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Ocelot Jackal Guide: The Ultimate Getaway  Vehicle

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The Ocelot Jackal is known for being one of the best getaway vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V. Simply taking this 4-door coupe out on a test drive reveals how well it handles for a car that is capable of going so fast, two stats that play a crucial role in just about any getaway sequence. 

Despite being seven years old, added back during the Heist Update in the March of 2015, the Ocelot Jackal remains true to its crowning traits. Being a huge fan of the luxury car myself, I’m excited to discuss it in great detail over the course of today’s Ocelot Jackal guide!

Ocelot Jackal Overview

Upon first glance, you may think that the Jackal is a regular sedan, but you’d be astonished to learn that it’s actually a four-seater coupe. In fact, it’s one of the very few coupes in the game that can hold four people: a driver and three passengers. As far as performance goes though, while the car boasts top-tier acceleration, its velocity is limited by its relatively unimpressive top speed. However, if you think about utilizing its acceleration alone, the car makes for a great getaway vehicle!

You can get the Ocelot Jackal pretty easily. Just head over to your mobile phone, open the internet and select Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Then navigate down to the Ocelot Jackal listing and buy it for 60,000 GTA Dollars. The car can be purchased in one of eight colors, where only the said color is applied to both the bodywork and interior stitching – it is a bummer that no secondary color option is available.

Purchase aside, if dishing out 60,000 GTA Dollars for a coupe is too tall of an order for you, then rest assured as you can actually steal the car and make it yours! The Ocelot Jackal can be found all over Los Santos, ranging from the high-end districts of Rockford Hills, Vespucci Beach, Richman, and Vinewood to the outskirts of Paleto Bay. 


Image From GTA Fandom

At first glance, despite being a coupe, the Jackal seems to be a marriage between the 2011 Jaguar XFR and the Maserati Quattroporte, two well-known luxury Sedans. However, as with most cars, Rockstar likes to enrich their roster by sprinkling in minor details inspired by other real-life vehicles. 

While the Jackal’s overall geometry and front bumper fascia pay tribute to the Jaguar and Quattroporte, some traces of the Opel Insignia and the Saab 9-5 can be seen. More specifically, the rear end of the Jackal takes after the former, while the chrome strip running through the car’s tail lamps undoubtedly references the latter. 

Together, various design elements taken from the aforementioned cars make up Ocelot’s stylish Jackal.


Top Speed

According to the game’s files, the Jackal’s top speed sits at around 88.5 mph, which is unfortunately quite slow in the grand scheme of things. Furthermore, even with the proper speed-enhancing upgrades, the car’s top speed maxes out at 113.5 mph, which is mediocre at best when you compare it to more mainstream coupes like the Zion and the Exemplar. As such, the Jackal’s impressive acceleration is not fully realized – what’s the point of stepping on the gas when you’re capped at a relatively low top speed?


As I said before, the Jackal’s acceleration is indeed quite impressive and will feel as such when you travel over short distances. To quantify its acceleration, tests have shown that the Jackal can accelerate from its rest position to 60 mph in just 6.1 seconds, which is a remarkable feat for a coupe that weighs in at 3968 pounds! This particular performance stat makes the luxury coupe an amazing getaway vehicle as you can quickly widen the gap between you and the cops before losing them entirely.


Despite being a big coupe, I’ve had fun driving the Jackal around as it handles incredibly well to corner those tight turns. Part of the reason why it handles so well most likely has something to do with its low top speed – by being unable to reach high velocities, the Jackal is able to avoid understeering or oversteering. However, one caveat for the Jackal is that the front brakes tend to lock up when you brake pretty hard under high-stress situations, which can become a real nuisance in the chase sequences it’s meant to excel in if you’re not careful.


The durability and the build quality of the Jackal genuinely blew me away! The Jackal can actually take a pretty good beating before it becomes inoperable. Although unusual for a coupe, you can crash the Jackal multiple times into concrete, obstacles, or oncoming traffic, and it will still function well, though that can’t be said for cars in real life!

All in all, the Jackal offers decent performance for its price point – it’s durable, handles great, and accelerates quite well, although maxing out at just an acceptable top speed. This makes long drives relatively slow and mundane, but short drives, particularly getaway sequences, all the more worthwhile!


