed of around 97 miles per hour which isn’t all that impressive for a sports car that weighs 3042 pounds.

Braking and Durability

When it comes down to the durability aspect of the vehicle, it’s mediocre at best. The car could take a beating but not enough to justify using it for getaways in high-stakes missions like the Diamond Casino Heist. I had high expectations for this one, but it really disappointed me through and through.

Other than that, the Dinka Sugoi has a decent top speed, but the brakes could have been improved with an update. It’s sad to see that you can expect to reach almost 100 miles per hour on the Sugoi, but the brakes don’t work well, so expect to crash into obstacles or oncoming traffic.

We recommend that you get some brake upgrades and rely on the Dinka Sugoi’s handling at relatively lower speeds. Otherwise, it’s a great car!

Where to Get The Dinka Sugoi

Buy It Right Away

You can get the Dinka Sugoi for around 1,224,000 dollars from the Southern San Andreas Super Auto that’s available in GTA Online. The websites got a neat little description for the Sugoi, which says:

“The Dinka Sugoi has as much finish and flash as the elaborate mating ritual of a bird of paradise. Just paint it bright, beam the lights, and powerslide your way around town to lure the admiration and friendship that you alone could not.”

Diamond Casino Heist

After using the Sugoi for the getaway sequence, you can get it for a lesser price tag after completing the Diamond Casino Heist as the Heist Leader.

If you employ Talia Martinez as the getaway driver for the Diamond Casino Heist, she’ll ask you to acquire or steal two Sugoi’s. There are two already modified variants of the Dinka Sugoi that you can opt for as getaway vehicles when you’re doing the Diamond Casino Heist. The driver Taliana Martinez randomly assigns one of the Dinka Sugoi to the player.

Where to Get The Dinka Sugoi
Image from GTA Wiki Fandom


The Dinka Sugoi is a great JDM-inspired sports car, but it is expensive at over a million dollars. If you wish there were some better alternatives to the Dinka Sugoi, you’re in luck because we’ve got a few cars for you that you’d love to take a look at. Heck, you might even forget about the Dinka Sugoi altogether.

Elegy RH8

Elegy RH8

The Elegy RH8 looks like a small, unimpressive coupe with some stylized pieces attached to it at first glance, but looks can be deceiving. This car has a lot of horsepower under its hood and can reach some neat top speeds if you’re willing to look into one. You can get it for free; all you have to do is link your Rockstar Social Club account.

The Elegy RH8 draws most of its inspiration from the sought and famous Nissan GTR R35. You’d be surprised to know that it handles really well and can easily make those nasty sharp turns that are hard to get just right. It’s got a ton of acceleration to exploit, especially during some drag races, so don’t underestimate the power or the Elegy.

The Elegy also has tons of customization options over at the Los Santos Customs shop, so you can tune and mod it to your heart’s content. It’s like a literal replica of its real-life counterpart and is similarly an all-rounder in every category that can take any supercar head-on.

Dinka Jester Classic

Dinka Jester Classic

Many JDM enthusiasts exactly know what the Dinka Jester Classic is a reference to. It’s a tribute to the infamous Toyota Supra Mark 4. Nobody expected this release for GTA Online as it was part of the After Hours Update.

You can get one just to be a proud owner of a Supra replica, or you can pick it up to modify it to infinity. You’d be surprised to know that the Dinka Jester Classic has a plethora of modifications available over at Los Santos Customs, so head on over there and make your Jester Classic the supreme JDM Ricer that it rightfully should be.

If I have any concerns over the Dinka Jester Classic, it’s that the car has a shallow top speed in contrast to many of the JDM cars available in the game. Other than that, the car handles well, makes those turns and drifts quite fun, and is worth the time to take out for a spin.

Calico GTF

Calico GTF

The Calico GTF looks pretty familiar, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re a veteran car fan like me, you’ll know that it is modeled after a Sixth Generation Toyota Celica.

The car features an all-wheel drivis powered by an inline six-cylinder setup thly goes a long way in getting it to those high-velocity numbers. It’s an absolute beast by all means, especially in the acceleration category. That’s not all, though. The car manages to corner those tight turns pretty well and makes for a great handling experience through and through.

Sultan RS

Sultan RS

The Karin Sultan RS is by far the oldest car in GTA V and throughout the entire series. We’ve got to see the Karin Sultan in multiple GTA games, and because of its great stats, fans kept asking for a reiteration of the car in every GTA game.

The RS edition of the Sultan is a modified version of the original Sultan. Due to its rich history in the franchise, it’s only natural to see that it is the most customizable car that’s available in the game. Take a trip over to the Las Santos Customs if you don’t believe me!

The car is practically a beast with all the horsepower it carries under its hood. It can basically accelerate to its top speed in no time. Although its top speed isn’t that great, it’s still quite respectable considering what the Sultan RS has to offer.

