all infiltration points for cayo perico

All Infiltration Points for Cayo Perico

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It isn’t easy to get away with a heist when dealing with law enforcement officers who operate under the strict rules of the federal system. But what if you’re going up against the cartel militia that has no ground rules or morals on a rural island? That’s exactly what GTA V‘s Cayo Pierco Heist has in store!

Obviously, I realized the moment this synopsis dropped that the risk goes up substantially, and with that, Cayo Perico is considered to be a turning point in Rockstar’s heist missions.

We’ll be taking a look at the ins and outs of the heist, some of the preparations, and all the infiltration points to make sure you’re ready to rake up millions from an unsuspecting Mexican drug lord. So, with sheer enthusiasm, let’s get to it!

Heist Overview

The Cayo Perico Update was presented to the GTA Online community sometime in December of 2020, and with it came a whole new island to explore and a new heist where players could score millions of dollars.

The heist centers around our GTA protagonist being introduced to the son of a Mexican crime figure with whom they’ve had prior relations. The crime boss in question is in a tough pickle this time around as a cartel leader managed to get his grimy hands on some important documents that belonged to the boss.

This means a tropical trip for our protagonist out into the Caribbean, something that I instantly boarded the hype train for!


What drew me (and you as well hopefully) into the highest was that the protagonists are tasked to con against an influential drug cartel leader by the name of Juan Stickler, who famously goes by the name El Rubio. He’s well known for running a drug operation on a remote island in the Caribbean, where he also resides. 

The man also treasures and maintains his valuables on the same Island, explaining why security is pretty tight – am I the only one who finds that a little too unwise? There’s a plethora of gunboats, choppers armed to the brim, and missile turrets to counter any invaders, being you and your team in this case. Juan Stickler is well prepared, so you’ll have to stay a few steps ahead of him and his armada. 

Rescue Mission

Apart from outwitting the drug lord, the stakes get even higher as you also need to rescue a high-priority target who’s being held against his will in a secret vault somewhere on the Island. As such, you must be resourceful and use all you can to breach the Island and the vault within. Could this heist get more challenging and exciting?!


All Infiltration Points for Cayo Perico,
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You could either take the offensive approach, use tactical espionage or go undercover and con your way into the vault by tricking the guards. Apart from that, you can also benefit from the heist by stealing valuable assets from the various storehouses that make the mission all the more profitable.

Key Targets

You spend the majority of the heist in free mode trying to figure out the various lucrative positions and points on the Island. These include, but are not limited to, entry points, compounds that hold victims, and many other additional targets for players to acquire.

Solo or Co-op

The choice is all yours. You could also approach the heist in solo mode, but of course, you’ll earn an overall smaller lump sum payout that way. It would be a lot better if you could gather together a team of players for a hefty payday for everyone! That’s what I did with my squad the moment the heist dropped.

To be fair, the Cayo Perico heist is one of the first heists you can complete on a solo basis which is kind of a benefit if you want to have a good time alone – but if you can play it with a group, I would strongly recommend doing so. But ultimately, from the intel missions, all of the necessary preparatory missions, and down to the finale of the heist, you don’t need any additional players or friends to act it out.

All Infiltration Points For Cayo Perico All
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Requirements for the Heist

To activate the heist, you need a player to act as the CEO or a VIP of a motorcycle gang. The initial missions involve the protagonist working for Miguel Madrazao in order to retrieve some secret documents as a part of the heist. 

Miguel Madrazao sounds familiar, doesn’t he? Surprise, surprise, he’s the son of Martin Madrazo.

Getting the Kosatka

Kosatka Submarine
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Preparations require you to acquire a Kosatka submarine which is easily available from the Warstock Cache and Carry. You’re supposed to use the submarine as a hideout and secret base to plan out the full extent of the heist.

The Missions

For the heist, you’re supposed to pursue three separate sets of missions in order to successfully carry it out.


Gta Cayo Perico Intel
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You are meant to gather information and intel on the various areas of the Island. In addition, you are also supposed to spy on the primary targets of the heist and locate the various treasure storages scattered throughout the Island. Some of you may find this bit to be boring so here’s a pro tip from yours truly: sometimes just take a step back and absorb the scenery.


