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Franklin Clinton is perhaps the most popular and underrated character in the Grand Theft Auto series. Despite his popularity, the underdog was overshadowed by the intense conflict between Trevor Philips and Michael De Santa.

Franklin still played an important role and had the chance to make life-threatening decisions related to him, Michael, and Trevor.

Franklin is the most rational and sane of the three main characters. He displays no psychotic behavior like Trevor or turns his back on others like Michael. Franklin is a relaxed ambitious youngster who wants a better life.

If you are reading this Franklin GTA guide, there is a high chance you are intrigued and interested to know more about Franklin. This guide intends to provide you with more details about who Franklin is, where he came from, where he lives, what he owns, and his role in the GTA 5 story events.

franklin clinton

Who Is Franklin Clinton?

Franklin Clinton is one of the Grand Theft Auto series characters. He takes part in GTA 5 story events as the main protagonist alongside Trevor Philips and Michael De Santa. Franklin also has the role of

  1. The main character in GTA Online, as part of the Contract update
  2. One of the playable characters in the Short Trips Missions series
  3. Double Down Adversary Mode with Lamar Davis


Franklin was born in 1988 and grew up in South Los Santos. His father left before he was born, and his mother died because of her cocaine addiction. Franklin was informed that his father was physically abusive toward his mother, forcing her to comfort herself with drugs. After his mother died, Franklin moved to live with his grandparents where he became friends with JB Bradshaw and his girlfriend, Tonya Wiggins.

Even though his grandparents spoiled him and provided him with everything, Franklin decided to join the thug life and became a street hustler. He successfully sold cigarettes with JB until his grandfather caught him red-handed and chased him around the city.

Soon after his grandparents passed away, Franklin and his aunt Denis moved to live in a house on forum drive they inherited from Franklin’s grandmother. He became a student at Davis High School alongside his best pal Lamar Davis and future girlfriend, Tanisha Jackson.

Unfortunately, Tanisha left Franklin after her brother died, fearing that his criminal activities might backfire on her.

It did not take long before Franklin was kicked out of school for jumping his teacher. At this point, he decided to become a gang member and started dealing with drugs. He also perpetrated petty crimes like auto theft and robbing two-bit banks with Lamar. They managed to seal 2,000$ on their first robbery, but a dye pack exploded and ruined the money.

Franklin started working for a drug dealer named Marcus, whom he whacked after because they did not get along. In 2008, Franklin was arrested and thrown behind bars. After leaving prison, he decided to abandon the street life behind him and start earning legit money.

With Lamar in two, Franklin began working for Simeon Yetarian, an Armenian businessman and owner of the Premium Deluxe Motorsport car dealership in Pillbox Hill. The dealership was a cover-up for loanshark and extortion operations. In other words, Simeon sold expensive cars to people who could not afford them and sent Franklin and Lamar to repo the cars when the buyers were behind on the payment.


GTA V Events

Franklin appears for the first time in the Repossession mission with Lamar, during which he meets his soon-to-be partner in crime, Michael De Santa. Franklin and Lamar pick up their target vehicles and escape a long chase by the cops. The duo is sent again to bring back a Bagger from the Vespucci area that was under the Vagos’ control. However, they get involved in a heavy shootout with the gang members.

The bike was found, but the owner was murdered, meaning that the repossession is no longer valuable. As a result, Lamar decides to take the bike for himself, and Simeon held Franklin responsible for its theft.

Simeon sends Franklin on another repo mission. This time, Franklin was forced to break into Michael De Santa’s mansion and retrieve a BeeJay XL from his son Jimmy. Franklin is surprised by Michael hiding under blankets in the back seat on his way back to the dealership. The latter reveals himself and points a gun at Franklin’s head, making him drive the car into the front window of Simeon’s dealership.

After losing his job at the dealership, Franklin went to see Michael when the latter discovered that his son Jimmy was trying to sell his boat behind his back. But the yacht was stolen with Jimmy on board. Franklin escorted Michael and saved Jimmy. Franklin returns to help Michael chase down the coach, who was having an affair with Michael’s wife, and destroy the house he was hiding in.