Futo GTX

Futo GTX

Okay, this was bound to come up sooner or later. The FUTO GTX was a well-needed addition considering the amount of focus Rockstar was putting into JDM cars in GTA Online. It was the car people had been asking for a long time, and Rockstar finally delivered.

The Futo GTX, modeled after the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 is highly adored by the JDM community and anime community. The AE86 gained popularity due to the success of the anime Initial D where Takumi Fujiwara would race down Mount Akina in his mysterious AE86 just to deliver tofu on time.

The Futo GTX, much like its real-life counterpart, lacks a lot when it comes to top speed, but due to its awesome drivetrain, it handles and drifts like an absolute beast on the tightest corners, just like in the anime!

Upgrades at Los Santos Customs

You can get a ton of modifications and upgrades for the Dinka Sugoi. Just head on over to Los Santos Customs to deck out your Sugoi to your heart’s content.


You can get tons of armor upgrades for the Dinka Sugoi, considering its durability is not all that impressive. A few levels of armor upgrades will surely do the trick to make your Sugoi pretty robust. Now, you can crash your Dinka Sugoi without having to worry about buffing those dents out all the time!

Upgrades Cost
No Armor $1,000
Armor Upgrade 20% $7,500
Armor Upgrade 40% $12,000
Armor Upgrade 60% $20,000
Armor Upgrade 80% $35,000
Armor Upgrade 100% $50,000


The Brakes of the vehicle aren’t that bad, but they aren’t all that noteworthy either, so it would be pretty wise to invest in some great brakes over at Los Santos Customs. With the right brake upgrades, you can easily slow your car down to a halt and significantly reduce the number of daily collisions it has to bear.

Upgrades Cost
Stock Brakes $1,000
Street Brakes $20,000
Sports Brakes $27,000
Race Brakes $35,000

Body Modifications

You’re not satisfied with the way your Sugoi looks. Sure, you buy a shiny new Dinka Sugoi, and you enjoy it for a while. You take some pictures with it as it stands all snazzy and exquisite on the asphalt, but it gets redundant eventually.

Fortunately, it’s easier to make millions in GTA Online than it is in real life. So, spending money to mod your JDM car in GTA is a breeze, albeit expensive.


Bumpers add a bit of oomph to cars; they make them look tougher and stronger, but in actuality, they’re just cosmetic upgrades and won’t save your car from exploding. However, if you get tired of your stock Sugoi, then give it a makeover, and one of the ways you can do this is by modifying the bumper.

Upgrades Cost
Stock Front Diffuser $2,200
Stock Bumper With Cannards $4,600
Racer Diffuser $7,400
Racer Diffuser with Cannards $11,700
Sweep Diffuser $14,500
Carbon Sweep Diffuser $14,700
Primary Sweep Diffuser $14,900
Arc Diffuser $15,100
Arc Diffuser with Carbon $15,300
Primary Arc Race Diffuser $15,500
GT Diffuser $15,700
Carbon GT Diffuser $15,900
Primary GT Diffuser with Cannards $16,100
Downforce Carbon Diffuser $16,500

Rear Diffusers

So, rear diffusers just look like cool cosmetic additions to the back of the vehicle, but there’s a lot more to them than just that. Rear diffusers help improve the vehicle’s overall dynamic capabilities, ensuring that air flows properly through the floor of the Sugoi.

There’s an enhancement of the transition between high-velocity airflow under the car and the ambient airflow around the vehicle. Food for thought!

Upgrades Cost
Stock Race Diffuser $2,200
Race Diffuser $4,600
Performance Diffuser $7,400
Sweeper Diffuser $11,700
GT Diffuser $14,500
Speed Diffuser $14,700
Turbo Diffuser $14,900


The car’s got a lot of horsepowers, and its speed is top-notch too! You’d be crazy to want any more EMS Upgrades for this vehicle. But if you’re hungry for speed and power, then be my guest. Go for it.

Upgrades Cost
Level 1 EMS $9,000
Level 2 EMS $12,500
Level 3 EMS $18,000
Level 4 EMS $33,500


I won’t recommend you look into exhausts all that much since you can barely see them while driving or even on foot, but if you’re a fan of little details, I won’t stop you.

Upgrades Cost
Stock Exhaust $260
Round Exhaust $750
Oval Exhaust $1,800
Round Cluster Exhaust $3,000
Sports Exhaust $9,550
Split Exhaust $9,750
Angled Square Exhaust $12,000


Are you a fan of the Una-bomber? Looking to blow up some pedestrians, or are those pesky griefers getting on your nerves. Heck, are you a griefer? Los Santos Customs doesn’t judge or care that you have a criminal record.