Then, there are the preparations necessary to carry out the heist, and you need to invest in a lot of equipment which is quite similar to the missions we’ve seen in the Doomsday and the Diamond Casino Heist. So make sure you have a hefty sum of money to spare – don’t be like me who forgot to account for finances in the midst of all the hype.


After it’s all said and done, it’s time for the finale. You’re supposed to carry out the heist using the necessary intel and preparations made for the final mission.


GTA Cayo Perico Pavel
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Plot twist; you can’t do the heist on your own. Sure, you can solo the heist, but you still need some NPC assistance as part of the mission. I’m talking about a memorable Cayo Perico heist character, Pavel. This guy is an absolute chad and you should have no problem entrusting your life in his hands – take my word for it.

Pavel is introduced as you make your way to the Kosatka submarine. Apart from being pretty keen on not touching any unnecessary stuff, Pavel guides you through the heist and provides you with some important assistance.

Pavel’s Aid in Scouting Infiltration Points

  1. The part where Pavel aids the protagonist the most is during the scouting missions. Pavel carefully advises the player and guides them step by step via remote communication.
  2. As you make your way to the Island and finally navigate past El Rubio’s personnel, Pavel will inform you of key positions you need to locate to proceed. Following his instructions enables you to infiltrate the compound, discover key vantage points, and plan escape routes you’ll need to photograph with your phone. 
  3. Pavel takes things a step further by remotely monitoring the compound via satellite imaging and camera footage.
  4. He carefully notes down all of the probable positions of key importance, the various roadmaps to traverse the Island and the compound, and a few tools that the player might find useful as the preparations for the heist progress. Pavel also gives some accessory insight if players take pictures of random points of interest, such as the graveyard.
  5. Pavel, a great ally, will continue to aid you with key information and details and adds depth to the Cayo Perico heist with his memorable dialogue. As you take pictures of key points, Pavel will provide you with the necessary feedback. In addition, you’ll get regular notifications at the top corner of your screen regarding the discovery of infiltration points.
GTA Cayo Perico Plane View
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Infiltration Points Overview

You might run into some obstructions in search of key infiltration points, which all comes down to which vehicle you chose during the earlier preparations. Still, you can find some workarounds if you’re determined and resourceful.

While the main infiltration point is West Beach, there is also a secret one through the Drainage Tunnel. There’s the main dock and the north dock with the dinghy boat for the normal routes, and the same goes for the south dock. Proceeding that, you can approach the compound’s different infiltration points.

The camera hacking mechanic is important to understand before proceeding with the infiltration points as you’ll need to gather intel using the Island’s surveillance system. Simply pull out your phone and navigate to the bottom right to gain access to the sightseer app, and voila, you can now have a good look at all the areas in the compound. 


North Gate

Move past the South Storage Site 2 Cam and take a look at the North Gate’s camera. Here, navigate the camera to the left and see a building with a balcony and a door. This door has a handy keypad which will serve as your first entry point at the north gate.

North Wall

Now, switch to the North Wall camera and orient the camera to the right. You’ll see a high wall with a gap in between, which will act as your secondary entry point into the compound.

Main Gate

The main gate has no entry or exit points to consider whatsoever, so it’s better if you ignore this point of view altogether. Move along. However, a supply truck is conveniently placed at the main gate, which could come in handy later in the heist if you were to be in that area.

GTA Cayo Perico Plane View
Image from Fandom

South Gate

You’ll see another keypad next to the similar building that we’ve seen at the north gate. This keypad can easily act as another optional entry point into the compound.

South Wall

Same with the north wall, the south wall will feature another gap in the railings that will allow players to infiltrate the compound. For a rich cartel leader, he doesn’t like to redo his architecture, does he?

Key Infiltration Points

The Airstrip

So, you can go to another infiltration point located in the map’s North-Western region. As you get there, photograph the location of the airstrip, and voila, the airstrip is added to your accessible infiltration points.

