vehicle warehouse locations in gta 5

Vehicle Warehouse Locations in GTA 5

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One of the best things about the GTA series is the wide variety of cars and other automobiles that one can acquire legally or somewhat less legally. These vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. They can even be cheated by using various codes across older titles in the franchise, generating such marvels as the flying tank and the sailing convertible. 

However, one thing that always bothered me in the earlier editions of GTA was that there was either no way to store your cars in a safe and efficient manner or when you were allowed to keep cars, such as in GTA: San Andreas, these valuable and hard found vehicles were just as likely to spontaneously combust as they were to stay in the exact location between missions.

This was probably due to several factors such as entity cramming and RAM issues within the early consoles; however, that is no excuse in the current age of gaming wherein we have PS5s that can load a game faster than you can remember that you actually have work to do.

So, recent titles like GTA 4 and 5 have had to get their acts together, implementing safe and secure car storage systems to ensure their loyal fanbase doesn’t rage out whenever they boot up their console and save files again. 

GTA 5, in particular, went the extra mile by ensuring that each player had ample space to store their vehicles during both their offline and online escapades. This guide will focus on the online vehicle warehouses that have been recently implemented via the import and export update. 

So, with all this in mind, why don’t we take a quick look at all the garage and vehicle warehouse options that the developers over at Rockstar have implemented through this new update? Let’s go!

What Are Vehicle Warehouses?

Vehicle Warehouse Interior
Vehicle Warehouse interior. Photo by James Gibson.

For those of us who have played GTA before, whether online or through the offline campaign mode, the concept of character garages for your unique and expensive cars will not be something new. However, these new vehicle warehouses are something quite different altogether.

Previously, before this online update was implemented, the player was limited to a garage with space for a mere ten cars. These garages often came along with property bought while online or as extra storage space in separate buildings all over Los Santos, ranging in capacity between two and ten cars. 

However, these new vehicle warehouses are much more impressive and equipped for the vast amounts of wealth some players have accumulated via years of continuous gameplay. After all, GTA 5 has now been with us for nearly a decade; that’s a lot of heists and races.

In total, these warehouses can store up to 40 unique vehicles, allowing any player to keep their entire collection under one safe roof that no player or NPC can raid.

The warehouses can also store more unique vehicles that one may purchase from sites like Warstock Cache & Carry, allowing you to put any tanks or all-terrain destroyers safely away in a hidden basement beneath the main warehouse floor.

How Are Vehicle Warehouses Different?

Luxury car
Luxury cars in a warehouse. Photo by James Gibson.

Unlike normal garages where the player can only store a maximum of ten vehicles at any one time, the vehicle warehouses can stock up to 40 unique vehicles and certain special vehicles such as tanks.

Vehicle warehouses are also distinctly different from normal warehouses that the player may have already purchased through the Further Adventures update. While these warehouses are more geared towards storing stolen cargo and other such goods, they cannot store personal vehicles.

On the other hand, these normal warehouses can generate income for the player, acting as locations to buy and sell contraband, while vehicle warehouses cannot generate any income for the player at present. Accept for the buying and selling of cars, which the player could already do in alternate locations. However, having the option available where all your cars also happen to be is handy. 

These new locations are also customizable, ensuring that each player’s vehicle warehouse can have its own unique flair and personality. This option will also cost the player some additional cash, but if you already have 40 luxury cars to store in this location, I’m sure a couple of thousand here won’t hurt too bad.


Designing a Warehouse
Designing a warehouse is possible. Photo by James Gibson.

As mentioned, each player can design their own vehicle warehouse as the update allows the player to take their own personal style choice and spread it across the default warehouse footprint. These decorations can be purchased in the same menu that the player used to buy the entire warehouse, or they can be changed/added on-site. 

While there is a range of options the player can choose from to differentiate their warehouse from anyone else, there are only three presets that one can choose from for the base theme of your warehouse: Basic, Urban, and Branded.

Each of these style choices comes with its own price. Basic costs a whopping $0, Urban will run you $230,000, and Branded comes in at $295,000. Perhaps now you can begin to see just how the costs for all this can begin to add up very quickly.

Outside these presets, the player can choose between several posters, car models, and general car garage-looking tools to populate the space. All of this will work alongside a dedicated living space for the player, fit with a wardrobe for changing, a laptop, a vending machine, and a bed. Of course, these spaces will also be filled with your cars, adding a slash of your own personality through their modifications.

