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GTA V Strangers and Freaks Guide: Doing Weird Stuff for Weird People!

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Finishing the main storyline missions means you finished the game, but did not complete it 100%. This is a common misconception many gamers have had about Grand Theft Auto 5. To complete GTA V 100%, you must go through a series of side quests known as Strangers and Freaks. They are missions provided by random characters you encounter during the game.

Follow the guide bellow to know more about:

  • How to complete the missions.
  • How to get the Gold Medal.
  • Which missions you finish for 100% completion.

Without further ado, here is the detailed guide to GTA V: Strangers and Freaks.

epsilon program gta v


There are 63 possible missions in Strangers and Freaks. All the missions come from various characters scattered in San Andreas. The Latter includes the whole of Los Santos and Blaine County. Some characters will give you one mission while others will hand you up to 8 missions.

You will notice that Strangers and Freaks missions are marked by a “?” on the map. The color of the mark changes according to the protagonist. For instance, when you play as Franklin Clinton, the “?” will be Green, Blue when you switch to Michael De Santa, and Orange for Trevor Philips. That’s because each protagonist can trigger certain Strangers and Freaks missions.

Focus on Franklin’s segments because they contribute to 100% completion. The rest will have no effect on the game’s progress. Consider that a blessing because some of these missions are a pain in the rear.

Note: missions are organized according to the giver, not the chronological order*.

Tonya Wiggins

gta v strangers and freaks tonya wiggins

Tonya Wiggins is Franklin’s neighbor and she will pull a series of favors from him. Her first mission is unlocked after “Repossession”.  These missions will contribute toward 100% completion.

Mission Name Mission objectives Gold Medal Requirements
Pulling Favors
  • Go to the Sheriff Station in Davis and drive the Tow Truck out of the Impound. Bring Tonya with you.
  • Follow the GPS to the abandoned car on San Andreas Avenue.
  • Attach the vehicle to the tow hitch and take it to the drop-off at the Impound.
  • Finish within five minutes.
  • Keep the vehicle hooked until you deliver it.
Pulling Another Favor
  • Go with Tonya to the Impound and drive the tow truck out of the gates.
  • Follow the GPS to the car on Vespucci Boulevard and Palomino Ave.
  • Connect the car to the tow hitch and take it back to the Impound.
  • Finish within 5.30 minutes.
  • Keep the vehicle hooked until you deliver it.
Pulling Favors Again
  • Collect the Tow truck from the Impound and drive out of the gates.
  • Follow the GPS to the train tracks on Chum Street.
  • Attach the car to the hitch and pull it away from the railroad.
  • Wait for the owner to get in the truck, then drop the auto at the repair shop in Strawberry.
  • Complete the task in 7 minutes.
  • Keep the vehicle hooked until you deliver it. 
Still Pulling Favors
  • Grab the Tow Truck from the Impound and head out.
  • Follow the route to Spanish Ave.
  • Hitch the car and wait for the owner to ride in the passenger seat.
  • Deliver the vehicle to the garage on Elgin Ave, in Vinewood.
  • Finish within 6 minutes.
  • Keep the vehicle hooked until you deliver it.
Pulling One Last Favor
  • With Tonya, go to the Impound and get the tow truck.
  • Follow the path to Vespucci Boulevard.
  • Link the hitch to the crashed car, and take it to the dealership in Pillbox Hill.
  • Get it done in 5 minutes.
  • Keep the car on the hook until you deliver it. 

Tips: Do not let the vehicle get detached from the tow hook.

Epsilon Program

gta v strangers and freaks epsilon program

This segment of Strangers and Freaks is devoted to Michael De Santa. It will cost you a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of brain cells!

The Truth Shall set you free! And flat-out broke!