The Ocelot Jackal can be subject to an acceptable amount of customizations over at Los Santos, although the modification prices double when carrying over to GTA Online. If you want a tricked-out Jackal for GTA V Singleplayer, it won’t cost you that much, but GTA Online can get pretty expensive, so make sure you have extra GTA Dollars on hand before you get all these modifications!


Image From GTA Fandom

The Ocelot Jackal is pretty tough and rigid by default – it can take a pretty good beating before it becomes entirely disabled. But I’ve found that the armor upgrades reinforce the Jackal pretty well for that matter. After getting all the necessary armor upgrades, the Jackal, all the way to 100 Percent, becomes practically indestructible.

Armor GTA V GTA Online
No Armor 325 Dollars 650 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 20 Percent 1625 Dollars 6375 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 40 Percent 4062 Dollars 10625 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 60 Percent 6500 Dollars 17000 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 80 Percent 11375 Dollars 29750 Dollars
Armor Upgrade 100 Percent 16250 Dollars 42000 Dollars


I wouldn’t say that the Ocelot Jackal has some impressive brakes. Although it brakes in a timely fashion and stops the car when driving at high speeds, the front brakes tend to lock up sometimes. I find that acceptable considering the fact that the car is an incredibly heavy coupe weighing over 4000 pounds.

Even so, you can never go wrong with some extra braking power on hand. Imagine going at top speed down the freeway and having some incredible race brakes on hand – you can pretty much bring the Jackal to a standstill. As such, I recommend installing the Race Brakes or working your way up to them if you don’t have the means right now. 

Brakes GTA V GTA Online
Stock Brakes 325 Dollars 650 Dollars
Street Brakes 6500 Dollars 13000 Dollars
Sport Brakes 8775 Dollars 17550 Dollar
Race Brakes 11775 Dollars 22750 Dollars


Image From GTA Fandom

I’m not impressed by the bumper selection offered by the Ocelot Jackal. It was a disappointing experience to scroll down to only see one bumper option aside from the stock one. The Ocelot Jackal looks pretty cool for its stock design but come on, having a few options for us to trick out this luxury box into a cool JDM ricer vehicle would be great.

All that you can get for the Ocelot Jackal is a Custom Front Splitter that looks like a slightly beefed-up stock bumper lip to me. What about you guys?

The rear bumper options are similarly disappointing. You have the stock rear bumper and then the custom rear bumper, but there are very slight design differences between the two. In fact, both rear bumpers look identical from afar, which is a pretty big no-no in my book. 

Front Bumpers  GTA V GTA Online
Stock Front Bumper 750 Dollars 1500 Dollars
Custom Front Splitter 1250 Dollars 2500 Dollars


Rear Bumpers GTA V GTA Online
Stock Rear Bumper 750 Dollars 1500 Dollars
Custom Rear Bumper 1250 Dollars 2500 Dollars


The Exhaust options for the Ocelot Jackal are few and far between, just like the bumper options for the vehicle. You get to select from either the stock exhaust option, which features two wide and oval exhausts towards the outer edges of the Dual Exit Exhausts, which in my opinion, look a lot better due to the symmetry. As such, I’ve been rocking the latter on my Jackal, and I’d implore you to try it out too!

The Jackal needs a lot more love from Rockstar, just like the Maibatsu Penumbra did with a plethora of Livery options with the After Hours Update. GTA Online isn’t ending any time soon, so there’s hope for the future.

Exhausts GTA V GTA Online
Stock Exhaust 130 Dollars 260 Dollars
Dual Exit Exhaust 375 Dollars 750 Dollars


Image From GTA Fandom

I’m kind of conflicted about the Jackal’s engine upgrades. The Jackal has incredible acceleration, offering decent 0 to 60 miles per hour timing, but then again, the Jackal’s top speed is not all that impressive to me. 

You can get the EMS Upgrades to beef up the acceleration and top speed of the Jackal, but it might affect the impeccable handling of the Jackal considerably. I have found some oversteering problems with the Jackal with the maximum Level 4 EMS Upgrade. Sure, you could participate in some long-run drag races with the Jackal, but races in the streets of Los Santos would be out of the question! 

So pick your poison. Go for the best top speed EMS Upgrades for the Jackal, or keep the impeccable handling with a subpar top speed. It’s your choice in the end!

