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Dinka Jester Classic Guide

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Sports cars have always been a staple of the Grant Theft Auto franchise as each game comes with fancier, faster, and flashier cars in this category. Grand Theft Auto V (including GTA Online) is the uncontested winner for introducing some of the hottest sports cars in the series. One such sports car that’s owned and loved by numerous players is the Dinka Jester Classic.

If you’re fascinated by the looks, design, and performance of the Dinka Jester Classic, you must have one in your garage! With that said, this Dinka Jester classic guide will help you decide whether this sports car is just the thing you’re looking for by breaking down its design aspects, performance, and custom modifications that can be installed in the game. So, without further ado, let’s start!

Dinka Jester Classic Overview

Dinka Jester Classic GTA

The Dinka Jester Classic is a two-seater sports car in GTA Online, added to the game during the 1.44 After Hours update back in 2018. It’s a fan-favorite vehicle, first introduced in GTA San Andreas, that made its resurgence in GTA Online. Unfortunately, this beast of a car is exclusive to GTA Online and can’t be acquired in GTA V Story Mode. This is a bummer for players who only play single-player or can’t play multiplayer due to the subscription paywall on console.

If you’re looking to purchase the Dinka Jester Classic, you can do so in GTA Online from the Legendary Motorsport company for a price of $790,000. The car’s resale price is 60% of the base value and 50% of the value of all upgrades. It costs $377,550 to upgrade the Dinka Jester Classic, so a fully upgraded car would go for $662,775.

But is $790,000 a justifiable price for the Dinka Jester Classic? Absolutely! In fact, I would argue that it is a steal. This is primarily because there are numerous modifications you can install in the car to customize it according to your personal preference and taste.


When it comes to the design aspirations of the Dinka Jester Classic, it is clearly inspired by the real-life car, Toyota Supra JZA80 (Mk IV). There are minor inspirations from other real-life vehicles, like headlamps similar to Nissan 300ZX Z32. However, for the most part, you can perceive the Dinka Jester Classic as a GTA’s take on the Supra.

Just like the Supra, the Dinka Jester Classic has a long, round-shaped front bumper, similar to the San Andrea rendition of the vehicle. Overall, I’d say the Dinka Jester Classic follows a more minimalistic but premium-looking design, among other sports cars, which certainly gives off luxury car vibes.

That said, if you’re not content with its default look, the Dinka Jester Classic offers an astounding amount of modifications to be installed in your vehicle. However, before I discuss that, let’s take a look at the performance of this sports car.


Light blue Dinka Jester Classic

Top Speed

Although the Dinka Jester Classic may not have the highest top speed, it is still an impressive performer within its price range. When fully upgraded, the Dinka Jester Classic can reach a top speed of 119.75 mph (192.72 km/h), which is quite impressive considering the cost of the car.


While the Dinka Jester Classic excels in the top speed ratings within its price range, one aspect where it falls a little short is its acceleration. It takes about 5 seconds for the car to go from 0 to 60 mph, making it one of the slower-accelerating sports cars. With its compact body weighing 1,600 KG, this poor performance in acceleration is to be expected.


The Dinka Jester Classic may not have the best performance in acceleration among other sports cars, but its handling shouldn’t be taken lightly. It has an in-game handling score of 78/100, which is a solid rating given that it’s a budget-friendly vehicle. While I won’t exaggerate and call its handling buttery-smooth, it would still manage to surprise you both on-road and off-road.


Regarding its braking capabilities, Dinka Jester Classic outperforms almost every sports car in its price range. You can further improve the braking and other performance parameters of the Dinka Jester Classic, which I’m going to explore next.


Up next, let’s discuss the custom modifications of the Dinka Jester Classic, which is probably what every reader has been waiting for. The Dinka Jester Classic comes with numerous custom mods which can entirely change the look of the default car. As these mods in GTA Online are quite costly, read through them and decide which suits your car best!

Dinka Jester Classic Modifications GTA


Being a sports car, the Dinka Jester is quite beefy and can take a beating on the road. However, for the long-term sustainability of the car, installing upgraded armor is a must. I recommend going all the way up and getting your car’s 100% armor upgrade.

Trust me; you’ll thank me for this when you don’t have to deal with your car’s hood and doors falling off after hitting a few roadblocks.