Seeking The Truth
  • Use the phone to complete the evaluation process on the Epsilon Program website.
  • Then find the red truck in Raton Canyon.
  • Wait for the email, then donate the 500$. 
Accepting The Truth
  • Head to the Ice Planet Jewelry in Downtown Vinewood, and enter the building.
  • After the cutscene, wait for the email and donate the 5000$.
Assuming The Truth
  • Meet Marnie in Grapeseed. 
  • Collect five vehicles: Pegassi Vacca, Benefactor Surano, Declasse Tornado, Venus Super Diamond, and Dinka Double T, and deliver them to the garage in Vinewood Hills. 
Chasing The Truth
  • Meet Marnie at Grapeseed.
  • Start looking for the thing.
  • Wait for the email, then donate the 10,000$. 
  • Use the Force: Find the object without using the device. (Do not use first person view)
Bearing The Truth
  • Log in to the website and buy the robes. 
  • When the clothes are delivered, wear them for 10 days.
Delivering the Truth
  • Collect the plane from Tom on the dirt path near the Great Ocean Highway.
  • Take the aircraft and fly it to Sandy Shores airfield.
  • Touchdown: land without crashing.
  • Zandar the Bridge: pass under a bridge while flying. 
Exercising The Truth
  • Drive to the meeting location in Grand Senora Desert, near Harmoney.  
  • Run five miles in the desert.
Unknowing The Truth
  • Go to the Epsilon Program Building.
  • Follow the convoy to the drop-off point.
  • Make a choice: Deliver the money/ or kill everyone and run.
  • Cult Intervention: shoot everyone at the drop-off point.
  • Show me the money: steal the money and lose the cops.


  1. In the third mission: Vacca and Surano can be found in Vinewood Hills. The Tornado and DinkaT can be seen in Rockford Hills and the Enus near the tennis court.
  2. In the fifth mission, when you put the robes on (do not engage in any activity or switch characters), sleep 40 times, or die 20 times (each death costs 5000$) to pass the time.
  3. In the last mission, you can deliver the money and take the rusty tractor or mow them all with a minigun and take the 2,1 million $ (TAKE THE MONEY).


gta v strangers and freaks omega

Omega is a hipster obsessed with Aliens. The first mission is unlocked after “Fame or Shame”. It includes wandering around Los Santos and Blaine County looking for spaceship parts. This part will further your progress to 100% completion.

Far Out
  • Start looking for the 50 spaceship parts. 
The Final Frontier
  • Meet Omega after you collect the spaceship parts. (watch the cutscene)

Here is a guide on where to find the spaceship parts. (No Gold Medal for this mission.)

Mrs. Philips

gta v strangers and freaks mrs philips

These Freaks’ side missions will not show up if Trevor dies at the end of the main story. They will not affect your progress toward 100% completion.

Mrs. Philips
  • Find the drugs van.
Damaged Goods
  • Deliver the van to the trailer.

Tips: The first mission ends when you leave the trailer. The second mission starts when you find the van. You can find the latter parked at any medical center or hospital.

Abigail Mathers

gta v strangers and freaks abigail mathers

First, you must buy the dockyard at Paleto Cove as Michael to get this mission. You can use the dock to find nuclear waste and make more money after the task.

Death at Sea
  • After you talk to Abigail, get in the boat and head to the location of the submarine. 
  • Dive in and start searching for the submarine parts.
What Lies Beneath
  • Meet Abigail after collecting the submarine parts.
  • After the cutscene, kill her or let her go.

After a long swim with the fish to finish the job, you get a picture of a dead moron and 10 bucks. Furthermore, she will call the cops claiming you are harassing her. (If you follow her to her destination).

Tips: After all the trouble she throws at you! You better get a rocket launcher and blow her up.


gta v strangers and freaks barry

You must finish Franklin’s part to get 100% game completion. Barry will appear for Trevor on the map when you complete “Three’s Company”. Besides, “Complications” and “Pulling Favors” must be completed so Michael can meet Barry.

Grass Roots – Michael
  • Meet Barry at Legion Square.
  • Kill all the Aliens. 
  • Unmarked: finish with minimal damage.
  • Kill Chain: kill 7 Aliens in 10 seconds.
Grass Roots – Trevor
  • Meet Barry in Legion Square.
  • Kill all the clowns and destroy their vehicles.
  • Pre-Emptive Strike: Destroy 4 clown vans before they spawn more enemies. 
  • Greatest Dancer: kill 6 clowns while they dance.
Grass Roots – Franklin
  • Meet Barry in Textile City.
  • Leave the area when the scene is done.
Grass Roots – The Pickup 
  • Collect the van from El Rancho Boulevard. 
  • Lose the cop.
  • Deliver the van to the apartment. 
  • Mission Time: finish the mission in 2:45 min.
  • Unwanted Outcome: Deliver the van without getting a wanted level.
Grass Roots – The Drag
  • Collect the vehicle from the salvage yard. 
  • Mission time: finish within 1.30 min.
  • Hooked: keep the car attached until you deliver it.
Grass Roots – The Smoke-in 
  • Head to the City Hall and call Barry.