Later, Lamar contacts Franklin and pitches him the idea of kidnapping a member of the Ballas gang named D. after a long chase, D was captured. Still, the duo was forced to let D go after Lamar accidentally revealed their location to the LSPD while talking on the phone.

A while later, Michael calls Franklin to include him in the Vangelico Jewelry Store heist. Franklin agrees to join in, believing that this is his chance to get a big pay and prove himself. The heist went smoothly, with Michael and Franklin splitting the score between them after paying Martin Madrazo back for the house damages.

Franklin knew about Michael’s affiliation with the FIB but trusted him and remained by his side, believing that better scores will come their way. Michael introduced Franklin to his friend Trevor Philips and associate Lester Crest.

Franklin’s job with Michael dragged him away from the Families gang, which is something he was booed about by Lamar and his aunt Denise. Anyway, Lamar Tells Franklin that Stretch arranged a drug deal with the Ballas. The duo, accompanied by Trevor, heads to a house in Grove Street, where Lamar is presented with a sample from a cocaine brick.

Before closing the deal and buying the drugs, Trevor intrudes and nicks the brick from the dealer. He discovers that half of the brick is drywall causing a gunfight to irrupt. The trio forced their way out and escaped through the Los Santos storm drain.

Thereafter, Trevor convinced Michael and Franklin to steal a military-grade superweapon from a private company known as Merryweather Security. The operation was successful, but Lester shows up angry and tells the trio to give back the weapon. If they refuse to do so, every agency will be hunting them down. Franklin and Michael saw it was not worth the risk and forced Trevor to take the weapon back.

Franklin’s carjacking skills came in handy when he was employed by the billionaire Devin Weston to steal a set of rare cars for him. He also accepts several job offers from Lester and moves to live in his mansion.

Not knowing that Trevor and Michael escaped to Sandy Shores, Franklin starts looking for them and discovers that Trevor is being hunted by the remaining O’Neil brothers. Franklin chases the O’Neil brothers into a forest in Raton Canyon. Michael and Trevor arrived in a helicopter to help and took out two of the running O’Neil brothers, while Franklin killed the last one.

After successfully robbing the Paleto Bay Bank and raiding the Humane Labs, Franklin received a phone call from Lamar saying he got the last car on Devin’s list. However, the duo, alongside Trevor, were angry when they found out that Westin stiffed them up and refused to pay.

Franklin tried to call Michael but could not reach him. Trevor tells Franklin that Michael was kidnapped by the Triads. Trevor refused to help save Michael after he knew that the latter had a secret agreement with the FIB and the Ludendorff heist was rigged. Franklin asks Lester to Track down Michael’s phone and manages to save him.

Back at his house, Franklin came across his ex-girlfriend Tanisha to inform him that Lamar is held hostage at the Paleto Sawmill by the Ballas. Franklin calls Lester and tells him to contact Michael and Trevor to assist him in saving Lamar. The trio meets up and wipeout the Ballas members and brings Lamar to safety.

Subsequently, Franklin, Trevor, and Michael hit the jackpot by stealing 201,600,000$ from the Union Depository.

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What Is Franklin’s Fate in GTA?

Franklin is responsible for making an important decision that will determine the closure of the story. he encounters the FIB agent Steve Haines associated with Michael, who gives him the task of killing Trevor. He also gets a visit from Devin Weston, who orders him to kill Michael.

This leaves Franklin with three options:

Option A: kill Trevor (Something Sensible). Franklin will get in a car chase with Trevor around the oil field before Michael intervenes and T-bones Trevor’s truck into an oil tanker. Franklin then shoots the oil tanker killing Trevor in the process. If Franklin hesitates, Michael will shoot the tanker instead.

Option B: kill Michael (The Time’s Come). Franklin will lead Michael to the desert to kill him, but Michael escapes back to the city. The chase ends on a rooftop of a power station, where the duo gets into a fistfight. The fight ends when Franklin Pushes Michael off the rails and down to his death.