Armor GTA Online
No Armor 1,000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 20 Percent 7,500 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 40 Percent 12,000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 60 Percent 20,000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 80 Percent 35,000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 100 Percent 50,000 Dollars


Extra braking power is absolutely necessary for extra control on your sports cars, especially at top speeds. Therefore, I recommend going all in on Brakes upgrades as well and getting the Race Brakes. It is a costly investment, but it’s well worth your cash if you want to take full advantage of the Dinka Jester’s top speed.

Brakes GTA Online
Stock Brakes 1,000 Dollars
Street Brakes 20,000 Dollars
Sport Brakes 27,000 Dollars
Race Brakes 35,000 Dollars


The game grants you options to customize both the front and rear bumpers for this car. Despite numerous choices for the front bumpers, most don’t go well with the design of the Dinka Jester.

However, some solid choices include Carbon Splitter, Grille Cut w/ Splitter, and Street Build w/ Canards. I personally went with Street Build w/ Canards as it gives the car that aggressive street look.

There are a couple of options for the rear bumper mods as well, with Carbon Rear Diffuser being my favorite due to the matte black paint details on the design.

Front Bumpers GTA Online
Stock Front Bumper 2,200 Dollars
Center Grille Cut 4,600 Dollars
Low Splitter 7,400 Dollars
Carbon Splitter 11,700 Dollars
Low Black Splitter 14,500 Dollars
Grille Cut w/ Splitter 14,700 Dollars
Drift Bumper 14,900 Dollars
Low Splitter w/ Canards 15,100 Dollars
Drift w/ Splitter 15,300 Dollars
Street Build 15,500 Dollars
Drift w/ Intercooler 15,700 Dollars
Drift Build 15,900 Dollars
Street Build w/ Canards 16,100 Dollars
Rear Bumpers GTA Online
Stock Rear Bumper 2,200 Dollars
Custom Diffuser 4,600 Dollars
Carbon Rear Diffuser 7,400 Dollars
Carbon Rear 11,700 Dollars
Carbon Rear w/ Diffuser 14,500 Dollars


There is an option to install a cage on the interior of the car by upgrading your chassis. There are many cage options, but frankly, all of them look downright horrendous with the Dinka Jester.

An option with a half-cage that doesn’t cover the entirety of the car would have worked decently, but no such choice is in the game. Therefore, I recommend saving a couple of bucks and passing up on the chassis upgrade.

Chassis GTA Online
Stock Chassis 700 Dollars
Secondary Cage 1,100 Dollars
Primary Cage 1,350 Dollars
Race Seats w/ Secondary Cage 1,500 Dollars
Race Seats w/ Primary Cage 2,750 Dollars


When it comes to the engine upgrade, you should always go for the EMS Upgrade Level 4 to maximize the performance of your sports car.

It’s not even a debate to always get the maximum engine upgrade for each one of your sports and supercars, as the return on your investment is well worth the cost, no questions asked!

EMS Upgrades GTA Online
EMS Upgrade Level 1  9,000 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 2 12,500 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 3 18,000 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 4 33,500 Dollars


There are a couple of exhaust options for the Dinka Jester Classic, and you can opt for either of them, as all the options look astounding with the car. If you prefer a single exhaust pipe at the back, go for the Single Chrome Exhaust.

Personally, I am a sucker for the Dual Titanium Exhaust – aside from sounding very cool, it does a great job in further enhancing that aggressive street racing outlook. 

Exhaust GTA Online
Stock Exhaust 260 Dollars
Single Chrome Exhaust 750 Dollars
Twin Chrome Exhaust 1,800 Dollars
Dual Titanium Exhaust 3,000 Dollars
Twin Chrome Exhaust II 9,550 Dollars


Of course, as with any other car in the GTA Online mode, you can install explosives in the Dinka Jester Classic as well. Only in GTA do you get to drive a racing sports car with the ability to drop literal bombs on the road.

When it comes to explosives, you can choose between the Ignition Bomb or Remote Bomb, depending on your preference, or you can opt to skip this modification entirely and save your cash for aesthetic upgrades.