EMS Upgrades GTA V GTA Online
EMS Upgrade Level 1 2925 Dollars 5850 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 2 4062 Dollars 8125 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 3 5850 Dollars 11700 Dollars
EMS Upgrade Level 4 10887 Dollars 21775 Dollars


If you’re worried someone will steal your Ocelot Jackal in GTA Online, or if you stay on the offensive, you can choose to rig your Jackal with some explosives. You can go for an ignition bomb that’s triggered when an outsider tries to steal the vehicle, or you can trigger a remote bomb as a griefer steals your car. You can also prank your friends too because that’s how jokes are in GTA Online.

I wouldn’t rig my Jackal with an explosive because it’s painful to see my car go up in flames. Then again, there’s the insurance premium you have to pay, provided you have the full coverage.


Image From GTA Fandom

Although the hood selection for the Jackal is pretty limited, just like the vehicle’s other cosmetic options, they look quite dashing. You could keep the clean stock hood look like I do because fancy hoods are a bit too much for me, plus they offer no performance benefits like custom hoods do in real life. 

On the other hand, if you like fancy JDM-inspired hoods, then you could opt for the Ram Air Hood. There’s also the option of the Vented Hood that curves into the front end of the vehicle with some steps that lead down stairs, which I personally think is a bad fashion statement. Prepare for battle if I see you online with this hood on a precious Ocelot Jackal!

Hoods GTA V GTA Online
Stock Hood 450 Dollars 900 Dollars
Ram Air Hood 850 Dollars 1700 Dollars
Vented Hood 1200 Dollars 2400 Dollars


You can get some nice custom headlights, as I did for my awesome Jackal build. The Xenon lights feature two levels, offering brighter and improved lighting for the road. However, visibility is already pretty good in GTA V, even at night, so you’re better off saving your money and spending it on a modification that matters.

But if you got the extra cash to spend as I did for my Jackal, and you’re the type of person who likes to participate in car meet-up lobbies in GTA Online, especially the ones that happen in an open lot in front of a mall and right in front of Los Santos Customs, then go for it!

As for the Xenon headlights, they make in-game screenshots and photography pop as they showcase your epic JDM setup. Just make sure you trick out your car and don’t go solely for the Xenon headlights…

Headlights GTA V GTA Online
Stock Lights 200 Dollars 400 Dollars
Xenon Lights 1000 Dollars 5000 Dollars


Images From GTA Fandom

You can choose from a few select options for license plates in GTA Online. Although you can’t customize the color options and have to choose from a few select colors, I’m pretty neutral on what they have in store.

Plates GTA V GTA Online
Blue on White 1  50 Dollars 200 Dollars
Blue on White 2 50 Dollars 200 Dollars
Blue on White 3  50 Dollars 200 Dollars
Yellow on Blue 75 Dollars 300 Dollars
Yellow on Black 150 Dollars 600 Dollars

Loss/ Theft Prevention

Losing your car is pretty common in GTA Online, especially if a griefer or poor GTA Online Player spots your tricked-out Jackal. You’re in for a burglary at that point, especially if you like to step out of your vehicle for quite a while. I’ve experienced this many times myself, and the best possible solution to this problem is to get the Tracker or Full Coverage for your vehicle, which is the real-life equivalent of insurance.

To be honest, insurance is pretty cheap in GTA Online, and if your car ever gets stolen or even totaled for that matter, you can get your car back brand spankin’ new for just a small fee. In the end, it’s pretty much worth it.

You just have to call the insurance agency and pay a small premium fee to get the car back with all the modifications you got for it. Despite having full armor, I’m guilty of totaling my Jackal, letting it get stolen, or even taken down by Oppressors and Valkyries. Happens to the best of us.

Loss/ Theft Prevention GTA Online
Tracker 2000 Dollars
Full Coverage 7500 Dollars


Image From GTA Fandom

For once, the custom spoiler 1 for the Ocelot Jackal looks pretty decent, for that matter. The custom spoiler 1 fits pretty well with the luxury look and feels of the Ocelot Jackal without being too over the top.

As for the custom spoiler 2, it’s pretty sleek and looks like a stock option for the Ocelot Jackal. Again, like the custom spoiler 1, I feel the custom spoiler 2 compliments the looks and design language of the Jackal. 

It’s a pretty neat fit for those who want a stock and decent-looking Ocelot Jackal without being too over the top. As for JDM enthusiasts and GTA Online ricers, you’re out of luck as there are no fancy, over-the-top spoiler options for you.