Option C: risking his life and saving everyone (The Third Way). Franklin contacts Lest and explains his situation. They decide to join forces and kill their enemies before they get to them. Franklin takes out the Triads leader, Trevor murders Steve Haines, and Michael gets rid of Stretch. Finally, the trio hunts down Devin Weston together. They end Weston’s life by shoving him in the back of his car and pushing it off a cliff.

Where Can I Find Franklin? What Does He Own?

Franklin is part of the Chamberlain Families and likes to stay close to groove street. He lives with his aunt Denis in a house his grandmother left for him in her will. The house is located on Forum Drive and Strawberry.

Later, franklin moves to live in 3671 Whispymound Drive, Vinewood Hills after the Hotel Assassination mission. The mansion is owned by Lester but was left empty and needed someone to live in it to become legit.

Franklin packs a lot of heat in his artillery inventory. It includes Carbine Rifle, Heavy Sniper, Grenades, Sticky Bombs Pistol, Combat Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Micro SMG, SMG, and Assault Rifle.

He also has a couple of vehicles to his name. He usually drives a white Buffalo S and owns a Green Bagger, Baller, Space Docker, Kraken, White Buffalo STX, and White Ignus.

Franklin can get more cars and weapons depending on the player’s choice.

franklin's car

What Are Franklin Clinton’s Best Moments in GTA?

Franklin is the level-headed criminal among the rest of the protagonists, but he has some unforgettable moments as well. Here are the top five best Franklin moments in GTA 5:

Yee-Yee Haircut!

After finishing a repossession mission for Simeon, Franklin heads back home with Lamar. Upon their arrival, Lamar asks Franklin if he can come into the house, but Franklin refuses. Annoyed, Lamar starts roasting Franklin, telling him that he is ugly and single because he has a “Yee Yee” haircut (a horrible haircut).

Talking to a Dog!

Franklin is supposed to be a hardcore thug, but he has a soft spot for dogs. During the game, we see Franklin stopping to chat with what seems to be a ghost dog. The latter points Franklin toward someone who needs help. For instance, the dog shows Franklin that someone was parachuting and got stuck in a tree. Furthermore, the dog leads Franklin to Dom before he jumps to his death.

Using a Bulldozer in the Paleto Heist!

Michael and Trevor are experienced bank robberies and have their ways of bringing backup. At some point, the duo had to fend off military personnel. Regardless, During the Paleto Bay Heist, Franklin shows his creativity and street smarts by using a bulldozer as a shield to protect his friends.

Fresh Meat!

After Lamar, Trevor, and Franklin deliver the rare cars to Devin Weston, the latter declined to pay up, claiming he would invest their money and give it back at a later date. Franklin tried to contact Michael to reason with Weston, but to no avail.  Later, Franklin discovered that Michael was kidnapped by the Triads in Ludendorff during his standoff with Trevor.

With Trevor refusing to help, Franklin asks Lester to help him locate Michael through his phone. Using an app, Franklin pinpoints Michael at a slaughterhouse and rushes to his aid before the time runs out.

The Third Way

What makes this moment unforgettable is that Franklin had the fate of everyone in his hands, including his. In the Third Way (Option C), Franklin decides to risk his life and save the rest. The protagonists reunite for the Last Hurrah! and take out their enemies once and for all.

franklin talking to a dog

Franklin’s Personality

Franklin is generally portrayed as a determined and ruthless fellow. He is not afraid to step up to the plate during hard times and take on new challenges. He is also pronounced serene, intelligent, and rational. More like a pleasant distinction for Michael and Trevor.

Unlike Michael’s short temper and Trevor’s uncontrollable psycho attitude, Franklin is more subtle and relaxed. His almost hassle-free personality often shows during missions where he tries to keep it as cool as possible and finish the task at hand. He even intervenes and becomes the peacemaker whenever Michael and Trevor get into a heated argument.

Another good quality about Franklin is being a caring person. Despite driving him over the edge at times, Franklin still cares about Lamar and rescues him when he gets kidnapped by the Ballas. In addition, he treats Michael and Trevor the same way by assisting them with their problems.

For instance, when Amanda de Santa is caught having an affair, Franklin helps Michael track down the coach she cheated on him with. Plus, he helps Michael rob the jewelry store to pay back Madrazo. Even though Michael is Franklin’s mentor in crime, the latter is Michael’s mentor in life. As a result, they end up building a father-son relationship.