  • In Michael’s segment, do not let the Alien green thing catch you.
  • On Trevor’s part, ignore the clowns and destroy 4 vans. The clowns dance when they spawn or reload. Thus, keep one van to give Trevor infinite attempts to complete the objective.
  • As Franklin, once the cutscene is over, leave the area, or you will get a star.
  • In the Pickup mission, leave the yard from the back door to avoid the cops. Use the freeway to get to the destination faster. Once you deliver the van, leave the area.
  • In the Drag mission, use the tow truck immediately. The emperor is broken and will cost you valuable time. At the drop-off, unhook the vehicle on the move and leave the area. You can also use a Cargobob if you have access to it.

Cletus Ewing

gta v strangers and freaks cletus ewing

Target Practice
  • Meet Cletus at his place.
  • Shoot 3 satellite dishes, then follow Cletus to the motel.
  • Shoot 3 tires on passing vehicles, then move to the next location.
  • Shoot 3 Coyotes. 
  • 2 for 1: kill 2 Coyotes with 1 shot. 
  • Pop! Pop!: shoot the tires with 75% accuracy.
  • Bad Signal: Do not miss while shooting the Dishes.  
Fair Game
  • Meet Cletus in Paleto Bay and follow him. 
  • Shoot 3 elks with Cletus. 
  • Find the last elk and take a picture of it after you kill it, then send it to Cletus.
  • Downwind: don’t get detected by any elk.
  • Heart hunter: shoot 3 elks in the heart. 

Beverly Felton

gta v strangers and freaks beverly felton

These missions must be finished for 100% completion.

  • Approach Beverly to initiate the mission.
  • Get on the bike.
  • Follow the limo. 
  • Enemies are chasing the limo, take them out.
  • Smackdown: make sure Beverly takes down the rivals on the 1st attempt.
  • Picture Perfect: help Beverly take 3 photographs. 
Paparazzo – The Sex Tape
  • Follow Beverly.
  • Get into the property. 
  • Start recording and focus on Poppy.
  • Get back to the car with Beverly.
  • Focus the camera on Poppy during the chase. 
  • Quick Dip: jump in the pool while following Beverly.
  • Money Shot: get full facial recognition during the chase.
Paparazzo – The Partnership
  • Meet up with Beverly and watch the cutscene to start the next mission.
Paparazzo – The Meltdown 
  • Drive to Downtown Vinewood.
  • Chase Poppy, and don’t lose her.
  • Take a photo of her and send it to Beverly.
  • Thick of it: stay close to Poppy during the chase. 
  • DUI Diva: take a picture of Poppy after she gets cuffed.
Paparazzo – The Highness
  • Meet Beverly’s contact at the hypermarket. 
  • Use the dumpster on the left side of the market to climb on the roof.
  • Get close to the edge and take a pic. 
  • Silent Snapper: take the pic without alerting security. 
  • Royal Drag: photograph the princess buying the drugs.
Paparazzo- Reality Check
  • Meet Beverly and decide his fate.
  • Explosive Action: kill Beverly and his crew with one shot.


  1. In the first mission, use Franklin’s ability to stay near the limo and again to help Beverly take out the rivals.
  2. In the second mission, make sure the square around Poppy’s face is green during the chase to get full facial recognition and the Gold Medal.
  3. In the Meltdown, make sure to keep Poppy in the camera’s view and don’t lose her.
  4. To complete the mission without alerting anyone, go up to the market’s rooftop. To complete the second objective, wait for the dealer to hand the drugs to the guard, then take the picture.
  5. After all the trouble, Beverly refuses to pay. Get a rocket launcher, or a homemade launcher, or throw a sticky bomb to kill him and his crew with one shot (and escape).

Dom Beasly

gta v strangers and freaks dom beasley

These Strangers and Freaks missions are for Franklin, and you must complete them to get 100% completion in the game.