Upgrade Cost
Ignition Bombs $5,000
Remote Bomb $7,500


It wouldn’t be a GTA Online JDM Event without some cool liveries on your car’s body. Fortunately, the Dinka Sugoi has got lots of custom livery options for you to explore.

Livery Cost
Remove Livery $11,400
Red Stripes $18,240
Checker Stripes $19,380
Sugoi Stripes $20,250
The Wave $21,660
Racer 23 $22,800
Racer 29 $23,370
Racer 99 $23,939
Jackal Racing $24,510
Wasabi Kitty $25,080
Red Warrior $25,650

Side Skirts

Now, let’s take a look at a few side skirts. Again these don’t help with performance in any way whatsoever, nor do they stick out enough to be considered a worthy investment, but I won’t judge any personal preferences.

Upgrades Cost
Stock Skirts $2,500
Carbon Fiber Skirts $5,500
Street Skirts $8,000
Carbon Street Skirts $10,500
Racer Skirt $14,000
Carbon Racer Skirts $14,500
Jet Skirt $15,000
Carbon Jet Skirt $15,500
Rally Skirt $16,500


If you’re a fan of spoilers, then you’ll be pretty happy to know that Los Santos Customs has got in store for you a wide range of spoilers to choose from.

Upgrades Cost
None $6,000
Fin Tail Spoiler $7,050
Racer Tail Spoiler $10,000
Primary Street Spoiler $13,000
Secondary Street Spoiler $14,000
Carbon Street Spoiler $16,000
Carbon Arrow Spoiler $16,500
Carbon Arrow Spoiler w Modifications $17,000
GT Spoiler $17,500
Carbon Track Spoiler $18,000
Track MK2 Spoiler $18,500
Carbon Drag Spoiler $19,000
Secondary Drag Spoiler $19,500
Sports Spoiler $20,000
Sprint Spoiler $20,500


You can equip a wide variety of suspensions to your car depending upon the surface you’re driving on. If you’re driving on asphalt, smooth ground, or a race track, then you can opt for a more rigid suspension that ensures a smooth drive.

If you aim to take your car off the road on some mud and get it all dirty, then you could go for a softer suspension but trust me, The Dinka Sugoi isn’t a car that’s meant to be driven on dirt tracks. So, if you’re desperate, go ahead!

Upgrades Cost
Stock Suspension $200
Lower Suspension $1,000
Street Suspension $2,000
Sports Suspension $3,400
Competition Suspension $4,400
Race Suspension $4,600


Transmission enables the gears to change either fast or slow in order to speed up the car or slow it down within a specific time frame. So, if you upgrade your transmission, the car will shift gears faster, enabling you to accelerate faster than usual.

Upgrades Cost
Stock Transmission $1,000
Street Transmission $29,500
Sports Transmission $32,500
Race Transmission $40,000


Turbo means fast, right? Well, yes, but see, what happens is that the compressed air delivered to the engine is increased in turbo tuning, and that enables the car to go faster than usual. In other words, it enables the car to unlock a lot of horsepowers.

Upgrade Cost
None $5,000
Turbo Tuning $50,000

Window Tint

Window tints are pretty much cosmetic; you can’t even notice them and will probably forget about them as soon as you equip the mod. You can select four tints for your windows.

Upgrades Cost
None $500
Light Smoke Tint $1,500
Dark Smoke Tint $3,500
Limo Tint $5,000


Question: How Much is the Dinka Sugoi, and Where can I get it?

Answer: The Dinka Sugoi can be purchased from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos for 1,224,000 dollars, or you can purchase it for a lower price of 918,000 dollars if you complete the Diamond Casino Heist.

Question: Is the Dinka Sugoi Worth it?

Answer: The Dinka Sugoi is your average sports car. It goes fast and has decent acceleration but fishtails and loses control at top speeds. However, it gets the job done and makes for a decent 4-door sports car.

Question: When is the Dinka Sugoi First Seen?

Answer: You can gain access to the Dinka Sugoi as a getaway vehicle while doing the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online when you choose Talia as the getaway driver.


With all that said and done, you get access to one of the most powerful and fastest Dinka Sugois in GTA Online. Now you can probably blast past those griefers right into oncoming traffic unless you polish up your skills. The Dinka Sugoi is a decent sports car with an expensive price tag.

It goes fast, has decent acceleration, and is fun to drive around with three other buddies in your 4-door Sugoi. Make sure to take care of it because durability isn’t its strong point. And make sure to get some tasteful liveries because you don’t want to look like a ricer with your Sugoi.

And that’s pretty much it for the Dinka Sugoi Guide. I hope it helped you because it took a lot of time to research this stuff. Make sure to make the most out of it all. Stay tuned for more vehicle and character guides on Grand Theft Fans. Till then, see you later!

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