Purchasing a Vehicle Warehouse

There are a couple of steps that any player must take before they purchase a vehicle warehouse. First of all, they will need to already have the position of CEO of a company and buy an office.

These executive offices were implemented into the game via the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update some time before the Import/Export update. Therefore, many players will already have these offices purchased and set up; however, if you have been away from the game for some time now, please remember that you will need the funds to purchase both an office and one of the vehicle warehouses to get up and running. One of these offices can cost up to $4 million alone and over $800 in daily fees. 

Once an office has been acquired and the Import/Export update has been downloaded, the player should be able to purchase a vehicle warehouse by accessing the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website. From there, you can pick your favorite and most suitable warehouse from the list provided. However, please remember that a single player can only own one vehicle warehouse, so choose carefully. 

How to Profit From Vehicle Warehouses

Vehicle Warehouse Profit
You can profit from the vehicle warehouse. Photo by James Gibson.

While these businesses may not be the most honest ways to make a good living in GTA 5, they are definitely one of the most profitable and rewarding. I mean, what’s a minor crime between friends anyway? In fact, these vehicle warehouses are probably the most profitable businesses one can run in GTA 5; however, there is no way to make passive income with these businesses; any profit made needs the player to be directly involved throughout the entire process.

In order to make money through this business venture, the player will already need to have the warehouse in their possession. After this is acquired, the player must go through a series of missions called ‘Source Missions’ wherein they are sent out on the hunt for a new vehicle to steal. There are a total of 32 possible scenarios that these missions can throw at the player, each rewarding you with a certain level of vehicle.

In the end, you will garner a mixture of top, middle, and standard range vehicles worth an equivalent value. Once these cars have been stolen and brought back to the player’s vehicle warehouse, you must customize them to some degree and then sell them to the highest bidder to make your profit.

The profit a player can make per car depends on the inherent value of said vehicle. Should the car belong to the standard range of cars, you can expect to make $30,000, while the mid-range cars will earn the player $50,000, and the top-range vehicles will garner you an impress $80,000. Not a bad profit if I say so myself.

This process, while time-consuming, can be very profitable indeed. Therefore, you should always look for ways to trick the GTA system into giving you a shot at more top-range cars than mid or standard-range vehicles.

To do this, ensure you store a couple of mid and low-range vehicles in your warehouse before continuing on with your missions, and this will push the system to more likely give you higher-end car missions. Only sell these high-range cars and keep the lower range ones to ensure maximum profits.

Vehicle Warehouse Locations

There are several options for purchasing your first and only vehicle warehouse (you can only own one). These options vary in price and location, with the most accessible and convenient locations being the most expensive. The cost of these warehouses will range anywhere between $1,500,000 and $2,850,000.

The player will also have to pay a mechanics fee of $50 per day; however, if this fee can break your bank, maybe think twice before dropping nearly $3 million on a car garage. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the vehicle warehouses currently up for sale in the Los Santos area. 

Cypress Flats Vehicle Warehouse – $2,675,000

This first vehicle warehouse is the most remote and, therefore, slightly more affordable option for large-scale vehicle storage in GTA Online. Located in the Cypress Flats region of East Los Santos. This location serves as a large industrial estate; however, it is bordered by the La Mesa neighborhood to the north and Rancho in the northwest. 

Cypress Flats Vehicle Warehouse
Cypress Flats Vehicle Warehouse location. Photo by James Gibson.

Davis Vehicle Warehouse – $2,495,000

This next location gives the player a slightly more useful location to store all of their vehicles. The warehouse itself is said to be unregulated and forgotten about by the local government, ensuring that you don’t need to worry about anyone poking their nose in where it doesn’t belong. 

When you do finally reach this location, don’t be alarmed to find that the entire structure is pretty much a one-for-one copy of Franklin’s garage from the main campaign. It seems someone over at Rockstar got a little bit lazy. As you may have guessed, this property is situated in Davis, part of South Los Santos, and, until the player purchases it, is currently owned by SecuroServ. 

Davis Vehicle Warehouse
Davis Vehicle Warehouse location. Photo by James Gibson.

El Burro Heights Vehicle Warehouse – $1,635,00

The first real bargain on this list is situated in El Burro Heights. This location, while not the pretties, will serve the player well as the landscape itself is pretty much the only thing you need to keep civilians from wandering near your facility.

The description of this location reads, “Who would locate an off-the-books vehicle depot in the middle of a suburban wasteland where the white picket fences got burned for fuel a decade ago?” If that doesn’t get you to sign the lease, nothing will. 