Risk Assessment 
  • Follow the dog. 
  • Follow Dom into the chopper. 
  • Parachute to the top of Chiliad. 
  • Get on the bike and race Dom to the bottom of the mountain. 
  • Free Faller: dive for 7 seconds before opening the parachute.
  • Big Air: get 2 seconds in the air during the race.
Liquidity Risk 
  • Follow Dom.
  • Get on the cargo plane. 
  • Jump off the plane with the Blazer.
  • Head to the landing zone.
  • Dive Bomber: survive a water landing without using the parachute. 
  • Sky Blazer: do 8 flips with the Blazer in mid-air.
Targeted Risk
  • Grab a chopper and fly to the top of the maze bank building.
  • Jump off with Dom.
  • Land on the flatbed in the street. 
  • Dare Devil: free fall for 8 seconds before you open the chute. 
  • Bullseye: land on the flatbed.
Uncalculated Risk
  • Follow the dog to the dam. 
  • Wait for Dom to jump, then jump after him or walk away.
  • Leap of Faith: do the same jump and land in the river.


  1. In the first mission: drive around Vinewood Hills as Franklin to find the dog.
  2. In the second mission: Land in the water with the Blazer to reduce the damage. You can also use Franklin’s ability before you hit the water.
  3. In the third mission: Use the minimap to locate the flatbed, then land standing on it. If you miss it or trip and fall, the mission fails.
  4. Only Franklin can trigger the last mission. Yet, to unlock it, you must complete the 13 parachute jumps. Luckily, you can do that with all three Protagonists.
  5. In the final mission: You will still pass if you walk away, but it will cost you the Gold Medal. So take the jump and land in the water.

Civil Border Patrol

gta v strangers and freaks civil border patrol

These three missions are for Trevor. Not required for 100% completion.

The Civil Border Patrol
  • Meet Joe and Josef at the depot. 
  • Get in the park ranger and head to the Yellow Jack Inn. 
  • Run back outside and stop the Mariachi band from leaving.
  • Mariachi My Ride: steal the Mariachi Tornado after you arrest them. 
  • Stop The Music: stop the band within 40 seconds.
An American Welcome
  • Get in the car.
  • Hunt down the first target. 
  • Wait for everyone to get back in the car.
  • Drive to the cement factory
  • Catch the targets. 
  • Downed: capture the first guy within 30 seconds.
  • Double Downed: apprehend the second group within 55 seconds. 
  • Shock and Awe: use the stun gun to stop the targets.
Minute Men Blues
  • Meet Manuel
  • Go to the farm.
  • kill Joe and Josef.
  • What Goes Around…: use the stun gun on the targets.
  • No Migration: kill the targets before they leave the farm.


  • Get in the bar and back out with your gun ready. Shoot the tires of the Tornado as it passes to stop it. Tase them when they get out of the car, then get in the Tornado to complete the objective.
  • In the second mission, take a shortcut when you get in the park ranger to intercept the first target. Drive to the back of the factory instead of the front to save time.
  • You can steal Manuel’s truck and save time. Hit Josef with the stun gun as you approach him, and don’t let him shoot anyone, or the mission fails.

Peter Dreyfuss

gta v strangers and freaks peter dreyfuss

This mission is for Franklin and is required for 100% completion. It is available after you collect the 50 Letter Scraps (follow this guide to see how to get them).

A Starlet in Vinewood
  • Kill Peter or let him live.
  • Cut!: Kill Dreyfuss.

Maude Eccles

gta v strangers and freaks maude eccles

Bail Bonds are a series of bounty hunter missions. Trevor will do the job. As a result, they are not necessary for 100% completion.

Bail Bonds
  • Kill/catch Ralph Ostrowski
  • Kill/apprehend Larry Tupper
  • Whack/grab Glenn Scoville
  • Eliminate/capture Curtis Weaver   


  1. You get 5000$ to kill the targets and 10,000$ to bring them in alive.
  2. Ralph is at the quarry. If he gets to his car, shoot the tires, and he will stop.
  3. Larry is hiding near the Red Light Race track, surrounded by thugs. Kill the thugs and chase him.
  4. Glenn is at the top of Chiliad and will jump off when he sees Trevor. Snipe him mid-air or wait for him to land. I approached him with a chopper, and when he parachuted, I mowed him down with the rotors. You should try it!
  5. Curtis has a gun, and he is hiding in Dignity Village near Paleto Bay. But he is alone, so you can take him out.