Explosives GTA Online
Ignition Bomb 5,000 Dollars
Remote Bomb 7,500 Dollars

Headlight Covers

You can modify the headlight covers at the hood of the Dinka Jester Classic. However, the available options in the game feel lackluster and don’t complement the overall classy sports car look.

I recommend skipping them unless you’re deadset on getting all the upgrades, in which case Half Cut Eyelids seem like a decent enough choice.

Headlight Covers GTA Online
No Headlight Cover 200 Dollars
Hood Curve Eyelids 750 Dollars
Half Cut Eyelids 1,340 Dollars
Headlight Covers 1,650 Dollars
Secondary Covers 3,000 Dollars
Carbon Covers 3,200 Dollars


To improve the rear of the Dinka Jester Classic, you can customize the Fenders of the car. Unfortunately, there are only two options you can choose from, Rear Spats and Bolt on Arches.

They both look pretty solid, but some people may be turned off by the black bolts on the rear, messing up with their color scheme. I think Rear Spats are an overall safer option.

Fenders GTA Online
Stock Fender 300 Dollars
Rear Spats 900 Dollars
Bolt-On Arches 1,500 Dollars


For the hood, there are a couple of spicy choices to really ramp up the look of your car. If you’re a fan of the classic aggressive street racing look like me, then the Scooped Hood is just for you.

Otherwise, there are a bunch of great Carbon Hood options for you to choose from if you’re leaning toward the matte black appearance.

Hood GTA Online
Stock Hood 1,600 Dollars
Secondary Hood 3,000 Dollars
Custom Hood 5,000 Dollars
Scooped Hood 8,000 Dollars
Vented Hood 9,600 Dollars
Performance Hood 11,000 Dollars
Carbon Hood 11,600 Dollars
Carbon Custom Hood 12,000 Dollars
Carbon Scooped Hood 12,400 Dollars
Carbon Vented Hood 12,400 Dollars
Carbon Performance Hood 12,500 Dollars


Xenon Lights GTA

For the headlight, as is traditional in almost all of my custom car builds, I am going with the Xenon Lights. Driving your car during the night on the road of Los Santos with these blue Xenon Lights is truly a sight to behold, and when it comes at a meager cost of 7,500 dollars!

Lights GTA Online
Stock Lights 600 Dollars
Xenon Lights 7,500 Dollars


Now comes the real spicy stuff that I’m sure everyone has been waiting for: custom Liveries for the Dinka Jester Classic. Luckily, this car has numerous solid options that are visually stunning.

If you’re a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise, the 10-Minute Car Livery is just what you’re looking for. However, I went with the Atomic Drift because I wanted an aggressive street look on the Dinka Jester.

Livery GTA Online
None 11,400 Dollars
Shopping List 18,240 Dollars
Black 90s Graphics 19,380 Dollars
White 90s Graphics 20,520 Dollars
Smoking Tires 21,660 Dollars
Fukaru Drift 22,800 Dollars
Slap Dash 23,370 Dollars
Torn Camo 23,939 Dollars
Atomic Drift 24,510 Dollars
Xero Racing 25,080 Dollars
10 Minute Car 25,650 Dollars


When it comes to the customization of the license plate on your car, you can choose any color contrast option that fits well with your aesthetic sense. As is customary in my car customization builds, I also went with the Yellow on Black with the Dinka Jester Classic.

There’s just a hidden charm to this particular color contrast that hits differently than anything else in the customization menu.

Plates GTA Online
Blue on White 1  200 Dollars
Blue on White 2 200 Dollars
Blue on White 3  200 Dollars
Yellow on Blue 300 Dollars
Yellow on Black 600 Dollars


You can also customize the roof of the Dinka Jester Classic, which adds a roof scoop to your car. While there are only three options to choose from, they are each quite distinguishable in their own way.

If you went with a Carbon Hood, then I recommend adding a Carbon Roof Scoop to your car. Otherwise, a standard Roof Scoop works perfectly fine.

Roofs GTA Online
Stock Roof 200 Dollars
Roof Scoop 700 Dollars
Secondary Roof Scoop 1,150 Dollars
Carbon Roof Scoop 1,600 Dollars


When it comes to skirts, I don’t think having one makes much of a difference in your car’s appearance. Any added skirt is barely noticeable, so I recommend keeping the stock skirts and saving your cash there.