On the other hand, Franklin shows up to support Trevor against the O’Neil brothers by killing them. Nonetheless, his actions pose questions concerning his loyalty, mostly from his aunt Denise. Despite the allegations, Franklin still shows that he is loyal and cares about the people close to him like his best friend Lamar and Michael, who helped him become a professional criminal.

When it comes to relationships, Franklin’s are more brittle and shakier than those of Michael or Trevor. His breakup with Tanisha was left vague and came to an end in poor conditions when she decide to marry someone else instead of saving her relationship with Franklin. When Franklin moves into Lester’s mansion, his aunt turned his room into a hideout for women. Furthermore, his old pal Stretch remains enemies with him despite being old friends and members of the same gang.

There is a possibility that Franklin endangers his relationship with his partners Michael, Trevor, and Lamar, should he agree to kill either Michael or Trevor. If he does, the others will no longer trust him, and the accusations of him being arrogant and disloyal will be confirmed.

Franklin’s ambition turns out to be his weakness as well as strength. Aside from the heists with Michael, Trevor, and Lester, he got nothing from his deals. That is because of his bad choice of the people he works with and his inability to see beyond his nose. As a prime example, all his deals with Lamar conclude with a shootout.

Unlike the other main characters in the story, Franklin is an organized person. He likes to keep his appearance, hygiene, and shape tidy. When you switch to Franklin, you find him cleaning his vehicles, house, ironing clothes, or working out.

Franklin appears to be suffering from depression and hates himself for not accomplishing much in life. In a conversation with Simeon, he says that he is making no progress despite his hard work.  He often expresses how lonely he feels and displays regret toward his decision of becoming a criminal.

When you switch to Franklin during the game, you will find him walking down the streets alone or sitting in his house. In addition, his lack of initiative and confidence shows that he has deep insecurities, especially when it comes to facing people more influential than him.

His conditions may become better or worse depending on his choices. If he decides to kill Trevor or Michael, he will lose everyone’s respect, loyalty, and trust. On the other hand, if he decides to save them, he will gain dysfunctional but magnificent friends.

franklin's house


Physical Appearance

Franklin is about 6,2’ ft. and weighs approximately 210 lbs. Despite his heavyweight, Franklin is fit and has well-built physic. In some scenes, he can be seen on the beach working out or doing push-ups next to the pool.

He mostly wears a blue button-up shirt, a white long sleeve shirt with dark blue jeans. Attire for Franklin is available to purchase mainly from the discount store and Binco. Still, his taste in clothes changes throughout the story and starts showing an inclination toward Ponsonby’s and Suburban.

In GTA Online, Franklin is seen wearing a grey suit with a black shirt underneath and a platinum chain.

Special Skills

Franklin is the youngest among the GTA 5 protagonists. That means he is faster, stronger, and can take on more challenging tasks Michael and Trevor cannot. Furthermore, he is a skilled driver no matter what vehicle he is in. His special feature allows him to slow time and improve his handling and maneuverability.  Unfortunately, it can be activated only while driving.

Mission Appearance

Franklin takes part in a series of missions in GTA Online as part of updates.

The Contract

  • On Course
  • Setup: Data Recovery
  • Investigation: The Nightclub
  • Investigation: The Marina
  • Nightlife Leak
  • Investigation: The Country Club
  • Investigation: Guest List
  • High Society Leak
  • Investigation: Davis
  • Investigation: The Ballas
  • South Central Leak
  • Studio Time
  • Don’t Fuck With Dre

Short Trips

  • Short Trip – Seed Capital
  • Short Trip – Fire It Up
  • Short Trip – OG Kush

Security Contracts

  • Security Contract: Asset Protection
  • Security Contract: Rescue Operation
  • Security Contract: Liquidize Assets
  • Security Contract: Recover Valuables
  • Security Contract: Vehicle Recovery

Payphone Hits

  • Payphone Hit: The Hitmen
  • Payphone Hit: The Popstar
  • Payphone Hit: The Tech Entrepreneur
  • Payphone Hit: The Trolls
  • Payphone Hit: The Judge
  • Payphone Hit: The Dealers
  • Payphone Hit: The CEO
  • Payphone Hit: The Cofounder

Adversary Modes

  • Double Down

Since he is one of the main protagonists in the GTA V story, he appears in many missions.