Unlocked after “Trevor Philips Enterprises”, for Trevor.

  • Start the rampage by fighting the two rednecks at the liquor store.
  • Kill 25 rednecks in 2 minutes.


  • 45 kills.
  • 3 headshots.
  • Destroy 2 redneck vehicles.
  • Approach the gang members in East Los Santos.
  • Kill 30 gang members in 2 minutes.


  • 45 kills
  • 6 headshots
  • Obliterate 2 vehicles
  • Approach the two Ballas in Davis to start the rampage.
  • Kill 30 gang members in 2 minutes.


  • 50 kills 
  • 6 headshots
  • Demolish 2 vehicles
  • Approach the soldiers in front of Fort Zancudo. 
  • Kill 35 soldiers in 3 minutes.


  • 45 kills
  • 6 headshots
  • Destroy 2 tanks
  • Approach the dude talking on his phone in Mirror Park.
  • Kill 20 hipsters in 2 minutes.


  • 30 kills
  • 10 headshots
  • Demolish 2 vehicles

Tips: Here are the vehicles the targets drive:

  1. Rednecks drive BF Injections and Bisons.
  2. Vagos roll around in Cavalcades and Vegiro.
  3. Ballas have Oracles and Felons.
  4. Hipsters drive Faggios, Fixter, and Weeny Issi.
  5. Complete “Friends Reunited” to unlock Vagos Rampage.


gta v strangers and freaks hao

Hao presents a series of races to Franklin that will contribute to the 100% completion process.

Shift Work
  • Win a street race against Hao.
  • Fastest lap: do a lap in 1:20 min.
  • Underdog: complete the race in 2:50 min.
  • Clean Race: finish the race with less than 5 collisions.

Tips: You must win all the races.

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill

gta v strangers and freaks nigel and mrs thornhill

Trevor will meet two out-of-whack tourists in Vinewood Hills.

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill
  • Interact with the couple (watch a cutscene) 
Vinewood Souvenirs – Willy
  • Go to the Tqui-la-la club in West Vinewood.
  • Find Willie.
  • Knock him down and take his tooth.
  • Lose the wanted level. 
  • Fist Fury: don’t get hit while fighting Willie.
  • Entourage: talk to the entourage before you get to Willie.
Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler
  • Head to Tyler Dixon’s house in Rockford Hills.
  • jump over the wall.
  • Steal his swim shorts and leave the area.  
  • Weed Killer: take out the gardener with a stealth attack.
  • Pilferer: take the shorts without being seen.
Vinewood Souvenirs – Kerry
  • Find Kerry and her dog Dexie. 
  • Chase the dog.
  • Get the collar, then leave the area. 
  • Hot on the paws: stay close to the dog during the chase.
Vinewood Souvenirs – Mark 
  • Go to the golf club.
  • Kill Mark Fostenberg.
  • Collect his golf club.
  • Lose the cops.
  • Under Par: get the golf club within 30 seconds.
  • Hole in one: kill Mark with a headshot. 
  • Four! Shoot mark and his three bodyguards.
Vinewood Souvenirs – Al Di Napoli 
  • Meet Nigel and Mr. Thornhill in Del Perro. 
  • Get in the car and chase Al Di. 
  • Follow Al Di through the hospital.
  • Stalker: stay close to Al Di during the chase.
  • Accident and Emergency: drive through the hospital without hitting anyone. 
  • Not a Scratch: don’t damage Nigel’s car.
Vinewood Souvenirs – The Last Act
  • Meet Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill, get in the car.
  • Follow the GPS to the train tracks. 
  • Leave the car on the tracks and get out before the train hits it.
  • Skin of your Teeth: exit the car before it gets hit by the train.
  • Locomotivation: let the train kill Al Di.