Spoilers GTA V GTA Online
None 500 Dollars 1000 Dollars
Custom Spoiler 1 750 Dollars 1500 Dollars
Custom Spoiler 2 950 Dollars 1900 Dollars


The Jackal’s stock suspension is pretty soft and can help cars navigate uneven roads or smooth asphalt easily, for that matter. However, a sport suspension makes driving at high speeds, in which case the Ocelot Jackal does become unstable and harder to control.

So, what do you do if you’re participating in a high-speed drag race? You lower the suspension. A competition suspension is one of the most rigid and lowest suspensions that you can opt for. With this, you can expect to get maximum performance and stability at high speeds when driving on straight asphalt roads.

Suspension GTA V GTA Online
Stock Suspension 100 Dollars 200 Dollars
Lowered Suspension 500 Dollars 1000 Dollars
Street Suspension 1000 Dollars 2000 Dollars
Sport Suspension 1700 Dollars 3400 Dollars
Competition Suspension 2200 Dollars 4400 Dollars


Image From GTA Fandom

Similar to the exhausts, only two options are offered as far as Skirts go. I’d recommend trying out the Custom Skirts due to how affordable there are, and well, there isn’t much to try out anyway.

Skirts GTA V GTA Online
Stock Skirts 1250 Dollars 2500 Dollars
Custom Skirts 1500 Dollars 3000 Dollars


I personally think a transmission upgrade for the Ocelot Jackal is a little overkill. The Jackal already has a pretty powerful engine that can blaze past the competition in terms of starting acceleration. It can get to 0 to 60 miles per hour in just a jiffy. 

Transmission upgrades decrease the overall time to switch between gears and provide a boost in acceleration and top speed. Although the boost in top speed would be very much appreciated in this case, the added acceleration would hurt the car’s handling. 

I haven’t fiddled around much with the Transmission options all that much as I’ve kept the stock transmission because I love the Ocelot Jackal for its incredible driving and handling around the higher parts of Vinewood. I’m afraid that meddling with the Transmission might considerably affect the Jackal’s handling. Experiment at your own risk!

Transmission GTA V GTA Online
Stock Transmission 325 Dollars 650 Dollars
Street Transmission 9587 Dollars 19175 Dollars
Sports Transmission 10562 Dollars 21125 Dollars
Race Transmission 13000 Dollars 26000 Dollars


I wouldn’t opt for some Turbo on my Ocelot Jackal. Although Turbo will definitely improve the Ocelot’s top speed, that isn’t a focus for me as the acceleration boost, similar to that with a transmission upgrade, will make the car a lot less controllable. With the upgrade’s negative effect on the car’s handling, it will also no longer remain as great of a getaway vehicle.

Turbo GTA V GTA Online
None 1625 Dollars 3250 Dollars
Turbo Tuning 8125 Dollars 42,500 Dollars


Image From GTA Fandom

Window tints are a pointless modification from a performance standpoint – you should only look into them if you’re done with all of the above and still have money to spare. Even then, the Ocelot Jackal doesn’t amount to a great JDM build that deserves window tint mods, regardless of whether or not you’re heading over to a car meet-up.

I’ve kept the stock window tints for my Jackal, but you could choose to black out your windows if you’re into it. I have no gripes or qualms.

Windows GTA V GTA Online
None 100 Dollars 500 Dollars
Light Smoke 200 Dollars 1500 Dollars
Dark Smoke 450 Dollars 3500 Dollars
Limo 700 Dollars 5000 Dollars


Question: How much does the Ocelot Jackal Cost?

Answer: The Ocelot Jackal will set you back by 60,000 GTA Dollars over at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Question: What’s the best part about the Ocelot Jackal?

Answer: The best part about the Ocelot Jackal has to be its acceleration, which allows it to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.1 seconds.

Question: Where does the Ocelot Jackal lack?

Answer: The Jackal could’ve been a lot more competitive in the racing scene if its top speed was top-tier. High top speed, incredible acceleration, and satisfactory handling make for a beast of a coupe.


And that’s pretty much it for the Ocelot Jackal Guide. The Ocelot Jackal is, without a doubt, a great getaway vehicle with blazing fast acceleration, marvelous handling, an average top speed, and is capable of housing four passengers. I’ll give it a 7 out of 10 for being a great car. 

Make sure to check out Grand Theft Fans for more GTA Online Vehicle Guides. Till then, see you later and goodbye!

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