However, if you do have some excess bucks to burn through, you can tweak between the Primary Lip Skirt and Carbon Lip Skirt options. I personally think Carbon Lip Skirt is a nice touch to the bottom of your car’s body.

Skirts GTA Online
Stock Skirts 2,500 Dollars
Primary Lip Skirt 5,5000 Dollars
Carbon Lip Skirt 8,000 Dollars


As far as the spoiler customizations are concerned, the Dinka Jester Classic comes with a solid stock spoiler equipped. So, you can choose to skip this mod altogether.

However, if you still want to upgrade the aggressive street look of your car, you can’t go wrong with the Carbon Wing Type I spoiler.

I do think some of the later spoilers you see at the end of the modification menu are too big for the structure of the Dinka Jester, downgrading its look.

Spoilers GTA Online
None 6,000 Dollars
Boot lip Spoiler 7,0500 Dollars
Tuner Spoiler 10,000 Dollars
Mid Level Spoiler 13,000 Dollars
High-Level Spoiler 14,000 Dollars
Carbon Wing Type I 16,000 Dollars
Carbon Wing Type II 16,500 Dollars
Carbon Wide Wing 17,000 Dollars
Carbon Wing Type III 17,500 Dollars
Big GT Wing Type I 18,000 Dollars
Big GT Wing Type II 18,500 Dollars


For the suspension of the car, since you want to build the Dinka Jester Classic as a street racing car, I recommend lowering it down all the way.

Therefore, getting the Race Suspension mod would significantly enhance your performance on the road during racing. No Suspension upgrades are required if the Dinka Jester Classic isn’t your primary street racing car.

Suspension GTA Online
Stock Suspension 200 Dollars
Lowered Suspension 1,000 Dollars
Street Suspension 2,000 Dollars
Competition Suspension 4,400 Dollars
Race Suspension 4,600 Dollars


As far as the transmission of the car is concerned, it would be best if you upgraded to the Race Transmission to enhance the street performance of the car significantly.

Although the Dinka Jester Classic has decent ratings when it comes to Acceleration and Handling, it still can’t compete with the high-end sports cars, which is where an upgraded transmission could offer its support.

Transmission GTA Online
Stock Transmission 1,000 Dollars
Street Transmission 29,500 Dollars
Sports Transmission 32,500 Dollars
Race Transmission 40,000 Dollars


For street racing, getting the Turbo Tuning upgrade is a no-brainer. I know that this mod is on the pricier side, but the value you get in exchange for 50k bucks is immeasurable. With the octane-fueled turbo boost installed in your car, you can accelerate the Dinka Jester Classic much quicker, giving you the much-needed edge during racing competitions.

Turbo GTA Online
None 5,000 Dollars
Turbo Tuning 50,000 Dollars


Last but not least, getting windows made can truly strengthen and polish your car’s appearance. I always recommend going with the full-tinted Limo upgrade unless it contrasts poorly with the overall outlook of the car.

Even so, by experimenting with different mods and paint jobs, I can safely recommend the Limo being the best windows upgrade for the Dinka Jester Classic.

Windows GTA Online
None 500 Dollars
Light Smoke 1,500 Dollars
Dark Smoke 3,500 Dollars
Limo 5,000 Dollars



Question: How much is the Dinka Jester Classic?

Answer: The Dinka Jester Classic can be purchased from Legendary Motorsport for a total price of  $790,000.

Question: Is the Dinka Jester Classic worth it?

Answer: Given its overall solid ratings and low price in the sports car category, the Dinka Jester Classic is totally worth getting. 

Question: Can you find the Dinka Jester Classic in GTA V Story Mode?

Answer: Unfortunately, the Dinka Jester Classic is only available in the GTA Online mode, and it can’t be obtained in GTA V Story Mode.


With this, we wrap up a detailed and thorough guide on the Dinka Jester Classic sports car. We think it is one of the best budget-friendly sports cars in GTA Online currently. If you need a fast, flashy, solid road companion without going bankrupt, Dinka Jester Classic is one of the top contenders to avail in the game.

If you like this guide, do leave your thoughts and reviews in the comments section. And check out some of the other GTA vehicle guides on Grant Theft Fans.

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