  1. Enter the club from the back door, and take your first left. Speak to the entourage, then head downstairs.
  2. Kerry will be near the Jewelry store in Rockford. When the chase starts, keep the dog in the camera view. Dexie will stop at the fire station nearby.
  3. There are two side doors at the back of Tyler’s mansion. The left door leads to the gardener at the back of his van. The door on the right leads to the pool. Get the shorts before Tyler gets out of the pool.
  4. At the golf course, the timer will start when you kill Mark. Use a sniper rifle to get the headshot, then kill his guards.
  5. Drive slowly through the hospital to avoid damaging the car and hitting people.
  6. You have the choice to release Al Di when he first offers you money (3000$). If You continue to the power station, he will offer you 10,000$.
  7. If you choose to kill him, drive the car towards the train and dive out before the collision.

Mary-Ann Quinn

gta v strangers and freaks mary-ann quinn

She challenges all three protagonists to various activities. Only Franklin’s part is needed to get 100% completion.

Exercising Demons – Michael
  • Meet Mary at Pacific bluffs.
  • Win the foot race.
  • Contender: win the race without taking shortcuts
Exercising Demons – Franklin
  • Approach Mary at North Point
  • Win the Triathlon.
  • Champion: win without shortcuts
Exercising Demons – Trevor
  • Regroup with Mary at the Vinewood Sign.
  • Win the bike race.
  • Quick Win: finish the race within 01:42 min.
  • Good Cyclist: don’t run into Mary during the race.

Tips: Stay on the race path and avoid collisions with Mary.

Josh Bernstein

gta v strangers and freaks josh bernstein

Extra Commission
  • Destroy the 15 “for sale” signs located on the map.
Closing the Deal
  • Look for Avery in Rockford Hills.
  • Stop him.
  • Threaten Avery.
  • Pulverizer: hit Avery with a melee weapon. (hit him once)
  • Seized: stop the target’s car within 40 seconds. 
Surreal Estate
  • Grab the gasoline from Josh’s car. 
  • Drive to his house.
  • Start pouring down the gas and create a trail.
  • Shoot the trail to ignite it and leave the area. 
  • Out of the Frying Pan: burn the house without getting the cops’ attention. 
  • Pyromaniac: pour the gasoline continuously without missing a spot.
Breach of Contract
  • Lose the wanted level.
  • Dirty Rat: kill Josh.
  • Hot Pursuit: escape the cops.  


  • You can ask a jogger for Avery’s exact location.
  • Shoot at Avery’s car to stop him.
  • Do not use a knuckle duster to hit Avery.
  • In the last mission, Josh will sell you out to the cops and blame you for everything. Thus, kill him in your attempt to escape the authorities to get the Gold Medal.

Sasquatch Hunter

gta v strangers and freaks sasquatch hunter 

The only Franklin mission that is not required for 100% completion. You unlock this mission when you get 100% completion.

The Last One
  • Investigate the scat site. 
  • Kill the beast.
  • Wounded: shoot the sasquatch 3 times before you catch it.
  • Hunter: kill 4 animals while hunting the beast.
  • Mr. Green: reach the scat site on foot.

Tips: After the cutscene, you can let the man live or kill him.

Important note: don’t get wasted, busted by the cops, leave the mission’s area, or let a target escape. You will automatically fail the mission. 


The Strangers and Freaks missions will take you all around Lost Santos and Blaine county. Thus, I recommend you grab a plane, a helicopter, or at least a fast car or a motorcycle to move around quickly.


Question: How many Franklin missions are there?

Answer: There are 12 missions for Michael, 26 for Trevor, and 25 for Franklin. The only missions required for 100% completion are Franklin’s.

Question: How long will it take me to get 100% completion?

Answer: To complete every single task required to finish Grand Theft Auto V 100%, it may take players up to 80 hours of gameplay.

Question: How many Strangers and Freaks missions can you play with Trevor?

Answer: There are a total of 63 possible missions, 26 of which are for Trevor, 25 for Franklin, and 12 for Michael.

GTA V Strangers and Freaks: Final Words

Strangers and Freaks are extra missions and will not affect the main storyline in any way. But, only the one’s given to Franklin will contribute to the 100% game completion. Some of these missions are unlocked while playing the main storyline missions. While others appear after the credit roll. Not to mention, some can be unlocked by purchasing a certain property.

If the 100% completion means nothing to you, ignore them and call it a day. But, if you are a die-hard GTA fan, you will have a blast getting through these side quests.

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