  • Franklin and Lamar
  • Repossession
  • Complications
  • Chop
  • Father/Son
  • The Long Stretch
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Casing the Jewel Store
  • The Jewel Store Job
  • Philips
  • The Hotel Assassination
  • The Multi-Target Assassination
  • Dead Man Walking
  • Three’s Company
  • Hood Safari
  • The Merryweather Heist
  • Trash Truck (any character)
  • Boiler Suits (any character)
  • Masks (any character)
  • Tow Truck (any character)
  • Blitz Play
  • The Vice Assassination
  • The Bus Assassination
  • I Fought The Law
  • Eye In The Sky
  • Deep Inside
  • The Construction Assassination
  • Paleto Score Setup
  • Predator
  • The Paleto Score
  • Monkey Business
  • Surveying the Score
  • Pack Man
  • Fresh Meat
  • Cleaning Out the Bureau
  • Architect’s Plans
  • Fire Truck (Fire Crew)
  • The Bureau Raid
  • Lamar Down
  • Planning the Big Score
  • Stingers (Subtle/ any character)
  • Gauntlet (Subtle/ any character)
  • Driller (Obvious/ any character)
  • Sidetracked (Obvious/ as any character)
  • The Big Score
  • Something Sensible (Option A)
  • The Time’s Come (Option B)
  • The Third Way (Option C)

In addition to side missions

Strangers and Freaks

  • Pulling Favors
  • Pulling Another Favor
  • Pulling Favors Again
  • Still Pulling Favors
  • Pulling One Last Favor
  • Paparazzo
  • Paparazzo – The Sex Tape
  • Paparazzo – The Partnership
  • Paparazzo – The Meltdown
  • Paparazzo – The Highness
  • Paparazzo – Reality Check
  • Shift Work
  • Far Out
  • The Final Frontier
  • Grass Roots – Franklin
  • Grass Roots – The Pickup
  • Grass Roots – The Drag
  • Grass Roots – The Smoke-In
  • Risk Assessment
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Targeted Risk
  • Uncalculated Risk
  • Exercising Demons – Franklin
  • A Starlet in Vinewood
  • The Last One


Question: Is Franklin CJ’s Son?

Answer: Although the GTA series is no stranger to such ridiculous theories, there is no solid evidence that relates Franklin to CJ. The latter is part of the 3D universe, whereas Franklin belongs to the HD universe. In addition, Franklin was born in 1988, and the events of San Andreas took place in 1992. Carl Johnson was not known as a father during those events.

Moreover, CJ left San Andreas after the death of his brother in 1987, a year before Franklin was born. The only connection between the two is the voice actors. Chris Ballard, also known as Young Maylay (voiced CJ) is the younger cousin of Shawn Fonteno (voiced Franklin) in real life.

Question: What is Deathwish in GTA V?

Answer: Deathwish is the canon ending for the GTA V story. The Protagonists Michael, Franklin, and Trevor must survive the attack of all their enemies combined after choosing the Third Way (Option C).

Question: What happens if you decide to kill Trevor?

Answer: If the player chooses to kill Trevor, Franklin will chase him around the city and into the oil fields. Michael will intervene to help Franklin and rams Trevor’s truck into an oil tanker. Franklin will shoot the tanker, causing it to catch on fire and burn Trevor in the process. If Franklin hesitates, Michael will shoot the tanker instead.

After the mission, both Michael and Franklin will receive a massive payment, and the player will not be able to switch Trevor after that.

Last Words?

Franklin Clinton is one of the best characters Grand Theft Auto V had to offer. Despite being overshadowed by Michael and Trevor’s story, Franklin still manages to rise and shine in the world of crime.

Franklin is an ambitious young fellow who wants a better life for himself. His determination, cool attitude, and physical strength were everything he needed to make a name for himself in the streets.

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