West Beach

All Infiltration Points For Cayo Perico West Beach
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You can also make your way to the West beach, which is located just a bit above the Drainage Tunnel point. Take a nice little picture of the beach to access this optional infiltration point.

Halo Jump

Okay, if you want to be all dramatic and go full black military black ops on this heist, you can opt for the Halo jump infiltration approach, but this comes at a high cost. You’ll need to acquire the Sparrow helicopter for the Kosatka, and it comes at a pricey 1,815,000 dollars, with which you can skydive into the compound.

North Dock

You can access this infiltration point during the introductory mission of the heist anyways. Make your way through the jungle all the way to the north dock with the boat; make sure to take a picture of it, and you’re simply good to go. The North Dock can conveniently act both as an entry and an exit point for the heist.

North Drop

Next up, you need to head to the north end of the map where the North drop zone exists. There, you’ll find a small little hut, which you are supposed to photograph. Be sure to try different angles as it doesn’t always register correctly.

Main Dock

All Infiltration Points For Cayo Perico Main Dock
Image from Fandom

For the next infiltration point, you need to make your way to the center of the map, where the main dock area is located. Make sure that you’re on top of the red container in the area before taking a picture of the dock with the crane in view to trigger the infiltration point.Conveniently, the main dock also acts as an escape point, so you’re hitting two birds with one stone.

South Drop

Moving on to the south drop doing of the map, which looks like a lasso string, just take a picture of the pile of dirt, and it’ll get picked up as a drop point. Besides that, do note that the Stealth Annihilator Helicopter comes in handy again here, so it probably serves as a landing zone.

The Drainage Tunnel

The last infiltration point is one that people are completely oblivious of is the drainage tunnel. Head towards the claw-shaped end of the map southwards, right next to the ocean. We’re going underwater now. Jump off the cliff and start swimming towards the buildings rigged right onto the side of the mountain. Now, dive underwater, find the drainage tunnel, and zoom into it.

You don’t and can’t take a picture of the tunnel anyways since phones don’t work underwater in GTA – not sure why I thought they did when I first tried this infiltration point… But enough of that; Pavel will automatically inform you that it looks like a neat infiltration point.

As for the dingy nearby, I suggest you don’t mess with it at all and manually swim your way to the drainage tunnel. That’s because you can use it later as an escape point if you opt to use the drainage tunnel.

Requirements for the Drainage Tunnel

  1. If you’re going for the drainage tunnel approach, make sure to equip a rebreather or a scuba suit in your inventory for when you need it for the heist. You’ll need the Kosatka for this approach, and a cutting torch will be suited for breaking through the drainage tunnel’s rebar grills.
  2. Make sure to have the rebreather on hand as gear and for the scuba kit, save it as an outfit when you visit a clothing store such as Binco right before you get into the Cayo Perico Heist.


Question: What’s the Cayo Perico Heist?

Answer: It’s not just a heist. It’s a whole update. Rockstar released the Cayo Perico heist that allowed players to explore a remote Caribbean island with tons of missions and a final heist mission.

Question: How do you access Infiltration Points?

Answer: You have to use the cues and hints left behind by Pavel. More specifically, walk up to some of the marked Infiltration points to access them, use the security camera access provided by Pavel or take a photo of the area to unlock the Infiltration Point.

Question: Can you replay the heist?

Answer: For sure! Rockstar made sure to add replayability to the heist considering all the optional approaches you can take. But you’ll have to rinse and repeat to reacquire all of the assets you need for the finale of the heist.

All Infiltration Points for Cayo Perico: Conclusion

So now, you’re pretty much set for the final act of the heist. Make your way into the compound and secure the high-priority target – if you feel like it, also steal some valuables from the many storage units to become a wealthy GTA Online Player.

And that’s pretty much it for the infiltration guide for the Cayo Perico Heist. I hope you’re all ready to tackle what I consider one hell of a heist. Make sure to check out Grand Theft Fans for many more helpful guides. Stay tuned cause we’re always pumping out content. See you next time!

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