Once again, this property is situated in East Los Santos and is owned by SecuroServ. This property is only accessible once you install the Import/Export update and purchase it via your executive office as a CEO. 

El Burro Heights Vehicle Warehouse
El Burro Heights Vehicle Warehouse location. Photo by James Gibson.

Elysian Island Vehicle Warehouse – $1,950,000

This property, available in South Los Santos’ Elysian Island, is one of the more remote warehouses in GTA Online. While this may get slightly annoying for some, it does add to the mysterious and shady ambiance of the whole black market vehicle trading business. Don’t you think? After all, what better place to get up to no good than on a dock? 

This location is only accessible from the mainland via the LA Puerta Freeway and the Elysian Fields Freeway. An illegal warehouse with only two points of access? Sold. 

Elysian Island Vehicle Warehouse
Elysian Island Vehicle Warehouse location. Photo by James Gibson.

La Messa Vehicle Warehouse – $1,500,00

The La Messa warehouse is the cheapest option on this list; however, do not be discouraged by its comparatively low price point; the warehouse’s basic floor plan is the same as the more expensive option.

The only difference is that you may have to pay more for fuel to access this location because it is so far removed from the bustling city and its skyscrapers. However, this location could be perfect for someone looking to set up a car buying and selling business to run on the side. 

La Messa is another of Los Santos’ industrial neighborhoods, located on the east side of Los Santos. You can be sure of a slower police response time and sparsely populated streets here. 

La Messa Vehicle Warehouse
La Messa Vehicle Warehouse location. Photo by James Gibson.

La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse – $2,735,000

This location places the warehouse slap bang in the middle of one of the most working-class, blue-collar neighborhoods Los Santos offers. While you are a great deal more central than the previous entries on this list, you do have to consider the increased foot traffic you will experience by operating here. 

This red brick building, located in the bustling South Los Santos, is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule who wants to quickly squeeze in some supercar joyriding at the end of a hard day. However, this location is known for its high rate of streetwalkers and other such criminal elements, so please be sure to keep a close eye on those high-end cars. 

La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse
La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse location. Photo by James Gibson.

 LSIA Vehicle Warehouse 1 and 2 – $2,170,000, $2,300,000

Warehouse 1 is the cheaper of the two LSIA warehouses on this list and is, therefore, slightly harder to access than its counterpart.

But, please don’t let this put you off; coming in at over $2 million, you can rest assured that you will have no issue finding this warehouse and operating out of it efficiently. The more expensive option will place the player in the warehouse of a former human trafficking outfit. 

These warehouses, located at the Los Santos International Airport, are probably one of the coolest spaces available on this list. You get to test drive your supercars on an actual airfield, allowing you to hit max speed and enjoy this pleasure without triggering a 5-star wanted level. 

LSIA Vehicle Warehouse 1 and 2
LSIA Vehicle Warehouse 1 and 2 location. Photo by James Gibson.

Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse – $2,850,000

The most expensive property on this list is based in Murrieta Heights. You might remember this location as being the site for the most expensive apartment in GTA Online when the game first launched. Well, it is clear that nothing has changed, with the central location of this warehouse lending the property and its potential owner all the street cred they will ever need.

Should you have the cash to afford this location, you will situate yourself in the very center of activity within GTA Online, allowing you to roll out of your warehouse right into the action. 

Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse
Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse location. Photo by James Gibson.


Question: Where are the vehicle warehouses in GTA 5?

Answer: The vehicle warehouses in GTA 5 are scattered all around the southern portion of the map, around and in the city center of Los Santos. You can easily find these locations using the descriptions provided in this guide.

Question: Where is the vehicle warehouse in GTA 5?

Answer: The most affordable vehicle warehouse is based in the La Mesa neighborhood, a location known for its industrial buildings.  

Question: Which is the best vehicle warehouse to purchase in GTA Online?

Answer: While this is up to personal discretion, I would say that the La Puerta warehouse is the best as it places the player close to their offices and the marina’s helipad and slipways. 

Vehicle Warehouse Locations in GTA 5: Conclusion

So, there you have it, a comprehensive guide to all GTA vehicle warehouses. Should you have played GTA 4, you will understand what a huge upgrade Rockstar made to their car storage system in GTA 5, doing away with the silly outdoor parking spaces that were more annoying than useful. Also, increasing a player’s personal vehicle storage capabilities from 10 per garage to 40 is something that many players like myself have needed for a long time.

With all this in mind, I hope you take something useful away from this guide and come back to see us soon. Good luck with your next mission.

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